One year. One city. Endless opportunities.

Podcast: All Good Things...

It's TIME to say goodbye for now.

As we end our yearlong look at the people, the events and the issues facing the Motor City, what have we learned? What are Detroit's most serious challenges? What are some of the best things Detroit offers? Most importantly what is Detroit's outlook going five and ten years forward?

To round out Time Inc.'s project, TIME Magazine managing editor Rick Stengel, Assignment Detroit editor Steve Koepp and TIME contributor Daniel Okrent discuss these topics and what the takeaway is after looking at a year in the life of an American city.  (Read: How to Shrink a City.)

Click "play" below.

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  • 1


    Is that all the better that you can do?

    Depressing as hell the way you put it.

    "How to Shrink a City"?? Crap!

    There is much more to this than what you have covered.

    No one has done a Better job of promoting Detroit than Toby Barlow and his optimism is catching and fetching.

    Now did you cover Lafayette Park in the whole year?
    No you didn't and we have a baby boom going on.

    You act as if you never even heard of the place but it's world famous and people come here to see us from all over the US and Europe and Asia.

    This summary reads like it was written by Joe Btfsplk, and Sad Sack!

    You quote Jack Mogt as having something vital to say when he's never pulled out his iPhone and gone to Wolfram Alpha and typed in Detroit Population History to see that the losses are diminishing and levelong off. He speaks as if it is going to continue forever. It isn't.

    The "Godsend" Lighrail is anything but that... stupid as hell. We need some super electric busses and those wonderful ministations that they are using in RIO that you can see in TED. Now Matt Cullen has done some wonderful things but heading up a nonsensical effort may well be his denouement.

    I lived in Philadelphia working upon the restoration of the Assembly Room of the Old State House. Downtown was facing abandonment and extincition. Is it that way now? Absolutely the opposite.

    Did politicians make huge mistakes... sure did. Monumental ones.

    But Downtown revived and is wonderful and It will happen here.

    Why focus on the old housing stock that has been in disrepair for 50 years already, it had to eventually come down and it will and this presents great opportunities.

    If Detroit gets replanned properly it can become fantastic. But if the Building Bombers gain sway it will be a huge disaster.

    You never mentioned the demise of the Planning Department which Dave is trying to revive... for many years there wasn't one bright idea coming out of there.

    And the disastrous approaches to the High Schools you never touched upon. Complete squanderings of public moneys.

    So it all hinges on innovation and inventiveness and creativity and love and a desire to do something wonderful get swept under the rug of despair.

    There is nothing to despair here but what Robert Bobb is doing/not doing and the horrible hangover of dismal souls that can only think demolition.

    Did you suggest a great automotive museum and archival center downtown? No you didn't and there needs to be one. Detroit needs to respect it's great history and do something about it. Did you encourage that? Not really.

    Did you cover what wonderful things the Architect Francis Recendes is doing for The Thompson/Ross efforts. No you didn't and what he has accomplished at half the cost of what Bobb is doing is absolutely stunning. No you ignored that!

    So my attitude towards your "Shrink the City" is disgust.

    You should hang in here and pitch in. Karen tried but got dragged down by negative conversation.

    You should turn that around... you owe it to us! Otherwise scurry along and depress the hell out of other places. You'll do well at that.


    • 1.1

      No, Bill, Time did not suggest solutions or offer any suggestions for improving Detroit. That was NOT their mission....go back and look at the initial post. They simply reported on what they saw, the good, the bad, and the ugly. They were not here to promote your favorite projects like an automotive museum downtown or a statue to some long dead activist that you personally admired, or even to be advocates of what you personally think is good architectural desing or architects at all for that matter.
      Your criticism is totally inappropriate and self-serving at best as have been most of your long winded posts over the past year.Your "inside eight mile" view of Detroit and the obvious chip on your shoulder for anyone who doesn't see things your way has done nothing to advance the pprospects of a better city in the future.
      Time has provided an objective and often times critical look at Detroit and it has been enlighteming and informative even if it didn't conform to your point of view that architects can save the world. All that nostalgia for what's been lost....or rightfully discarded as the case may be.....does nothing to add to the meaningful discussion that Time has begun.

      Time's coverage of Detroit....and the things they rightfully chose NOT to to be lauded and congratulated, not villified as you have chosen to do.

  • 2


    Right on man!!!!!

    BTW I did not an invite to the final wrap party tonite @ the TIME House...

    Did you make the short list???

    The best of this blog not at the party,lol,lol


    Please come on my TV Show and big my guest. Contact me

  • 3

    I have greatly enjoyed your series of postings.

    Best of luck!

  • 4

    No Greg,

    I was not invited.

    Good thing that they took my suggestion though.

    There should have been an inclusive party. TIME must think that knowledge is exlusive.

    But, lt is painfully evident that TIME is poorly guided and does not realize the oppotunity at hand.

    They could have accomplished so much more by allowing and encouraging the truth of what's going on to come out.

    Not inviting those who contributed by participating really shows you which way America is moving... away from integrity.

    It was interesting this fall that the U of M used me as a spokesperson for the Peace Corps speech:

    [video src="" /]

    I'm an old and ugly white guy, are you sure that you really want me on your TV Show?


  • 5

    Yes Greg,

    Of course I would work to support you.
    And would be for you any time that you wish.

    Nice Site.

    And I might disagree with Penny. I told her that Kwame did not deserve to be reelected and that the Ads attacking Freeman were Hideous and a travesty.

    Those who supported Kwame's reelection should pitch in and provide that missing $10,000,000.

    There needs to be a big fess up party.

    Just as there will need to be one about what Jennifer and Bobb did. It's ghastly.

    I'll bet that he wangled an invitation though.



  • 6

    So Greg,

    How can Wendell Anthony hold a meeting at King with the powers that be and say that "We've got to put an end to the conversation that "snitchers get wasted" and encourage the young to speak up when something is wrong?

    You can't ask the young folk to do something different from what the older folk have been doing!

    It's party fess up time.

    Tell us about the drugs on the dining room table free for the taking, tell us who all the head honchos were that were there to experience a wild Black party.

    I'll bet that there were lots of smiles and laughter there before Carlita gave a demo of an enraged Black Woman.

    And it was interesting how the Free Press published the name of the "disc jockey" who put on the party yet now speaks in denial of the truth.

    Our standard press is in huge denial about what is going on and what has happened.

    It's the mindless, movers and shakers in this city that are destroying it... not the black people.

    TIME should ask everyone who attends tonight if they were at the party as they enter.

    But it is evident that TIME doesn't have the courage to get to the stories, so blah, blah, blah... shrinking city crap is all they can muster.


  • 7


    I would be privledged to have you as a guest. Please email me c/o

  • 8

    Thanks Greg,

    I do owe you an apology about Robert Bobb.

    You had him nailed from the beginning.

    When I fially saw how he was handling the New Construction it became painfully evident that the process was completely corrupt. Such a shame wasting public monies and it greatly adds fuel to the Republican Claim that Private Enterprise does better.

    I have discovered in life that it really doesn't matter whether it is Public or Private, Profit or Nonprofit, and what really matters is that the people in charge have integrity and know how to do things properly.

    Bobb has put in place people, trained by him who do not know how to do things properly. Gutter smart, yes.

    Napper1, your inane comments arrive with a great sucking sound. Interesting that they slipped it in there. I hope your approach gets you somewhere. Sorry that you don't think that we should honor someone who got us to turn the Detroit river Turquoise again. People with an artificial sense of propriety advance nothing.

    There are huge issues at stake and dilly dallying around them only makes matters worse.

    Karen and Darrell did marvelous jobs, again it's the honchos who don't get it.

    Watching the President of Walbridge standing up by the blackboard during a Bond Oversight Review Committee Meeting, and chewing gum like a cow with his mouth open, during this period was a huge revelation for me. No, the Oversight Review committee knows nothing of what's going on, nor does the Press, it's one big hoodwink. Should we have conversed about such things?

    I say yes, it was our duty and obligation.

    Because the local press is a part of the coverups.



    • 8.1

      Bill, my point was that your comments about Time's presence here were way off the mark at best and insulting at worst. They were guests in our town and youve sent them on their way with one last kick in the groin for no good reason except to pontificate about how you know best. You continuously criticizedTime for not being an advocate....that was NOT what they were here for. Their purpose was simply to report what they saw and their audience was not just Detroiters but ALL of their readers.

      Blabbering about how Hudson's should have been a museum or some guy who invented a WWII aircraft engine or how Time didn't do a proper architectural crtique of Lafayette Park where people were having babies (?) or which architect you thought worthy of your praise was inappropriate, totally off the wall, and added nothing to what was mostly an intelligent discussion of the issues facing the city. Dropping names of dead polticians that you once knew or planners from the past who came and went was pointless and inane....other than the few of us in the profession no one knew or cared who you were talking about.

      The single biggest problem with Detroit is the old fossils in this town who won't or can't let go of the past and move forward. For them every discussion starts with how it was in the good old days and how it wouldn't be like this now if only....blah, blah, blah. Detroit IS WHAT IT IS and no nostalgic look at what might have been or should have been or could have been is going to change that. What is going to change it is people looking forward and putting the old paradigms to those long dead planners, pols, and activists. They are gone, we are here, so let's get on with it, put the egos aside, and start embracng some new ideas.

  • 9

    One area I didn't read much commentary on was the topic of providing "community benefits" in relation to "economic opportunities" created from the expenditure of city, state and federal government funded activities. Hundreds of millions of tax dollar funded activities are expended yearly and very little of those dollars benefit local residents. Most of the economic opportunities (i.e. jobs, training and contracting) usually good to non-Detroit individuals and businesses. With nearly a 50 percent unemployment rate, Detroit has to become more selfish and assure that its residents are first in line to receive econonmic opportunities generated by the expenditure of these funds to the "greatest extent feasible". Without economic opportunities everything you covered will never change. If all the economic stimulus dollars go to create jobs and contracts for non-Detroiters what good has it really done?

  • 10

    Congratulations to the FEDs on a Difficult Job Well Done!

    Nice to see so many black crooks going to jail, but where are the white crooks?
    Was Monica Conyers truly the Kingpin-Boss of the Detroit-Wayne County Crime Family?

    Rick Synder, Dave Bing, Robert Bobb, were wealthy men BEFORE serving in public office and very different from thieves like Mike Duggan Art Blackwell Robert Ficano and Bernard Kilpartick

    Ficano is the last UnderBoss standing, stealing every-dime every-time from Arabic Business Owners. His civic fund is larger than the fund Kwame had. Anyone who contributes more than $10, 000 to FicanoPac gets a nice fat nobid government contract

    Ficano is white. Kilpartick is black.
    Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughtered.
    Ficano is a PIG in every sense of the word

    Lets hope the FEDs dont forget to take out of the white trash too..even the midget troll hiding at the DMC

  • 11

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    Detroit Ghetto Video Part 4

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  • 14

    Thank you
    Blog fantastic
    Good luck

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