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A Detroit Food Bank Gets Food To Where It's Needed Most

Since 2001, the number of people requesting food from southwest Michigan's pantries, shelters and soup kitchens has increased by approximately 70 percent. Gleaners Community Food Bank is trying to do something about that. Last year, the food bank provided over 36 million pounds of emergency food to more than 484 partner soup kitchens, shelters and pantries in Michigan. Click here to see's photo essay on Gleaners, which "nourishes communities by feeding hungry people."

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    Congratulations to the FEDs on a Difficult Job Well Done!

    Nice to see so many black crooks going to jail, but where are the white crooks?
    Was Monica Conyers truly the Kingpin-Boss of the Detroit-Wayne County Crime Family?

    Rick Synder, Dave Bing, Robert Bobb, were wealthy men BEFORE serving in public office and very different from thieves like Mike Duggan Art Blackwell Robert Ficano and Bernard Kilpartick

    Ficano is the last UnderBoss standing, stealing every-dime every-time from Arabic Business Owners. His civic fund is larger than the fund Kwame had. Anyone who contributes more than $10, 000 to FicanoPac gets a nice fat nobid government contract

    Ficano is white. Kilpartick is black.
    Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughtered.
    Ficano is a PIG in every sense of the word

    Lets hope the FEDs dont forget to take out of the white trash too..even the midget troll hiding at the DMC

  • 2

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    I hope to see work like this done in my area soon.
    I see a lot of people that really need help and the local food bank needs our support.

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    I'm always amazed at the increasing amount of hungry and homeless, when will things get better? This is far more wide-reaching than Detroit too. Sad.

    It's great to see the local teams helping out as well, the Detroit Lions and the rest all have food drives and such to help out, it's much appreciated.

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