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Moving Jazz (back) into the Main Stream
By Lars Bjorn and Jim Gallert

Once upon a time, long ago, Jazz was America's popular music.

Around 1940, Swing was indeed King, and people danced to it, it was functional. Live music was heard in most restaurants, bars and hotels, not to mention the radio – it was everywhere, and young folks embraced it.  Each successive generation anointed their music of choice, and it wasn't jazz.

The music garnered less media attention.   Radio stations moved to pre-recorded sounds and those sounds catered to the current youth market.  Is Jazz still popular? Of course. Will Jazz die? Of course NOT.   Today's jazz audience is smaller, and it's ears, not feet, that get the most exercise.

The Detroit International Jazz Festival aims to bring jazz back to a mass market. The four-day celebration each Labor Day is amazing, and this year a new element debuted:  JazzPlanet tv. Live streaming video from a set located in the festival footprint, or from a roaming camera, featuring impromptu interviews with jazz musicians, commentators, and supporters.

Festival director Terri Pontremoli strongly believes this medium has the ingredients necessary to raise the visibility of jazz and its creators.

“It's jazz variety TV,” she says. “And it's available anywhere the internet is available. “It's also exciting, interesting, and free.”

Live video from jazz festivals isn't new, but it's always from a fixed location, whereas JazzPlanet's camera gives it an advantage.

Will this be enough to spread the jazz gospel to new audiences? It's a good start, and the demographics are intriguing. JazzPlanet has penetrated 167 countries, and most of its audience is in India. Regardless of its audience size, jazz is a world music.

JazzPlanet is playing right now at the festival's website.

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    Just a quick comment about Detroit Music.

    Bill Hailey was born and raised in Highland Park where his mother played Organ in the local Church. You have heard his songs... Rock Around the Clock and Shake Rattle and Roll. Bill and his Comets were the first great Rock and Roll Band and turned England on to Rock and Roll. Elvis was just a warm up act for them.

    If you go to Cleveland to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, you will see a long wall on the history of Rock and Roll and the very first record that they show was by the Soul Spinners... this was all Detroit.

    The Voices of the Mighty Tabernacle was strong here.
    They were invited to Carnegie Hall and backed up Mahalia.

    The Big Jazz Band sound was said to have Originated here in Detroit. Count Basie said to me Absolutely we should save the Graystone. Esther listened to others... that evil group that wants to demolish everything.

    The Blues had a place here too and many here have danced and listened to Washboard Willie and the Supersuds.

    We all know about Motown and Sylvia Moy saving Stevie.

    And we should not forget Carl Craig and Derrek May and the gang who started the Detroit Techno movement which is going strong all over the world.

    So Detroit means Music as well as Cars and Tech stuff.

    Taint die'in.


  • 2

    Detroit and Michigan didn't just invent Cars, it invented the 20th Century way of life which is just now hitting elsewhere in the world.


  • 3

    Congratulations to the FEDs on a Difficult Job Well Done!

    Nice to see so many black crooks going to jail, but where are the white crooks?
    Was Monica Conyers truly the Kingpin-Boss of the Detroit-Wayne County Crime Family?

    Rick Synder, Dave Bing, Robert Bobb, were wealthy men BEFORE serving in public office and very different from thieves like Mike Duggan Art Blackwell Robert Ficano and Bernard Kilpartick

    Ficano is the last UnderBoss standing, stealing every-dime every-time from Arabic Business Owners. His civic fund is larger than the fund Kwame had. Anyone who contributes more than $10, 000 to FicanoPac gets a nice fat nobid government contract

    Ficano is white. Kilpartick is black.
    Pigs get fat. Hogs get slaughtered.
    Ficano is a PIG in every sense of the word

    Lets hope the FEDs dont forget to take out of the white trash too..even the midget troll hiding at the DMC

  • 4

    I am a musician from Nashville and am trying to grow as an artist.its information like this on blogs like this that make that possible. nice post. keep it up. Thanks. IStillGotMyGuitar

  • 5

    [...] since we all love Detroit jazz, I want all my fellow Lions football fans to check out detroit.blogs and tell me what you think about[...]

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