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More to follow on this story, but I had to alert the world to what's happening in Midtown today. According to The Detroit News, a group of Detroiters are announcing a plan to "re-densify" the area around the Detroit Institute of Arts, Wayne State University and the big Healthcare facilities.

Here's the skinny:

...The plan is "to develop up to 75 properties, create 200 units of mixed-income housing and the possible financing of new charter schools in the area. Living Cities, a New York-based consortium of 22 financial and philanthropic groups, is scheduled to announce today at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History that it is awarding $2.75 million in grants, $4 million in investments and $15 million in commercial debt to the Detroit projects to help reconcentrate or "re-densify" people in the area around Woodward Avenue."

And here's what my buddy and pal, Dave Egner, had to add:

"If Detroit is going to turn (around), it's going to happen in Midtown," said David Egner, president and CEO of the Hudson-Webber Foundations and executive director the New Economy Initiative for Southeast Michigan.
I'm holding out hope for this one. Love me some Midtown. Think big, Detroit!
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