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DPS Tries Perks for Parents

Unquestionably, it's a good thing to that the Detroit Public Schools are taking steps to encourage more parents to participate in their children's educations. According to reports, a new district initiative will allow parents to get discounts at local businesses for their involvement in the schools.

To earn the discounts, parents must register at the DPS Welcome Center or any of the district's seven Parent Resource Centers, where parents are encouraged to attend workshops, use free computers and participate in support groups to become more involved in schools.

And I suppose it beats Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy's idea of locking up parents who fail to get involved.

But unless I'm reading this wrong, there's still something about this latest initiative that's...I dunno...cynical and perhaps even a tad demeaning.

I mean, what kind of parent are you that the school district has to resort to essentially bribing you with clothing discounts in order for you to take part in your child's school? If the prospect of your son or daughter having a brighter future isn't incentive enough, will you really have the nerve to show your face in the sch0ol just to get 15 percent off a pair of loafers at Mr. Alan's? Seems sorta shameful to me.

Yes, the plan is an improvement over having a parent stay home. And I do hope the Parent Network hits its goal of boosting parent involvement.

But still...if you're the sort of mom or dad who'd only show up for his kid only in order to get a key fob or a gift certificate then, chances are, you need more help than a parent-teacher conference can possibly provide.

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    Well Darrell,

    Your cynicism is exceedingly well founded, in fact dreadfully minimal in comparison to what't happening.

    This is all huff and puff and vapid as hell.

    What has happened to King is an outrage, sheer and utter outrage.

    And I have suggested that there be a parent teacher get together, soiree or picnic at the beginning of each semester rather than at the end of the first marking period when the die is already cast.

    It has been ignored.

    The hideous cut off and shut down of intelligent parental involvement in this Architectural project will be soon seen. In comparison to the new Thompson High School for Science and Math, it is a dull dumb-down solution, downsized to boot all built upon lies, deceit and muzzling.

    The comparison is almost enough to make one full believers in Private Enterprise against the corruption rampant in Public Funds management.

    But it really always boils down to the integrity of the people in the leadersip positions.

    There is very little in the EFM's supercilious court.


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    There is virtually no teacher/parental involvement.

    When I look back at how well Kumon works it is clear that the ED System is very poorly designed.

    Leave our children in the hands of the ED system?

    A very risky business.

    The only way that this all makes sense it to see Robert Bobb as a Republican in drag and out to prove that Public entities really can't handle it. Mitt must really love him.


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    I just visited Osborn's Parent Resource Center this morning and was exceedingly impressed. I coordinate student community service efforts at UM-Dearborn and one of our non-traditional students has been working on developing student and parent resources at Osborn for quite awhile. I got to visit with him today and he gave me a tour of the school. The Parent Resource Center, and the people who work there, really left a positive impression on me. Inside the Center I met several community members who were either in the 55+ working program or parents who were inside using the computers. One thing that's interesting and helpful is that use of the Resource Centers aren't limited to parents of students at Osborn.The staff was great and the room itself was by far the nicest room I saw in the entire school.

    I would really recommend you taking a visit and if you'd like a tour I know your man.

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    I have always had reservations about these types of programs I even had some for the incentives for count day...Yet perhaps some child and parent was counted that day and maybe these perks will assist some families as well..

    Yet what remains troubling is the fundamental respect, admiration, thirst, love for the very essence of knowledge and education is simply lost in the wind in DPS for the masses..

    I know the nature of our society has been lethal for the poor, underclass and those of us who simply value the wonders of knowledge and education...

    I understand how those in the ruling class have been sucessful in beating down the collective ethos of poor folks , black folks, all of us who believe in the good life unlike the poor and the underclass my family and those in my cultural orbit battled against hopeless, low self esteem and disconnect from what is important in the world..

    DPS can truly alter the very life trajectory of a student, a family, a block, subdivison, a city....I have to do my part to make this possible so despite my major reservations about these types of incentive programs every little bit helps is my mantra for the moment..

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    No question about the fact that good teachers can inspire kids. That is why I worked so hard to support Victoria Miller, the Band Director at King.

    She said that she saved a number of kids lives and I whole heartedly believe that and I think that she is one of the Best teachers in the whole DPS. And she works the kid very hard. Sharon over at Cass Tech said to me that Victoria is the hardest working Band Diretor in the whole system.

    So the fact that Robert Bobb completely ignored her and her needs in the ""new"" King is so disgusting that when I get ahold of Bobb, I'm going to squeeze so hard that he'll tap dance an cry at the same time. Then he'll have to soft shoe away in those cowboy boots.

    ROTC needed to be doubled and there is absolutley no prevailing reason that they will have to tear down the existing gym in order to build a new one the same witdth and 8 ft. longer on each end.

    It's so disgusting that he would bring in such an inferior architect to ruin our schools. The lying and deceitful manipulations were something to behold.

    But let's back up a minute.

    It made no sense firing all those teachers. Getting rid of a layer of management made a certain economic sense (department heads) but how do you rationalize the endless layers of contractors and architects to produce such stupid buildings... totally out of whack.

    Some wonderful young teachers had their lives disrupted and bundled with aspersions. There was no need for that at all... such a waste.

    Now let's look at the real culprits... The teachers do what they were taught in college. So it's the ED schools and their absurd philosophies that have caused all this. And it calls for a huge revolution in all of the ED schools in the State. Jennifer should have gotten to the root of things and she didn't.

    Now I put Megan in Kumon. And I was surprised to see the head of the "Math Department" never heard of it.

    Well it is a Japanese system. A PhD mathematician and his wife had several children and they discovered that the kids were doing poorly in math. So his wife laid down the law... She said, "Ok Dr.Mathematician, do something about this." So he devised a system for teaching math and later added other subjects.

    Every day the student had homework that was printed on cheap newsprint and it was comprised of maybe 2 folded sheets of 8.5" x 11" paper so you ended up with usually 8 pages with large printings of problems. It usually took from 20 to 30 minutes to do the work.

    And then you have to do this every day, including vacation days and holidays and the parent has to correct it. Yup, it's a joint effort. It can't be done without parental involvement or something similar run through recent graduates of Kumon.. a sort of advancing Kumon Corps, like the Boy or Girl Scouts.

    So Megan ended up with awards. The day that she handed me a 500 question quiz with the teacher's handwriting in the top right corner...:WOW!"

    Yup, first done, all correct.

    And so she was awarded Best Female Mathematician at the commencement exercises 4 years running.

    Now when Dr. Jenkins asks me to come to a meeting and I witness a number of people speaking to the parents of the failing freshmen and I listen and hear that the parents must now teach the kids their math facts... the addition and multiplication tables... it becomes a hairraising and very depressing experience.

    Handing out Hershey Bars and painting doors blue and forcing that abominable TI inspire down the kid's throats ain't gonna do it.

    When Bill Cosby comes out with his statement that "You can't blame the white folk any more! and that the Black folk have to hold up their end of the bargain." He's partially right and paritially wrong.

    More than likely the heads of the ED schools were some pretty dufus White Folk.

    This is a deeper problem than pointing at and screaming at the teachers . Someone has to get the ED schools up and online because they told their students - the future teachers what to do.

    And someone has to sit down and look at the damn textbooks. They are a sheer and utter outrage. And I hear tell that the head of purchasing for the texts was doing quite well over the years.

    The Crap, BS, Bafflegab, and Cool Think must cease.

    Similar homework in the Kumon fashion must be developed for all subjects.

    You'd be surprised to see how much you can pour into those wiggly little heads. Funny thing, you get big smiles when they know the answers.

    And Barbars Byrd Bennett would calmly, eloquently and beautifully disagree with me, but what does she really know? The same ole line of junk.


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