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DPS Tries Perks for Parents

Unquestionably, it's a good thing to that the Detroit Public Schools are taking steps to encourage more parents to participate in their children's educations. According to reports, a new district initiative will allow parents to get discounts at local businesses for their involvement in the schools.

To earn the discounts, parents must register at the DPS Welcome Center or any of the district's seven Parent Resource Centers, where parents are encouraged to attend workshops, use free computers and participate in support groups to become more involved in schools.

And I suppose it beats Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy's idea of locking up parents who fail to get involved.

But unless I'm reading this wrong, there's still something about this latest initiative that's...I dunno...cynical and perhaps even a tad demeaning.

I mean, what kind of parent are you that the school district has to resort to essentially bribing you with clothing discounts in order for you to take part in your child's school? If the prospect of your son or daughter having a brighter future isn't incentive enough, will you really have the nerve to show your face in the sch0ol just to get 15 percent off a pair of loafers at Mr. Alan's? Seems sorta shameful to me.

Yes, the plan is an improvement over having a parent stay home. And I do hope the Parent Network hits its goal of boosting parent involvement.

But still...if you're the sort of mom or dad who'd only show up for his kid only in order to get a key fob or a gift certificate then, chances are, you need more help than a parent-teacher conference can possibly provide.

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