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You've Got to Be Kidding Me

Hilariously awful story in The Detroit News about Detroit, Ore., and how it is asking its residents whether it should  change its name to "Detroit Lake." The reason? Well, in part, they don't like the way people react to the name "Detroit." Like adding the word "Lake" is going to clear anything up. How about you go ahead and change your city's name to "Tourist Trap" and see how that works out?

Ridiculous. (But you only have to look at my neighbors in Eastpointe to know why people think this is necessary.) They vote on it Tuesday.

Builder Doug DeGeorge, who was instrumental in putting the proposal on the ballot, said the name "Detroit" carries an unsavory image. "I bought the old Detroit Lake Motel, and we turned it into a beautiful lodge," DeGeorge said. "When people asked me what project I was working on, I'd tell them I was building a lodge in Detroit. When I said, 'Detroit,' everyone would scrunch up their noses and furrow their brows. They'd say, 'My God, what are you doing building a lodge there?'"

And then there's this...

"I mean, no offense to the people of Detroit (Michigan)," he said. "It's a big city, and it's been around forever. We're just a beautiful city in the heart of the mountains, so by adding the name 'Lake' to it, you let people know what it's all about."

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    Hey, I know....let's change our name to Portland and our image problem will be solved!

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    Absolutely ridiculous. Leads me to believe that Detroit, Ore. may be pretty but it ain't got a bone of soul. And who in their right mind would ever think that by adding the word 'Lake' it would make someone forget that 'Detroit' was still in the name?! I'd be proud to have Detroit as part of the name of anything. Why don't they just give their quiet little town a dull name like Mountain Lake or Lake Lake or Nothing Ever Happens Here on This Lake That Will Impact the Future like Detroit Does Lake?

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    wikipedia: Detroit, Oregon ... was named for Detroit, Michigan in the 1890s because of the large number of people from Michigan in the community.

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    But now won't it just get confused with Detroit Lakes, MN?

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    Doug DeGorge and perhaps some of the rest of the people in Detroit, Oregon need an attitude adjustment.
    They named their city after one of the best cities in the country. So, it was okay to hang onto our famous name while we were riding high. Now that times are tough, in our great city, they want to disassociate from Detroit.
    This would lead us to believe that he has no loyalty in his make up. Not to mention that he is walking on the wishes of the founders of Detroit, OR.
    All this for the sake of a motel? Why not just change the name of your motel. How about something like "Prostitute Inn" With the motto..."Your names can be changed to protect your Identity" . That should scrunch some faces. Discusting, isn't it? Well, DeGeorge, that's how your name change idea comes across to us.
    Be the better man and stick with the name of your city. Be proud that Detroit, OR was named after one of the Best cities ever. Detroit, Michigan!

    The Detroit Kid 51

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    I also basically live with a crinkled nose. Let's all change our name to Detroit Lake.

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    Hi all-
    I can understand your dislike - but please don't believe this is the whole town's thought. Degeorge is relatively new to the tiny town and his ignorant ideas are not shared by a soul there. Well, maybe a couple souls - but they're idiots too. My mom still lives there(I grew up there) and she and most of the others in town are outraged and think it makes no sense at all. This is a case where one man in a small town makes a decision and thinks, because he owns a hotel there, that he can speak for everyone. That's the trouble with small towns. I agree with you all too, stupid, stupid, ridiculous idea, but not the whole town's idea - just one ignorant man's.

    • 7.1

      Good thoughts. I love all these posts, but bren is right.....we're painting everyone in that Oregon town the same color cause of one guy's idea.....the same exact thing we hate outsiders to do to us.

      I kind of laughed when I heard this story, it's so typical. Why don't they just change the name completely? Like others have said, if they leave the "Detrot" name in place, it will still conjure up thoughts of crime and mayhem. Putting the word "Lake" after it does nothing to stop the frightening vision of our dangerous, troubled city, lol.

      Anyway, I like napper's idea, only I would pick Phoenix. We could be warm all winter.

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    Does this mean there will now be six North American Great Lakes?

  • 9

    Hey Karen - did you see that your blog got mentioned by Bret Baer on FOX News tonight. They even flashed your name on the screen!

    Steve Graves
    Ann Arbor

  • 10

    Hi, like Brenwhite, I too grew up in Detroit. I have no idea who this DeGeorge person is, but it seems to be typical behavior for a newcomer to the area. I recall many years ago when the some new people moved to town and wanted to change the name to "Lake Detroit". This created quite an uproar and was ultimately snuffed out. Hopefully the voters will have the sense to vote this down as well.

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