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A Carjacking Victim Receives...Death Threats?

Of course, there's plenty that's disturbing about the violent attack on Detroit motorist Omar Mixon last week. Mixon is the Detroit man who shot and killed an armed carjacker after the thief attempted to make off with Mixon's SUV, which also had a 5-year-old boy inside. Mixon was shot, apparently after he asked the would-be thief to just allow him time to get the child out of the vehicle, but managed to return fire on the thief after falling to the ground. Mixon, fortunately, survived. The carjacker, not so much.

But perhaps the most galling detail of the report: Since the shooting, Mixon has been receiving death threatsdeath threats! — from people tied to the slain carjacker. (Hear his brother discuss the threats and the shooting here.)

Seriously, how deranged do you have to be to threaten a man who defended himself, his property and a child? I mean, even among carjacking scumbags, this has to be some kind of new low.

Look, over the years, I've grown up with, met and interviewed some fairly notorious characters in Detroit, from dope kingpins to hired killers suspected of stacking bodies by the tens. But to a man, all of them — when finally caught, convicted and jailed; when finally made to pay the price for their misdeeds — at least had enough sense to man up and deal with what they had coming.  "Charge it to the game," I've heard them say. "It's the hazards of the job," others have told me. "I knew what the consequences were when I started this s---," still others have conceded.

They played hard. They played fast. They played violently. They lost. But none of them ever tried to blame the victims of their b.s. for how they ended up. The dealers didn't blame the fiends. The killers didn't blame the bodies. The robbers didn't blame the marks. Sure, there's always the standard griping about cops, snitches and "society," but in the end, they were always crystal clear about why they ended up where they did.

But now an innocent man has the temerity to defend himself, to shoot a man who first shot and tried to rob him and somewhere out there the carjacker has a friend or relative (or criminal accomplice) who wants "revenge" on the victim?

Sorry, but somebody needs to learn the difference between being wrong and being wronged. And if you really cared anything about the dead 20-year-old hoodlum for whom you want "payback," you would've tried to explain the difference to him, too.

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