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Is This It? It Feels Like It

Tipping point? Game changer? Yes and yes.

Gimmie your thoughts on the unofficial/official news that Mike Illitch is buying the Detroit Pistons -- and that he is moving the team to Detroit. It's well known that people (read: the Illitch family) have been buying up land around certain parts of the city. Could this be the long-awaited "thing" that helps bring people downtown to live? to work? to entertain themselves all year-around?

Here's my favorite quote from The Detroit News on the subject:

“We continue to be excited about the possibility of the Detroit Pistons returning to Detroit, which is nationally recognized as a destination for professional sports. The deal is not done, but we remain optimistic,” said a statement released by the office of Mayor Dave Bing, himself a former NBA player.

“This is more than about a sale from one family to another,” City Council President Charles Pugh said. “This is about the revitalization of Detroit. This is the tipping point for our city. We need jobs, hope (and) to get rid of the frustration of some people calling them the Auburn Hills Pistons. The Detroit Pistons need to be here. The Ilitches are the only family in the country that should have bought the Pistons.”

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