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Podcast: Detroit Lives, Why a Shoe Company Made a Web Documentary Here

Beneath the torrid news headlines, the crime, the anxiety and the decay, a human story exists in Detroit and Palladium Boots set out to find out what that is. The California-based footware company toured the city talking to the people, looking at the places and getting to know the city.

The result was a web documentary called Detroit Lives, which introduces its audiences to the people who are part of the city and are trying to rejuvenate it with a do-it-yourself attitude. Palladium executive Barney Waters talked to TIME about why they picked Detroit. You can check the documentary out here.

Click "play" below.

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    Will there be a Part 2 and Part 3?

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      There is...just click on the little camera icons at the bottom of the video screen.

      I was totally surprised to see this video. When this was being shot the only thing I read about was that Johnny Knoxville was here "doing a shoe commercial", and figured that, once again, Detroit was being used for shock value. How wrong I was. This is a wonderful view of the real Detroit.

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    [...] I get to show the shoe companies in Detroit our free suite of tools that give them a leg up and help them connect to their customers and help people find local businesses that they feel passionate about the Lions [...]

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