One year. One city. Endless opportunities.

How the Time has Flown...

Did you notice? It's been exactly one year since the blog launched!

Okay, I'll admit it. It turns out it's been one year and three days. For some reason, I thought the blog came about on Sept. 23. Time flies…

What have we learned? What has changed? Did having Time magazine in Detroit mean anything? Does having any media write about Detroit affect the population at all?

We have one more month here – give or take a few days – to tell the story about Detroit's rise, fall, rise, spiral downward, uptick then drop down and (hopefully) rise again. It's been a long story, and there really is no obvious relief in sight.

Here's what I've learned so far.

I love Detroit. This is a city of crazy lovely people doing amazing stuff. I wish I could do half of what some of you are doing every day. I'm impressed.

I'm so happy to be blogging about Detroit. I never blogged before starting this gig (and sometimes, it showed. Sorry about that whole quoting your whole article, Bill Shea. Rookie mistake. And, sorry, Detroit News, for lifting one of your photos once without permission. Another rookie mistake. I appreciate your not suing me to kingdom come.)

Thank you to all of those people who have agreed to interviews or to write blog posts. I'm humbled by your talents and creativity.

Thanks to all the comments you've added to the blog, Dear Readers. Yes, even you GThrasher ;) I read every one of them – believe it. I rush to my computer every few hours just to see if anyone has added their thoughts.

We're about one month away from ending this project – and I don't want it to end. I would do this forever if Time would let me. I think I could post three or four times a day with how much is going on in this city. THERE ARE SO MANY STORIES left to tell. I've blogged almost every day for the past year. I have about 362 blog entries on this "Assignment: Detroit" love fest. And I'm hoping to post even more.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for having me. I'm beyond delighted to have had this experience. I love Detroit, and thank you Time magazine for letting me discover that one day, one blog post at a time.

I leave you with the words that I wrote in my first blog post long ago:

So even if the rest of the world sees our region as a failure, we know better. We know hard work will keep it going. And it will turn around. Just keep watching.

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