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A Few Thoughts on "Detroit 1-8-7"

If I use Facebook, Twitter and other social media as my guide, "Detroit 1-8-7" wasn't half bad. Most Detroit-area residents were pleased with the premiere episode, which ran Tuesday night on ABC. And many of them said they will follow the series, setting their DVRs in hopes of finding more to like in the months to come.

I'm in the same boat. The first show was not bad. I generally like the characters, the way the stories were set up and the overall theme of the show. I loved the Motown and other Detroit-related music. And I appreciated any local sight and sound. I want more, more, MORE about Detroit.

ABC Producers: Get real with local story lines. Get lots of local actors. Put in as many "Detroit" scenes as you can. Give the show more than a title; give it a Detroit soul.

Here are some local chats about the programs. Check out DetroitYes!, About Detroit and the Freep. What did you all think?

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    I liked it. It wasn't the Godfather or even Hill St. Blues, but I gave it thumbs up. I wondered about the absence of bulletproof vests and doubt that real cops would have tried to capture a shooter in that fashion, but it is just a TV show. Surprising too were the snazzy clothes the detectives had on....and hopefully we won't hear any more characters utter the word "soda" when talking about pop. Other than those petty complaints, I enjoyed watching it.

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    It was well done. The plot moved right along. The shooting at the end with the suspect grabbing a gun would rarely happen, added nothing, and otherwise disappointed viewers looking for closure on a positive note with the police doing a good job.

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    The train murder. Ha! The people mover??

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    I thought Detroit 1-8-7 was alright.
    I was concerned that it may show Detroit in a very bad light. This did not happen. The story line could have been in any city.
    I enjoyed the Motown sound through out the program.. I listened for the streets as they were called off. I found myself looking for street signs and places I would know.
    Our bloggers are right. Pop and the people mover are really correct for Detroit language.
    I did not like the young cop being shot right there at the police station. I was caught off guard on that one.
    This seems to be an okay program.
    I will continue to watch it.

    Detroit Kid 51

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    That was a rail yard. Not the People Mover tracks. Chill out!

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    ... though we should complain about "Loft District"!

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    umm, the pilot was shot mostly in Atlanta. I was puzzled as I thought I saw an elevated train in the background in one shot, until I found out it wasn't Detroit. They did do a good job of inserting the few Detroit shots to give an overall impression of Detroit. As far as the show itself, it was OK but I watched few of the cop shows like it, being more into L&O and CSI. It seemed very formulaic, with few surprises. A little boring, actually.

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