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Mixed Feelings About Mayor's Move

I'm not so sure Mayor Dave Bing should leave his rented Detroit condo and move into the Manoogian Mansion. Sure, it is set aside for the city's Top Dog...but it has such a negative past (see: Kwame Kilpatrick and a girl named Strawberry).

I appreciate that the mayor doesn't take a salary. I like that he plans to pay all of his moving costs. But I don't agree that living in this tony spread would be the best use of the place. And changing the name won't wipe away the past.

"I'm renting a home in Detroit and I'm not getting a salary," said Bing. "I don't have a problem with not getting a salary, but I don't think I should pay to be mayor."

Here's the stories about the move in The Detroit News and The Detroit Free Press.

I'd rather see that home opened up as a museum, host Detroit-sponsored event or just be sold outright to pay for city services. What do you think?

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    That's a great idea Karen!

    But I was hoping to be invited to the housewarming party.

    Maybe we can check out the dining room table which was reported as being laden with all sorts of goodies, but never proven.

    Maybe there are some traces...

    What do you think?

    Imagine Dave giving a party and not noticing how extraordinarily happy everyone was getting...


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    Sorry Karen, I disagree. The mansion could use an exorcism. Maybe Mayor Bing can actually do some better lobbying for the city from something better than a rented condo.
    Get the Kilpatrick stink out of the place and clean out the crud left by bums and rats.

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    Debating whether Bing should or shouldn't live in the Manoogian misses the point. Bing made not living in the mansion an unequivocal campaign promise. A purely symbolic campaign promise, but one Dave Bing made nonetheless. Now he's changing his mind.

    Just like he changed his mind about retaining James Barren as police chief.

    And just like it appears he's changed his mind about being a one-term mayor. Granted, a lot can happy between now and 2013 but behind the scenes it looks like he's gearing up for a re-election bid.

    Dave Bing has a right to change his mind, but doing one thing and saying another on such elementary things (less than a year into his first full term) is bush league.

    Based on Dave Bing's record, I'm not sure why Detroit voters should trust anything the man says.


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    Isn't that what integrity is about at core.

    Keeping your word.

    Honoring your word as yourself.

    But he's got a fancy wife and maybe that changes things.


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