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Explorations Around and About Detroit

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much going on this week in and around Detroit. Here's a sampling of the good stuff to date:

--The Detroit News and The Detroit Free Press got some face time with Mayor Dave Bing. The highlight: There will be a series of meetings in September to talk about what to do with this hulk of a city. I'll be there (as soon as they announce some times; come on, city planners. Get your act together.) The mayor told reporters there won't be any “downsizing” but I'm still on that bandwagon. We'll see what develops.

--My favorite professor, John Mogk, gives his two cents on farming in Detroit. He wants the city to get moving on the idea, and he's submitted a report to the mayor and other community leaders on ways to make it happen. Read more about it here in The Detroit News.

--Found this video posted on Facebook by some boot/footwear company called Palladium. It has a series of films called “Explorations” and one is about Detroit. It's got Johnny Knoxville in it, and it actually looks like it is worth viewing. It takes on the creative class/youth movement that is truly making a dent in Detroit's problems. The film will premiere on the site Aug. 30, it said. Check out the preview after the jump (that's newspaper talk for reading the story after it “jumps” to another page. You know the drill.)

--The massively talented (and former Detroit News reporter) Bill Vlasic's article in The New York Times calls Detroit a “bright spot.” He says “the gloom over the American auto industry is starting to lift.” That plus a positive report on the city?! Quick – is the world ending? A highlight:

…The improving mood here reflects real changes in how Detroit is doing business — and a growing sense that the changes are turning the Big Three around, according to industry executives and analysts tracking the recovery.

--A lot going on right now with contract negotiations at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Here's a story from The Detroit News on the struggle to settle salaries issues between management and the musicians. I'll have more on this next week. Also, if you're so inclined, you can meet the musicians at lunchtime (12:30-1:30 p.m.) Thursday, Aug. 26, at Campus Martius Park to hear more from their side of the story. The contract is set to expire Aug. 29.

--If you're looking for something to do – and aren't we all – then head tonight to the Canfield Street Market. From the organizers, the fabulous Bureau of Urban Living and City Bird: “The summer sidewalk sale features handmade & vintage goods by local artists and vendors. This time, the Friday evening event will expand around the block to WEST WILLIS VILLAGE, where Avalon International Breads and its neighboring shops will offer extended hours, special deals, live music and street food.” For more info, click here.

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