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The Way of The Gun

"Gun control means using both hands in my land..."

De La Soul

I got to know guns, and the damage they can do, fairly early in life. I was only about five or six when the best friend of my then-teenage uncle died after being shot in his leg. In my first week of high school, a young man was gunned down near campus during a fight. By the time I graduated 12th grade, I had lost more friends to . 38-caliber tragedies than I cared to count — and the body count kept mounting right on through my college years and beyond. By age 25, I'd had, on two separate occasions, been forced to load bloody, convulsing gunshot victims into cars so that they could be rushed to hospitals. (One guy didn't make it.)

In spite of all that, I'm a legal gun owner. Pistols, shotguns, rifles — I've had 'em all. I once even flirted with the idea of joining the NRA, and I might have actually done it if I wasn't certain that my donations would be used to help defeat progressive political candidates. And I don't own guns for fun or to prove my devotion to the Second Amendment, either. As harsh as it sounds, if I'm honest about it, I have to admit that I own guns for one primary purpose: To shoot other people. Granted, I'm talking about people who would maim or kill me and my family, but still, other human beings.

So yeah, I believe guns can help you manage certain threats. But I also believe it's extremely dangerous to rely on guns to help you manage your fear of those threats. A gun isn't some magic force field that will safeguard you from any and all danger. Guns don't make you invincible, just that much more dangerous.

That's why, when I see gun owners making arguments to openly carry weapons to places like the upcoming Arts, Beats & Eats cultural festival in Royal Oak, I'm left shaking my head. I mean, I know what the law may say, but do you really need a sidearm at an outdoor festival that'll be attended by tens of thousands of people in one of the most granola suburbs in our area? Doesn't Royal Oak have a police department? Are that many metro Detroit gun owners that given over to paranoia?

Douglas Holloway of Westland said he would leave his gun at home if his safety and that of his family could be guaranteed at the event.

"I don't think anyone can do that," he told Royal Oak city commissioners. "You can't stop criminals."

So stay your ass at home then if that's how you feel.

This isn't about rights, to me. It's about reason. I mean, being able to imagine a threat doesn't make it plausible. Walking to the ATM at night or jogging through a park or pulling into your darkened driveway, you'd be smart to be packing. But strolling among street artists and smiling couples and little kids chowing down on BBQ chicken wings? For this you need a gun bulging from your hip holster? Oh, I'm sure you could concoct some Jack Bauer-esque scenario that would call for you whipping out the Smith & Wesson 1911, but again, how reasonable is that?

Growing up, I'd always hear the dudes who stayed strapped going on about how "I wish a motherf----- would..." They had their guns and not only were they willing to use them, they were looking for an excuse to do so.  Sure, they may have been random thugs rather than legitimate gun owners, but the motivation was the same as what I sense in this debate over guns at the festival. They were afraid and deluded, desperate to show strength and possessed of unreasonable expectations of how their gun would help them deal with their anxieties. Needless to say, this led to more than a few of the shootings that still scar my memories.

Think legal gun owners can't fall victim to the same unchecked emotions? Edward Bell was a licensed gun owner. He was 65 years old, a hard-working Detroiter and by all appearances a responsible man. And yet when thrown into the heat of a serious incident in May, a carjacker making off with his ride, Bell didn't act reasonably, intelligently. The thief had already taken his car without harming him. The actual "threat" was gone, speeding away in Bell's SUV. But the fear and the anger, they still lingered. So instead of calling the cops, Bell ran up the block shooting at the carjacker. One of his bullets killed 69-year-old Geraldine Jackson as she made dinner for her family.

She died because a licensed gun owner lost control and made a serious mistake. It wasn't just that Bell couldn't stop a threat. It's that he let emotions and knee-jerk reactions turn him into one.

I'm not suggesting that the Arts, Beats & Eats Festival will become a shooting gallery because legal gun owners are openly carrying. But neither do I believe a band of super-crooks will descend on Main Street (yes, that really is the name of one of Royal Oak's big thoroughfares) to rob old ladies of their cotton candy and take children hostage near the face-painting booths.

All I'm saying is, of the two scenarios, the latter is a risk I think reasonable folks should be willing to take.

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  • 1

    It's uncommon or rare for individuals holding a permit for a concealed firearm in right to carry states to use those firearms in a crime. The Bell case is likely a rare event, even though an accident. I'd guess that other kinds of accidents are far more common. Firearms are dangerous. A friend of mine at age 12 killed his brother by accident. Another friend of mine who I took hunting nearly shot me, similar to the Dick Cheney incident. If a firearm is at home where there are children, it's asking for trouble. It should be kept locked up. If you want your children to become familiar with firearms and their dangers, send them to an NRA class. As the author says, people are emotional animals and in anger/fear will do stupid stuff that they will spend a lifetime regretting.

  • 2

    As a college trap/skeet team shooter, avid firearm enthusiast, and self-proclaimed gun guru, I would like to re-title Mr. Dawsey's OpEd piece as "gun toting idiot fearer."

    I agree that some idiot gun-owners seem to forget about the responsibilities of free power instilled in possessing a firearm. Don't get me wrong, many people don't understand why someone would spend upwards of three thousand dollars on a state-of-the-art assault rifle designed to kill targets efficiently. Rather, they would think to replace that aging washer and dryer in the basement that wake the neighbors at night. And ironically still, throwing down their hard earned dollars on a life-ending device with their choice of man-stopping caliber/load choice seems to have erased sense and sensibility with some gun-toting egomaniacs. When their emotions overcome the responsibilities and risk involved with pointing a loaded firearm at an individual and an accident happens as a result due to their ill-advised action, anti-gun advocates pounce all over the industry, the lobby, and give all responsible firearm owners a horrid reputation. Not to mention of course the worst thing is when an innocent life gets taken in that split second.

    But is it fair to assume we are all unblinking cold-blooded murderers as we methodically gun down our fellow man?

    Frighteningly enough, I'd have to think so.

    Shouldn't there be a formidable test to weed out the clinically insane, emotionally unstable, and under-trained individuals to prevent them from easily handling a firearm? Annual classroom and range time of a certain amount should be mandatory for all gun owners/handlers.


  • 3

    Finally, an article by Darrell Dawsey with which I 100% agree. I grew up in Detroit, lived in LA for 13 years before moving back. I have been in some of the most dangerous places in Chicago, New York, Hong Kong, etc. I have never EVER been in a place where I felt I needed a gun for protection, oddly enough. Trust me, I'm no fool. I watch my surroundings. However, I certainly would not need one at a festival in Royal Oak.

    The people who protested the ban on guns at the festival are part of a movement to test their rights to carry openly. They are making a statement. They have shown up in restaurants all over the state in the past few months challenging establishments to call the police. I doubt seriously that they are afraid for their safety ALL OF A SUDDEN at an annual event they probably never attended before.

    I have no problem with people exercising their rights. I just wish they would be honest about their intentions because the claims of fear can be contagious and lead to irrational behaviors by otherwise sane people.

    If every single person at the festival carried a gun openly, would you feel safer? Really?

    • 3.1

      "However, I certainly would not need one at a festival in Royal Oak."

      Do the cops there carry guns?

  • 4

    The pro gun argument is so silly is not even defensible according to the screwy logic gun proponents use.

    Who is #1 in the world in gun related deaths per capita? The US! Gee, shocker that a country with a huge gun culture features lots of deaths by guns!

    Guns = death. It's that simple. Why can't you gun nuts understand this?

    • 4.1

      Actually its #1 South Africa: 0.719782 per 1,000 people

      The US is 8# with 0.0279271 per 1,000 people

      Our neighbor to the south is 5th

      Attention to detail always helps your cause, whatever that is?

    • 4.2

      "Guns = death. It's that simple."

      It's actually NOT that simple. My guns haven't killed ANYONE in over 40 years.

      Are they broken?

  • 5

    Let me start with saying that I have the legal right to carry a gun open or concealed in the state that I live. That said, I don't carry my weapon every day. That's a choice I make. Some people carry every hour of every day, and that's there choice. So when somebody asks "why do you feel the need to carry a gun in a good neighborhood", I tell them bad things happen in good neighborhoods. You can't dispute that claim. If people ask "if you feel the need to carry a gun at public event, then don't go to the event", that would make since if you wanted to be a victim and let criminals dictate your direction. Some people are very content to let others make choices for them; I am not one of those people. I can say without a doubt, that I take guns very seriously and everybody should accordingly feel the same, but a gun is not a tool to kill, it's a tool to stay alive. I make the choice to stay alive.

  • 6


    Just beware of the Republicans carrying sidearms. It's gotten that bad.


  • 7

    "So stay your ass at home then if that's how you feel."

    Right back atcha.

  • 8

    It's a nimby issue. New for 2010.

  • 9

    Amazing, the article is an oxymoron, totally hypocritical, or both?

    I too live near Detroit, but have had to use my firearm 4 times in the last 30 years to defend my family. No shots fired as I was prepared and aware, and we live in a so called SAFE neighborhood. Of course anyone who hasn't ever had an issue can guarantee such attacks will never ever happen right? FBI UCR database 2008 1.38 million violent crimes reported, USDOJ National Victimization annual report 2008 4.8 million violent crimes NOT reported.

    Funny how from the 1960's till the last decade, gun control extremists pretty much had their way in crafting and implementing 20,000 plus useless gun control laws that do to an extreme, nothing to promote public safety or prevent violence.

    Now that many people, some more openly than others are fighting back, using a firearm as their banner or sign to protest. By this act they are exercising their first amendment right in support of their second amendment right, which you rookie debaters selectively claim they shouldn't be allowed to, ROTFLMFAO.

    Of course even more hilarious is the inference that it is entirely unnecessary to be prepared or plan for the worst. Based on that premise the anti's espouse, they should be trumpeting loudly that no one should spend a dime on life, car, home owner, or medical insurance as to plan and prepare for the worst and hope it doesn't happen is utter insanity based on their chicken little the sky is falling rants.

    Maybe you should tell all the police, fire and emergency services that practicing for floods, fires, tornado's etc, etc is utter lunacy too? I mean after all how many billions of dollars would you save the government and the economy by making sure everyone wasn't stupidly preparing or planning for everyday worst case scenarios eh?

    Hey maybe you can explain how the US Supreme Court got it wrong ten separate times when they ruled the government was not liable for the protection of the individual eh?

    Maybe you can explain how the police are still then capable of protecting everyone 24/7 when their best response times are 4 minutes, average 15-20 minutes?

    Maybe you can actually prove that those law abiding citizens who carry openly and concealed are not the same demographic group? Oh darn you can't. 

    Then maybe you can using government supplied data prove that that demographic group is such a public health risk. Oh wait, there is actual GOVERNMENT DATA? Yep, and then a well known medical organization with no ties to either the anti or pro gun movement to do a proper comparison of risk between doctors, and law abiding gun owners who carry concealed or openly.

    After all if you actually review US government data, reports like the annual USDOJ National Gang Threat Assessment report 2009, where it clearly states that 80% of all violent crime in the US is attributable to career criminals/gang members.

    Not to mention many police studies, most notably the Chicago police in 1990's where up to 76% of those involved in a shooting, both shooter and injured were involved in a criminal act.

    Why is it that the largest police force in the nation, the NYC police in their firearm discharge incident reports consistently identify that 80% of those they exchange gunfire with have long criminal histories, prove otherwise.

    Reference England, Chicago, Washington D.C., NYC etc.. all places that had or have strict gun control and amazingly when one reviews the data from prior to the ban or implementation, their murder and violent crime rates involving a firearm are higher today, than prior to the ban? FBI UCR Database.

    Of course lets get to the heart of the matter, the fact that felons don't have to obey somewhere around 85% of the gun control laws.

    Haynes vs. U.S. 390 U.S. 85, 1968, where the US Supreme Court ruled 8-1 in favor of Haynes that any law requiring a felon to self incriminate themselves and violate their 5th amendment rights was not enforceable as a charge for prosecution. Hence criminals don't have to follow the laws that do so, e.g. your stolen weapons, registrations, etc....

    Amazing how the criminals don't have to obey these laws yet only law abiding citizens do? This just validates the hypocrisy that laws affect only the felons!

    ATF Max 8 million CPL's US, approximately 186 million age 21 or older or 4.3% of the people licensed for CPL.

    Possible deaths from CPL holders in 3 year time span from Violence Policy Center report last year, 137 or 45 per year equals .0000045 per concealed license holder.

    You can also review Florida's data on CCW at it says the same thing for Texas if you look at the data.

    JAMA 700,000 doctors in US kill 44,000 to 98,000 by medical malpractice every year or .14 per physician.

    Physician is .064 or .14 /.0000046 = 14,000 to 31,818 times more likely to harm you than a CPL holder.

    So where is the risk from concealed carry holders or open carry advocates and why aren't you anti nuts crying to ban doctors?

    This is why extremist nuts like the rantguy as well the gun control movement is losing ground daily, they have no credible facts to support claiming all gun owners are criminals as they so love to infer.

    See believing that an inanimate object has supernatural powers (load, aim, fire by itself) is a mental illness called fetishism, but is not the most severe form of this mental illness. No people demonstrating the most severe symptoms, believe that a person just by being in close proximity to an inanimate object, are controlled by said inanimate objects voice or thought projections, and forcing the individual to commit violent acts. This belief in hearing voices and obeying them, is a clinical description of schizophrenia. A well documented mental illness that has clearly been proven to be a public health risk.

    So people espousing such beliefs should either shut up so as not to reveal where the village has lost it's idiot, or turn themselves in for the good of the public as indeed people suffering from schizophrenia have been proven to be a public health risk.

  • 10

    Gun owners are idiots. All of you. When you accidentally shoot your kid/wife/dog don't go blaming those of us who live in peace every day with no weaponry. Seriously, if you are that paranoid why not move someplace like Mackinaw Island?

    Notice you never read an article about a gun-toting good citizen who stops a crime in process? Wonder why that is? Oh yeah, b/c it never happens.

  • 11

    Thanks, Darrell. Are there any examples in the Detroit area? ps: how much longer do we have you in the Time house? I <3 this blog!

  • 12

    It always amazes me how the anonymous nature of posting on a blog permits those with s#*! for brains to post whatever they think with little accountability. That said, some reasons this law abiding American, Veteran, Lover, Godfather, Brother, Son and Friend carries a handgun. One, because I do fear the day I may need more than my intellect, strength and belongings can provide in a confrontation. Two, because I don't have to be a victim when someone wants to perpetrate a crime against me. I have many more but those will do for now. I am an NRA and a SAF life member because, without either of these two groups, you would not have a purposeful Second Amendment today. Just my humble opinion, but I believe this concealed un-concealed drama is a product of Progressives not wanting to get comfortable with either choice, and there are only two choices at this point, those being, not knowing who has a gun, or seeing who has a gun. Progressives just don't like the choices and this will play out over the next few years. I know there are argument points either way. The fact is those with a gun have a right to carry a gun, you have no such right to feel comfortable. An aside, it's rare to hear of an armed gunman going into police station to perpetrate violence or someone getting mugged, carjacked, raped, etcetera at a shooting range, gunstore. Why is that?

  • 13

    I have no quarrel with anyones right to carry a gun, concealed or otherwise, assuming of course that they are trained and emotionally qualified.

    What I don't understand is under what circumstance would the use of a gun be justified in a crowd of hundreds of innocent children and their families? Are they all such expert shots that they can drop a felon in a crowd without hitting an innocent bystander? And what makes them think they are qualified to determine when a crime is being committed that is worthy of the use of such force?

    Carry a gun if the threat to you and yours is real. But the Royal Oak Arts, Beats and Eats is a family affair and not threatening to anyone.

    Leave the gun at home.

  • 14

    Hey, didn't that gentleman draw his weapon in the Detroit area last week to defend a woman being attacked and even the police commented that he in all likely hood saved her life? Oh darn, here is the article

    Oh wait, maybe you can google these web sites as well;

    Keep & Bear Arms
    Armed Citizen
    American Rifleman

    ......and review over the last 3 years the 80 or more defensive gun uses per month, and over 500 people saved by people using firearms in defense of themselves and others, including policeman (see Texas, June).

    Took me all of 30 seconds to find this information, why haven't you ever seen it dcis?

    When the moderator gets done with my other post, you can reply to all the government supplied facts there as well.

    • 14.1

      Yeah, and for every ONE instance when a gun-toting civilian uses the weapon correctly and thwarts a crime in progress, there's at least 10 instances when a gun-toting civilian either didn't secure their weapon correctly or it is stolen and used in either a property crime or worse, to take a human life after the theft.

      All you frickin', "This property protected by Smith and Wesson" sign posting yahoos continue to post your stories about the OCCASIONAL (whoops - that's a 4 syllable word and I know you gun nuts aren't the brightest so I will simplify it for you - "occasional" means RARELY as in almost NEVER) - stories about a weapon bearing civilian stopping a crime in progress (usually a PROPERTY crime, nonetheless), and I will counter with countless stories of the child who found dad's loaded gun and killed his sibling or the B&E guy who steals a weapon and either uses it to kill the homeowner in the process of committing the crime or uses it to kill a cop later on.

      That being said - You people who are so quick to admonish the Royal Oak City Commission's decision while hiding behind the anonymity of your computer need to put your money where your mouth is, or rather keep your money in your wallet and avoid the upcoming, Arts Beats & Eats. That will carry much more weight than just typing a few words on a computer blog.

  • 15

    The other fact you refuse to acknowledge dcis is that the Royal Oak council, was in violation of state law.

    First It's called pre-emption and the state of Michigan has that as law, preventing cities and municipalities from enacting laws beyond the federal or state constitution.

    Michigan Compiled Laws 123.1102

    A local unit of government shall not impose special taxation on, enact or enforce any ordinance or regulation pertaining to, or regulate in any other manner the ownership, registration, purchase, sale, transfer, transportation, or possession of pistols or other firearms, ammunition for pistols or other firearms, or components of pistols or other firearms, except as otherwise provided by federal law or a law of this state.

    Exceptions to section 123.1102 include local legislation:
    Prohibiting or regulating conduct with a firearm that is a criminal offense under state law. Section 123.1103;

    Prohibiting or regulating the transportation, carrying, or possession of firearms by employees of a local unit of government in the course of their employment with that local unit of government.
    Section 123.1103;

    and Prohibiting the discharge of firearms within the jurisdiction of a city or charter township.
    Section 123.1104.

    Since Royal Oak clearly violated the law, and based on the facts that they ignored the reasonable efforts over the last year to hear the people who are demonstrating, these people went above and beyond any REASONABLE EFFORTS TO FOLLOW THE SYSTEM, They then used the public forum.

    So until you can prove that the said demographic of open or concealed carry people are such a risk, prove they violated the law, and prove the government entity didn't violate the law, your opine as to what is right or wrong is irrelevant.

    I on the other hand can show they are not a risk, but doctors are 14,000 to 31,000 times more of a risk to kill you. Care to take that challenge?

  • 16

    Now lets get to your assumption that those incidents are the only ones, oh darn, your logic, or shall we say, lack of logic fails again.

    How so, real easy.

    Multiple police studies identify 3-15% of all violent crimes involving a firearm result in shots fired.

    Are criminals better shots than police, uh nope, unless you have a study or two to prove different, uh no you don't.

    Virginia & NYC police avg. 15% hits for shots fired, max 25%.

    We know that gun shots when treated at a hospital are reported, hence in 2008 there were 12,252 murders by firearms and over 70,000 injuries.

    By the way, are all violent crimes reported? Uh no they aren't, USDOJ National Victimization annual report 2008 4.8 million violent crimes not reported.

    Oh dont forget USDOJ National Gang Threat Assessment annual report 2009 80% of violent crimes committed by career criminals/gang members.

    FBI UCR 2008 report identified 381,000 violent crimes reported with a firearm out of 1.38 milion reported.

    Oh darn, all this data


  • 17

    Now lets do some simple math.

    12,252 murders +70,000 injuries = 82,252

    Average number of hits 15% = 82,252/15 = 1% = 5,483 x 100% = 548,346 firearm incidents where shots are fired.

    548,346/ 15% x 100 = 3,655,644 total firearms incidents.

    So unless you can prove the police studies are wrong, and unless you can prove the crooks are better shots than the police, both of which you can't, here is the problem.

    The laws of probability show that all those defensive gun uses that occur where no shots are fired, do exist.

    Because the air is invisible to our vision, does it mean wind has no substance or does not exist?

    See, your anti gun professors couldn't refute the Kleck & Gertz 1995 study showing 2.5 million defensive gun uses, yet their study as well as the Clinton Administration agreed an average of 1.5 million defensive gun uses occured annually.

    So either with real facts and logic defeat this data and logic, or go play with your socialistic red star dollies

  • 18

    Still waiting on your data,

    here are those web sites again, uh, you do know how to google and count right?

    Keep & Bear Arms
    The Armed Citizen
    John Lott Defensive Gun Uses

    Kathe Kacmarsky said she was trying to scare away her husband during a fight last year when she pulled the trigger of a .38-caliber revolver and seriously wounded him."

    "Eaton County Prosecutor Jeff Sauter said Wednesday he would not file criminal charges in the Sept. 12, 2009 incident inside the couple's Delta Township home. Sauter said firing the gun was an act of self-defense."

    Armed woman shoots at a home invader in self defense (TX)
    • Sledgehammer break-in botched, would-be burglars caught (IL)
    • Would-be robbers flee from gun-toting owners (OH)
    • Employee opens fire on suspects during robbery (CA)
    • Augusta neighborhood reacts to car break-in shooting (GA)
    • Armed store clerk defends himself against 3 robbers (TX)
    • Customer helps break up gas station holdup (MI)
    • Home invasions in Dayton and Columbus end badly - for the perpetrators (OH)
    • Citizens collar suspected thief (FL)
    • Tulsa homeowner shoots would-be burglar (OK)
    • Defendant in road rage trial: Shooting was self-defense (MI)
    • Armed homeowner shoots violent intruder in self defense (TN)
    • One injured in northside parkinglot shootout (TX)
    • Birmingham man's fatal shooting by woman declared justified (AL)
    • Armed homeowner stops 3 early morning intruders (LA)
    • Citizens arm selves against homeless man (OH)
    • More home invasions, Part 5 - is there an epidemic? (TN)
    • Man stabbed during break-in (AL)
    • Armed rural homeowner fends off 2 armed and masked intruders (WA)
    • Police looking for man involved in shooting over $8 (MI)
    • Would-be robber shot by potential victim (OH)
    • Violent robber shot by his victim (IN)
    • Woman Uses Concealed Gun to Fight Off Rapists (OK)
    • Homeowner Opens Fire On Home Invaders (FL)
    • ADA: Man shot likely in 'self-defense' (AL)
    • Woman uses railroad spike in self-defense (MO)
    • Aggressive panhandler shot outside McDonald's (WA)
    • Burglary turns deadly in NW Travis Co. (TX)
    • Fairbanks bar owner nabs burglary suspect (AK)
    • Police Identify Alleged Intruder Shot And Killed In Tulsa Apartment (OK)
    • Homeowner Holds Burglar at Gunpoint (NV)
    • Charlotte Man Holds Burglary Suspect At Gunpoint (NC)
    • Robbery Victim Sends Suspects to Hospital (CA)
    • Cops Check if Fatal Stabbing Was Self-Defense (SC)
    • Sheriff's dog shot in escape (CA)
    • Man at ATM fires back at would-be armed robber (NC)
    • Fake FBI agents try and break into home (FL)
    • Bouncer shoots knife-wielding attacker (MN)
    • Would-be robber shot during Break-in (TX)
    • Armed homeowner defends his family from 2 home invaders (KY)
    • Armed robber shot by his would-be victim (MO)
    • Lytle homicide first in at least 13 years, police chief says (TX)
    • Hampton man killed in overnight shooting (VA)
    • Elderly man shoots, kills burglar in Colton home (CA)
    • Domestic Violence Victim Shoots Attacker in South Dallas (TX)
    • Man Tries To Rob Military Member, Is Shot (OH)
    • Man shoots neighbor's dog after it lunges at delivery man in Lompico (CA)
    • Clerk kills robber at Monroe convenience store (NC)
    • Armed robbery suspect in critical condition after gun battle at Macon store (GA)
    • Intoxicated man shot after attempting to enter wrong home (TX)
    • Robbers pick wrong target; two shot, one killed by gun-toting victim (TN)
    • Inkster homeowner shoots, kills intruder (MI)
    • Home Invasion Suspect Shot (OK)
    • Dog Survives Coyote Attack In Strafford (NH)
    • Armed robber in Delray Beach killed in shootout with store clerk, police say (FL)
    • Carjacking victims sexually assaulted (TX)
    • Frantic minutes preceded intruder's shooting in Prince George's (MD)
    • Property Owner Shoots Suspected Thieves (TX)
    • Argument Ends in Shooting (FL)
    • 15 year old boy uses his father's gun to stop 2 home invaders (TX)
    • No One Injured In Walmart Shootout (GA)
    • Police: Man claims self-defense in shooting of stepson (IN)
    • "I've got an intruder in my gunpoint." (SC)
    • Ohio concealed handgun license-holder defends lives during violent robbery attempt (OH)
    • Teen shoots would-be burglary suspect (TX)
    • Husband comes to wife's rescue during robbery (NC)
    • Forestville man fatally shoots home invader (MD)
    • Gun-Toting Homeowner: 'Shut Up -- No Crying' (SC)
    • DA's office to review killings in South Knox mobile home (TN)
    • Sleeping store owner awakened to noise, shoots suspected burglar (OH)
    • Armed homeowner shoots intruder in self defense (Canada)
    • Store clerks shoot and kill robbery suspect during shootout (NC)
    • Armed pizza guy faces off with robbery suspect (WA)
    • Armed homeowner saves his wife from a burglar (MO)
    • Lexington Homeowner Shoots At Home Invasion Suspect (KY)

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