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'School Pride' versus 'Detroit 1-8-7'

Couldn't resist sharing what looks like the latest “Detroit 1-8-7” preview. You can watch the whole messy thing after the jump. I also have a link to The Detroit Free Press, which has a bunch of the previews for your enjoyment.

I'll admit the excitement of seeing Detroit in the background, and I know people are thrilled to be extras on the set or watching scenes getting filmed. It's just the whole thing seems so cheesy. I hope the writing is a little better when the real television show starts to air Sept. 21. (Hey, Time editors: Can we keep the blog rolling through that date so I can write a review for the world to see?)

Anyway, judge for yourself. I've babbled enough about it. I'm more excited to watch “School Pride” and its renovation of the Detroit high school when it airs sometime in October. Both shows pretty much show a so-called “bad side” to Detroit. One focuses on crime, the other on how we let our schools deteriorate. Harumph.

Here's the videos from the Freep, which also has its usual good comments from people. My favorite:

Here's an idea for an episode. While investigating the death of a stripper, a cover-up involving the Mayor and his Chief of Staff surfaces. Lying to protect their illicit love affair, they are convicted. Meanwhile, City Council is filled with crooks and buffoons. Nah, sounds to crazy for a TV show.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
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    Negativity/...Some. Crimes-lots...BUT!! The GOOD GUYS Always win, and have a decent message; or so it seems. Overall, 'the Ds'reputation can't get worse: At very least this show will leave viewers with an impression there are still quite a few good citizens who WILL make a difference!

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