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Another Sex-ting Scandal?

In an effort to win back his good name, professional reputation and job as Detroit police chief, Warren Evans apparently seems ready to touch off another text-messaging scandal in local government. As the ex-chief's lawyer tells it, current interim chief Ralph Godbee used to get it on with the same female police lieutenant that Evans was involved with — and he's got the text messages to prove it. It's believed that Mayor Dave Bing ousted Evans partly because of his relationship with the woman...

Now, Evans has hit back, telling news outlets that he would be given a city position if he kept secret an alleged affair between Godbee and Patterson. Evans has reportedly showed top city officials the texts between the two officers.

OK, so  Evans tossing former assistant Godbee, a married man, under the bus is what you might expect from a political rival. But Evans is also putting his (ex-?) girlfriend on blast for the relationship, which apparently preceded his own with her. Sorry, but stripped of all the government machinations and legal justifications, his attack strikes me as just juvenile and tacky.

But hey, maybe it's still legal. I'm not in a position to say whether Evans was unfairly fired or not, so maybe somewhere in this mess, he's got a case. But if he's also trying to do damage control to his rep as a consummate law enforcement professional qualified to lead one of the nation's most troubled departments, I don't think turning to the "sloppy seconds" defense is going to do him much good.

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    I agree -- as does the anonymous blogger at, whose latest post is headlined "1300 Beaubien Is Pretty Much the Worst High School Dramedy Ever."

    Here's an excerpt echoing your "juvenile and tacky sentiment:

    "Warren Evans shows the sexts to Principal Bing and was like, 'Coach Green should make me captain of the football team again or whatever!'

    "I mean, what happened was totally wrong, but telling the principal? That's not right either. You know?"

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    Let the mud slinging start.
    The is just great. With all the troubles Detroit has, do we need more of this stuff? Well, too late for that question.
    Nothing has changed with this guy being police chief....just the players. Same old cr@pe.
    Here is just one more reason people will run away from Detroit instead of moving to Detroit.
    Time and money is wasted on all this kind of drama. Detroit has neither of these things to spare.
    BING.....Get to work and find some real professionals. Oh wait, there is a chance your too can be dethroned.
    I say get all the problem people OUT and start clean. Get the best person in for the jobs needed to be filled.
    Qualified People !!! Detroit, have you ever heard of that????
    We have been so caught up in black or white .... try "good", educated, qualified reguardless of color.
    Detroit, it is time to take out the trash.

  • 3

    What does RACE have to do with this nonsense!!!! I am so tired of white folks playing the RACE CARD..

    • 3.1

      gthrasher.....If you would READ before you scream, you would know this is not about race!!! I'm talking about ABILITY. I do not care what color or race the people are that run Detroit. Just have them do it in the right way. Take note, gthrasher, I have no problem with "Color". "Taking the trash out " is a colorless statement.
      If you think it is about being a certain race, perhaps you are feeling a bit guilty about the race that IS curently running the city. As in ... running it into the ground.
      You have no idea what color anyone is on this blog unless you know them.
      I am a Detroitier. Born and raised in Detroit. I went to Jackson Jr High, and graduated from Southeastern High School. A real Eastsider of the Detroit scene.
      At a recent Southeastern High school reunion many classmates expressed that this is a city in trouble because of the broken promises and thugs stealing the money from the city of Detroit. People who had no business in office. Take note again, gthrasher, it is the BLACK POLITIANS who have been in office for the last years.
      Go back and think about that before You cry "racecard" every time you can't think of anything else to say.

      DETROIT KID 51

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    I warned my next door neighbor that he wasn't straight and boy, did she ever get me!


  • 5

    Wow! Did you see the front page on the News?!!

    Is she ever beautiful! No wonder the foofaraw.

    Do you think that she was the off duty officer dancing at the party?

    They all knew about it.

    So when Wendell Anthony holds a Police/Community thingy at the King Auditorium and deplores the conversation about no snitching and says it must end, then why not start at the top?

    Let the big guns confess so that they can set an example for the young-uns.


  • 6

    At Wendell's meeting I was wondering why they sat so far apart.

    Not much solidarity there.

    Interesting how the honchos just seem to gravitate to cididy women. Just look at Robert Bobb.

    Nothing quite like a cididy airhead, eh Thrash?


  • 7

    Interesting that cididy women always drive fancy cars.

    Now why is that?

    What did she get around in?


  • 8

    I wonder what she got paid. Usually cididy women get on the payroll at more than 100k.

    Will this become known as the

    Louie luau affair?


  • 9

    The three of them have great assets. Unfortunately they did not use the asset between their ears. They use the asset between their legs.

  • 10

    One thing that has always amazed me in life is how quickly women assimilate the status of the man that they are dating or marry.

    In a way it is a bit disgusting really conflicts with what I would assume to be the values of women's movement.

    And I do think that it illustrates that Ken Cockrel really knew what he was doing and would have spared us the melodrama..


  • 11

    detroitkid 51,

    Apparently your reaction confirmed I was on the money about the race card..BTW I don't care about your history..

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    Geez, Thrasher is a Rush Limbaugh follower!

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    [...] since we all love to see justice get served, I want all my fellow NFL Lions fans to check out detroit.blogs.time and tell me what you think about[...]

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