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Another Sex-ting Scandal?

In an effort to win back his good name, professional reputation and job as Detroit police chief, Warren Evans apparently seems ready to touch off another text-messaging scandal in local government. As the ex-chief's lawyer tells it, current interim chief Ralph Godbee used to get it on with the same female police lieutenant that Evans was involved with — and he's got the text messages to prove it. It's believed that Mayor Dave Bing ousted Evans partly because of his relationship with the woman...

Now, Evans has hit back, telling news outlets that he would be given a city position if he kept secret an alleged affair between Godbee and Patterson. Evans has reportedly showed top city officials the texts between the two officers.

OK, so  Evans tossing former assistant Godbee, a married man, under the bus is what you might expect from a political rival. But Evans is also putting his (ex-?) girlfriend on blast for the relationship, which apparently preceded his own with her. Sorry, but stripped of all the government machinations and legal justifications, his attack strikes me as just juvenile and tacky.

But hey, maybe it's still legal. I'm not in a position to say whether Evans was unfairly fired or not, so maybe somewhere in this mess, he's got a case. But if he's also trying to do damage control to his rep as a consummate law enforcement professional qualified to lead one of the nation's most troubled departments, I don't think turning to the "sloppy seconds" defense is going to do him much good.

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