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A Small Victory for The Victorious Secrets

Remember this band called The Victorious Secrets? The blog featured them a month or so ago in their quest to play music, have fun and make something of themselves.

Well, they have. And hopefully, it came in part because of your votes. The Metro Detroit band won the "" contest that makes them the voice and face of the Web site. Their commercial/advertising campaign/song will premier Sept. 12 during the MTV Video Music Awards show.

Three cheers for the boys in the band! Make us proud. And never forget your home in the D.

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    Congradulations to you, Detroit Boys!!!
    Victorious Secrets, band......You make us proud.
    I saw and was told about the the band on Sunday, July 11, 2010.
    My friends in Detroit know these guys and I was given a little history lesson.
    It seems that they are a new band and have a great mission in life. They are from our city and do not want to leave. I hope and pray they have good success in all they do in life. As they go into this new and exciting era, may they show the world that there really are good things in Detroit. A lot of good people, places and things are waiting in Detroit to be discovered.
    Come to Detroit and discover all the good here. Don't let the bad press scare you. We are people that love this city and would love for you to be a part of what is happening here.
    We are on the road to a comeback. This winning band is only the begining, only one of many good things to happen.
    Yes, a good thing can come from Detroit. To borrow a phrase from the past for today..........
    "Bless you boys"! and, Thank you.

    Detroit Kid 51

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    I'm happy for the guys, make sure to do The D proud!

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