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Michigan Inspiration

Since I'm in a film mode today...Story in The Detroit Free Press about how David Arquette added a Michigan-inspired tee to his fashion line following all of the filming he's doing here. He and wifey Courtney Cox are in the area filming "Scream 4."

A highlight:

Arquette describes the new Michigan-inspired shirt as “more of a graphic T that features (University of) Michigan football colors and cool numbers 1837, the date when Michigan became a state,” he says. “It's got a really fun feel. It's a nice nod to the great state of Michigan.” ... Arquette and his family are out all the time. He's been to a Detroit Tigers game, calls Zingerman's Deli “ridiculously good,” is thrilled when the thunderstorms roll in, will order up some morning munchies at the Broken Egg, enjoys biking and can't get enough of the area's lakes and rivers. “It's so beautiful here, incredible.”

See a picture of Ms. Cox near some lovely Michigan pines at the People web site.

Go Michigan!

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    After all of the vile, endless criticism heaped on us by the national media, how refreshing it is to finally hear an outsider praise Michigan as both fun and beautiful. Thank you Mr. Arquette.

    But Mr. Arquette would probably never have come to Michigan if it were not for the 42% tax credit given to the film industry for work done in Michigan. Simply put, if Film Co. A makes a movie in Michigan and owes the state $100 in taxes, the state refunds $42 back to them and keeps $58.

    But that's not all. At a time when we all agree that we must diversify our tax base, the tax incentive has not only created jobs, it has provided an incentive for creative people to stay, and others from out of state to move here. It is also a catalyst for the creation of Advertising Firms and Commercial production, Film Education and Training, Art Production, Construction and the Improvement of Michigan's Image as a desirable place to live and work.

    With all of that going for it, how could anyone be against it? Well Michigan State Senator Nancy Cassis of Novi is against it, calling it nothing but a handout that we can't afford. She is working hard to either drastically reduce it or kill it all together. I guess by her reasoning, she would rather have 100% of nothing than 58% of something.

    What a sad commentary on politics in Michigan.

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