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Podcast: Lead Paint Remains a Problem in Detroit's Housing Stock

Most of Detroit's housing is older than 30 years old and that means much of it still has lead paint on walls and in windows.

That poses a danger to children, particularly from low income families, that live in homes that have not been abated or renovated to get rid of the dangers of lead dust, which can be ingested in children's lungs and cause a myriad of problems from learning disabilities to actual poisoning.

Lyke Thompson, of Wayne State University's Center for Urban Studies has spent a number of years examining what the effect of this danger has been and spoke to us about it.

Click "play" below.

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    Very true. Lead is a problem in many older homes in the city & older suburbs. On the other hand, the lack of pedestrian friendliness(no sidewalks in many cities), total or near total auto-dependency to get around contributes to obesity, environmental pollution, and unhealthy lifestyles in many, perhaps most post 1960 suburbs.

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    The dangers of lead based paint are well documented. Lead is most dangerous is dust form after being scraped or sanded off of walls containing lead based paint. LeadCheck is an inexpensive, easy to use, reliable, and above all accurate home lead test. We have been in the business of protecting families from lead exposure for 23 years. By offering a quality lead test kit we are providing many families with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your children are growing up in a lead-free environment.

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    Is Detroit turning back the hands of time on its lead-poisoning prevention efforts? Prosecutor Plays Politics with Poisoned Kids Contact Detroit officials to let them know they need a change. It's a shame to put children at risk for the sake of a political campaign. Chidren are not a political football!

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    Sign this Petition to fix Detroit's Lead Poisoning Prevention Program. We cannot wait until the next election to address the problem. Children are being poisoned every day, and the current leadership continues to show its ineptitude. The only way to address this is to have the Governor or federal authorities intervene. Stay involved at the Spirit of Detroit blog.

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    [...] since we all a safer Detroit, I want all my fellow Lions football fans to check out detroit.blogs.time and tell me what you think about[...]

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