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Q&A: The Victorious Secrets and Their Quest for Greatness

Detroit loves sports. We love winners. See: Red Wings, Pistons, Tigers. (We are  humbled by football, so don't think we're all uppity around here.)

To that end, I once again draw your attention to a band known as The Victorious Secrets. Blog fans first met them a few months back when Fox Sports locally picked them to do their “April in the D” song.

Now, the band has a chance to win a national contest – to be the face and voice of's commercials. I love when Detroit is represented in a positive light, and this band is playing its part to make sure they bring some love to the D. So here's some info on how they met, what they stand for and where to vote to get them the big gig/break they've been salivating over.

You can log in to this site here today through Aug. 9 and to vote for one of the four remaining bands.

Some background: The band's members are Danny Zott, Mike Mulliniks, Bryon Rossi, Danny Rossi and Steve Saputo.

Q: You're getting very commercial here. Have you sold out?

A: Steve: “It's funny you should ask that because we just shot a commercial (for and it was incredible. Yes, we are making commercials. Seriously, this band has been a ton of fun to be in so far. We've only been together for four months. Two of our goals are just to have fun and make music together. These are musical experiences that have been some of the top of our lives so far. It's been awesome.

Dan: Yes, we had fun but we also got paid to do it it's a great thing to be able to do what you love and be paid and treated well. We just appreciate anyone who would fund someone doing what they love. It's also interesting that we don't look at it in terms of selling out – I don't think that term applies any more. Most of the bands that I respect have their music in all kind of commercials. If you make money, you can make more art and that's a good thing. Really, we have never done anything – we don't have a history. There's no rules; we can do anything. It's really proper for this band to do something like this.
Q: How did the band start?

A: Steve: A lot of us are in local Detroit bands. We kind of all played together for a couple years, and we shared our projects together and traveled together. We heard of “April in the D,” and we thought it would be a good opportunity to get together and share some fun. Within a week, we wrote that theme song. We're actually enjoying making music like on a childish level we decided to keep it going.
Q: What have you learned about Detroit by working/playing here?

Brian: Honestly, if I could just boil it down for me personally especially in Detroit, it is such a blue-collar, working-class town. If you want to be successful, be good to the people you work with and work your tail off. That's the key to success – especially in a town like Detroit.

Mike: The great about Detroit is that we've only been a band since March, we've entered in two contests now and both required voting, and we've won one already. That we've been able to have a pretty good showing at the polls says something about Detroit being really supportive. We have all kinds of friends, fans, people in this area that have done a great job getting the word out about our music and who we are.
Q: What will you do if you win?

A: Mike: First and foremost thing is we would actually be involved in the creation for their ad campaign, getting the word out about that product that they're selling.

Dan: Part of that also is a possibility of opening up for a MTV music video tour. That would be great opportunity for us in terms of exposure.

Brian: The first thing I'm going to do is hop on Woodward at 8 mile and do a 10-mile long High Five.
Q:  What do you want people to know about the band/Metro Detroit that they might not know?

A: Brian: I love this city; it's so near and dear to my heart. I actually want to let other people know that people who live in Detroit actually do like living in Detroit, especially a lot of the artists. It really is a good community and it's starting to become more vibrant than it used to be and we dig it.

Dan: Traveled a lot more in the last year, every time I leave Detroit I can't wait that much more to come back to Detroit. It's a weird feeling; it's an unbelievable thing.


Want to see them perform? Head out to Pontiac July 31 and see them perform at The Crofoot. Request "Free Bird" for me, would you?

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