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Hotter Than July

OK so Detroit doesn't have everything working for it like some other big cities right now, but there's nothing like unrelenting heat to make a brother appreciate some of the nicer assets we do boast, like our waterways and the leafy expanses of parks like Belle Isle. (Caught this shot a couple of days back while literally cooling out with friends — and fowl — on the island park's banks along the Detroit River)

Unlike some others, I'm not one who believes all of the city's hopes for revitalization rest on the riverfront, but spending time there always helps me remember the enormous potential still locked away in this town — and also how agonizingly far we remain from harnessing so much of it. The riverfront reminds me that a great but struggling American city is still very much here, still standing, still poised to be great once more. If only we'll let it.

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    I completely agree. Detroit is situated in a beautiful spot, and instead of complaining, we should count our blessings.

    Water and trees make all the difference in the heat of the summer. We need to cherish our parks and waterways.

    With a bit of help, we can transform this city into a showcase everyone will want to emulate.

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    And if you look real hard - you can see the trash strewn about the island left over from this weekends "celebrations". Instituting a toll to drive onto the island would help pay to pick up garbage and update facilities that are in desperate need of repair. I drove around their this weekend and was disgusted by the garbage on the side of the road and along the coast - just terrible. I'd gladly pay 5$ at a time if it meant I was going to a real park and not a free dump site.

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    It's curious that your photo of Detroit, as viewed from Belle Isle, will never be shown by the national media (Time Inc etc.) to the rest of our country. Apparently they are more interested in portraying Detroit as nothing more than a Hell Hole.

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    I love Detroit and my Detroit Lions, sue me...

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