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Find Yourself a Fine Friday Detroit Party

Crazy day here – planning a 5-year-old boy's birthday party is more work than I realized…

Some links of note:
--The New York Times LOVES us this week! Here, the paper dives into our entrepreneurial scene.
--Leslie Hatfield sends the D some cyber kisses in her blog about Mascha and the organic farms around town at The Huffington Post.
--Someone who calls herself Binky also sends Detroit some mad props for its fashion and fabulosity at her site (a word we all love to borrow from the lovely Kimora Lee Simmons).
--Check out the new conservative news site The Michigan View launched by The Detroit News. Could spark some interesting debate.

If you need something to do tonight, head over to the Canfield Street Market – it starts at 5 p.m. and promises to be a good time had by all. Then, hoof it over to City Bird, which is hosting the opening reception for Land Patterns - new work by Sarah Burger.

Also, totally stealing this from the amazing Torya Blanchard, owner of Good Girls Go to Paris crepes, which she wrote today on Facebook:

The best way the people from the Social Forum can make a difference is by staying here. Get a cheap house in North Corktown (plenty of urban farming) stay and help rebuild Detroit on a ground level.

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