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The Kilpatrick Saga, Next Chapter

Today's distraction: Detroit's former mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, was indicted on charges that he essentially lied on his tax returns, as well as used money from a campaign and neighborhood development fund to pay for yoga lessons (who knew?), Nike golf clubs, and a specialist to repair his public image in the wake of a sex-texting scandal that may have ended his political career. The indictment had long been expected. Just last month, Kilpatrick was ordered to serve at least 18 months in a Michigan prison for violating key terms of his probation agreement.

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    Nothing like being entitled.

    The Freep published the name of the guy who put on the party. Cox showed up the next day and used that devoutly legal term upon us... "Urban Myth" and shut down the investigation just as it was getting there.

    And now we get to hear "never proven" over and over and over again. Almost like Slows. And the apologists seem to keep emerging from the mist.

    Sorry, I guess we are being just too rough on him...

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    The FBI continues to disappoint and remain one of our nation's major obstacles to reducing crime in our nation..I resent the FBI wasting its assets on political criminals already in jail...I resent it when the FBI makes a big deal about these types of criminal issues and not the violent criminal issues which are destroying our urban venues...

    I resent it when the death of a cop makes police officers and the media drum up the search for cop killers but not the killers of ordinary citizens...In our constitution all lives are equal...Equal justice under the law..

    I resent these dual standards and tiers of criminal justice systems in our country..

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