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Mentees Share Experiences at Steve Harvey Camp

Our colleagues at just wrote a story on the experiences of two young men at Steve Harvey's second annual Mentoring Weekend. Among them was one 18-year-old Detroiter.

Here's an excerpt:

Steve Harvey is giving back and helping young men rethink their future. The comedian and relationships expert hosted his second annual Mentoring Weekend at his Dallas ranch on Father's Day. Two young African-American boys who participated in the inspiring program shared their experiences with

Dalonte Hall, 18, knew he needed a change in his life so he was optimistic when he hopped on a bus from Detroit to Dallas to attend Steve Harvey's 2nd annual mentoring weekend. Hall was looking for hope after witnessing his father's killing, his mother's death and trying to turn his young life around after spending a year in jail for drug possession. Hall says the weekend was one of the best choices he's ever made. He explains:

On his personal life
"My mother died from cancer when I was three. It was hard seeing her on her death bed as a vegetable. My dad was not really there in my life. He was a big-time drug dealer in Detroit. He would come home to put food on the table and clothes on me and my brother's back. When I was 13, he was killed in front of me. That broke my whole family apart. My grandmother Connie, God bless her soul, she tried to do the best she could. She took custody of me and my brother. We did not have much money so we had to do what we had to do."

On what Steve Harvey shared with him
"Steve told me about the importance of having a friend in my life. He also advised other guys to get someone that they can talk to because life is hard without a friend. It makes sense too because I know boys who don't like talking to their moms about certain things. You know, some stuff you gotta tell a man."

Read the full story here.

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