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Think You're a Detroiter?

Couldn't resist sharing this...A little test for those of you who CLAIM you are a Detroiter.

It's called the D Quiz. It's from The Henry Ford, promoting their Ford Rouge Factory tour. (Full disclosure: I missed four of the 25 questions; not bad for a small-town girl.)

Test yourself and post how well you did on the comments!

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    Alright, You Guys.....I am a Detroiter!
    My score.....20 out of the 25.

    Karen, I really enjoyed this quiz. Some of the questions were a bit tuff. I had to think back to when I was a kid. I learned some of the information in school. Some of the other answers came from my love for TV and commericals. I still sing the commericals with my friends.

    Now you know where my Blog Name really got its' origin. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I never even left Michigan until I went to visit Ohio, when I was 15 years old.

    I love the state with an upper and lower peninsula.
    The Mitten with The Bunny jumping over the Mitten.


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    Only 18. I thought I'd do better but I'm not as up on the pop cultural stuff as much as the history.

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    20 out of 25. Got many of the hard ones. Only 1 wrong until the last 5 and started going with my head instead of my spontanious choice. Would have gotten 3 more that way. Fun quiz but oriented to baby boomers as many of the pop culture questions are 50's, 60's & 70's era.

    A challege: develop a Detroit - Windsor metropolitan area quiz based on contemporary places, events and such so those even in their pre-teens, teens & twenties could play & if they are up on this area could score high.

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    23 out of 25, and it says I'm a real Detroiter. What does it say if you get only 2 correct?

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