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Why Detroit? Week Three

Detroit's reputation is such that when you tell folks on the coasts that you live in this area, they invariably ask, “Why?” This is a weekly series of videos in which Detroiters answer that question, with infectious passion and serious pride.

Last Week's Video:

Why Detroit? Liz Pachaud

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    In Karen Dybis' last post she pointed us to a squib on Brooks Patterson.

    It was fun.... Ole Brooksie finally realizing that he lives in Detroit. Yup he does and so do the others living in Oakland, Macomb, and Washtenaw Counties and beyond.

    When I was young and when we traveled I would hear my father say that we were from Detroit and it was said with such enthusiasm and pride, quick, sharp and to the point.

    While certain people tried to distance themselves from Detroit, they simply cannot as Bill Ford realized when he finally decided to build Ford Field right in downtown Detroit.

    The abandonment has to cease for many reasons, not the least of which is the wastefulness. Wastefullness of the countryside, wastefulness of the extended driving, wastefulness of the resources and wastefulness in human energy in trying to run from people who might look a little different from what we think ourselves to be.

    Detroit defined the 20th Century and is defining China just as it has defined Japan and India is underway too.

    What we do is watched by everyone, the decisions that we make, the nastiness, the destruction, the demolition, the corruption is being watched by all.

    The way we define ourselves in the 21st Century will also be a lesson to the world.


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    I love the city of Detroit because Detroit built this country, changed it from agricultural to manufacturing. Detroit is resilient, Detroit is strength..

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