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A Region in Revolt

Sorry for the late post; the family and I traveled up M-53 to Port Austin for a little vacation. (It's my secondary "Happy Place" next to Mackinac Island...let me know if you need travel tips.)

But I'd be remiss not to post a few stories of note this week:

* Q&A with Dave Bing from Nolan Finley of The Detroit News (Damn, Nolan, you're writing some good stuff these days). Love the headline of "Bing: 'I'm not going to showboat.'"

* Take some time to check out Steven Gray's piece on Warren Evans as part of this here Assignment: Detroit in Time magazine. It's a great feature and a great news story all in one. (I'm not paid to say any of this.)

* And The Detroit Free Press should be proud of the work Rochelle Riley has been putting out there recently. She's giving Detroit such a voice in the past few weeks, really putting feelings into words like no other. Check out this column about our region's future, which gives Brooks Patterson some heart to go with his (sometimes) harsh words for the city:

"I understand now," Patterson said. "We now are linked more clearly than I imagined early on."

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    Yes Karen, great links thank you.

    For me, Rochelle has always produced fine work.

    It took a long time and lots of hard effort to create Metro Toronto. None of the little towns wanted to give up their turf but foresight persisted.

    Will there ever be a Metro Detroit, which needs to be?

    Will Aiyana's death be the "wake up call".

    What will it take to unite us?

    It took an Architect Planner to unite the disparate Hospitals to create the wonderful Medical Center.

    One pitch was look how much savings there will be in laundry alone!


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    As always, great links! I am hopeful for a Metro Detroit, but it's sad it had to take a "rating" to get Patterson on board. Greed is not my favorite motivator.

    Hey Karen, can I take you up on the offer for more information on Port Austin? It's got to be more affordable than going to Mac. Island. Is it more interesting than Port Huron? Is it as beautiful and peaceful as parts of the west side of the state? Please give some Port Austin suggestions for us Detroiters who want a great summer trip.

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