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Getting Closer or Build that Bridge

Can you believe...I'm excited to report about a bridge.

Late Wednesday, the Michigan House approved a plan to "accept" $550 million from our Good Neighbors Up North in Canada to help build a span that crosses between Detroit and Windsor.

The proposed Detroit River International Crossing will cost a whopping $5.3 billion, so we're not there yet. The Associated Press reports the U.S. government has yet to commit any funding to the project, and Michigan's cost is expected to be about $100 million.

But this is a game-changer, I think. I'm all about public-private partnerships. And I'm not alone.

"This is an important first step for Michigan and this region to maximize the job and business creation potential of the busiest border crossing in North America," said Bill Shreck, director of communications for the Michigan Department of Transportation.

Here are the stories out of The Detroit News and The Detroit Free Press.

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    Why are you pro P3's?

    Are you in favour of higher taxes to pay investors who won't make anything on tolls?

    Are you in favour of destroying a Michigan community and displacing 1000's of residents?

    Are you in favour of spending public money on a bridge that could be built with private money with no risk to tax payers?

    Are you in favour of Canada walking away with ownership of the bridge when Michigan defaults on the loan?

    Are you in favour with foreign countries making potentially illegal "loans" to Michigan lawmakers in order to "get the project moving"?

    Have you swigged back the lemonade you've been given?

    Or are you just anti-Moroun?

  • 2

    Is it that DOT engineers like to design and build new stuff? Putting money into repairing the rotten roads and bridges we drive over every day isn't all that exciting. What are the forecasts for traffic over this new bridge? How accurate are they? Will the tolls be sufficient to pay off any revenue bonds? What's the net present value of this project? What's its benefit/cost ratio? What are the assumptions that underlie these estimates, how reasonable are they, and has sensitivity analysis been done?

    The Mackinac Bridge was a terrific success story. If this bridge is built, let's hope that it's a repeat. Cross your fingers that this is not another example of politicians with the edifice complex eager to spend taxpayers' money.

  • 3

    Why would a state, that is deeply in the red want to risk going deeper in debt when a successful private business is willing to build the bridge?

    What happens when costs exceed the budget? Tax payers watch your wallet as your taxes will surely increase.

    With private business the enterprise eats the cost overruns which effects the enterprise's business model not the tax payer.

    Wise up Lansing.

  • 4

    A bridge, you say? Why another bridge?
    I have yet to see a really good point on building another bridge.
    How about repair the old bridges and then ......what?
    Perhaps start working on the school system. Or maybe create jobs by cleaning up the run down areas. OR....what else does Detroit really need?
    Everything but another bridge.
    Prove you really need it and that it will be used. Then....and only then should Michigan and Detroit spend the money on a bridge.
    We need ideas on getting and keeping people in Detroit. The mass exit has not stopped. With no schools real supermarkets where we can buy groceries. With fear of being shot in the city and police being afraid to do their job (black or white) for fear of retribution.....what do we reallly need? Not another bridge to escape from the city faster than you can now.
    Don't ask Bing or Bobb they really don't know. They plot things in secret not openly as they promised. No fixing just getting their paychecks. They have no real answers to give.
    It looks like us bloggers have better answers then the politicians. Hey....."islandarchitech" any ideas ???
    The people of Detroit really need think about it before they get another bridge started and there is no one around to use the thing.

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