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The Sentencing of Kwame Kilpatrick

Even in the end, Kwame Kilpatrick, Detroit's former mayor, expected us to believe the hype. He stood before a judge here Tuesday to be sentenced for violating key terms of his probation in a sex-texting scandal, and offered this:

  • “I spent a whole year feeling an enormous amount of guilt for what I did to my wife, my children, and city.”
  • “…You don't ever have to worry about me committing a crime. You don't ever have to worry about me being a danger to the community.”

The judge, David Groner, didn't believe the latest act of a man who just a few months ago said, in court, that he did not know if his wife – with whom he lives – leaves the house for work each morning. Or who pays the rent for their suburban Dallas home. Groner swiftly ordered Kilpatrick to serve between 18 months and five years in a state prison. It's unclear if Detroit will ever receive the hundreds of thousands of dollars Kilpatrick still owes. And it's impossible to make up for the headache and embarrassment his lies continue to induce.

Americans love a story of redemption. But in Kilpatrick's case, absolution is a difficult sell.

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    Who made you the moral arbiter of KK? Who are you to rule that another human being cannot be redemped?

    Sorry but I am not feelin another Black man going to jail in America for at the end of the day and the core of this nightmare his guilt being having an adulterous affair..It is tragic in a nation where hypocrisy is one of our anchors and legacy that people are posturing and scapegoating KK for the meltdown of the city...

    I see little justice in this saga where a judge and a prosecutor both lack the integrity to recuse themselves from this matter since both harbored personal agenda's one seeking to be the next michigan supreme court justice another upset because her own personal financial affairs are in disarray..

    I have gone on record not defending KK nor in denial about his errors in judgement and criminal deeds but to sentence him up to 5 years for a white collar crime is insane and not justice but a travesty of justice..

    How does this get the city's money back? How does demonizing another Black man with children provide any value or teachable moment for his children and others who are on the fence of engaging in unlawful behavior...Jail does not rehab anyone...Truth is now KK is still going to cost the taxpayers money to imprision him..

    No this saga is not an end to anything, it is not an end to the bashing of Black folks in this region, it is not the end of law firms who make millions off of our cities under fiscal duress, nor is this the end of the moral failures of men and woman who love outside the rules and promises of marriage ..

    Sending KK to prision has not saved one life, marriage, nor the fiscal problems of the city...Sending KK to prision was never about justice it was business as usual for Black folks in America whenever we fall short...

    • 1.1

      Good grief!

      He fired two innocent officers for doing their job, then he lied in court about it, then he settled for 9 million in tax dollars to save his hide, then he lied to the court repeatedly and did not even know if his wife had a job.

      The problem with Detroit, in addition the the rampant crime is that there is no agreement as to what constitutes legal and moral, upright conduct.

      Always with the excuses, rationalizations, explanations and reasons. This has literally infected the entire city.

      Amazing. The police and the prosecutor are not the enemy. This is not some kind of game. "Surviving" and "doing whatever it takes" to "take care of myself and my family" is not an excuse.

      Quit blaming the system, outsiders and law enforcement and start taking responsibility, or your city will remain the worst in all of North America.

      He did steal. remember when he went to Colorado with C Beatty (not on city business)? The city paid the fee for the 4000 dollar hotel bill and flights. That was only one thing, but there are many more. Soon the Feds will charge him for a lot of his other crimes and IMHO, he will be in Jackson until 2020 or maybe longer.

      Keep apologizing and keep living in the worse city in the US. Also, good luck getting business to locate there (as long as attitudes like yours are in the majority)

      Scoreboard Baby. Get it? Detroit is being validated by the market, hence the 50% UE rate.

    • 1.2

      KK was found guilty of perjury, not extramarital affairs. Actually, he had his day in court and then some. If you or I would have been found guilty as he had and ordered to pay restitution, our wages would have been garnisheed until the debt was paid in full; there would have been no unending court dates. He shows no remorse for his actions, still thinks he is entitled to whatever he wants to take or do, and has gotten what he deserved. Even if the city never collects another dime from him, it would be worth it just to be rid of him

  • 2

    @Theguyaboveme ^^^

    So what do you think should be done to punish a man that is responsible for a huge portion of the city's downslide?

    If not prison than what?

    Why should he go unpunished... just because he's black?

    I don't really understand your rant up there and why someone's race has ANYTHING to do them stealing money from the city they had been elected to LEAD!

  • 3


    What money did he steal?? What are your talking about? No you are just another lemming sucking up the fiction of rumor and disinformation..

    No one man is responsible for the failure of a city but underdeveloped thinkers like you like that simple minded script ..I am so glad I am not simpled minded like you pissing out scapegoats is a lazy occupation..You need to stop being so lazy makes you look bad...

  • 4

    This seems to be how the typical Detroiter thinks, and this is a big part of the reason why the city is in the shape it is in. Everything is a black and white issue...excuse me... Black and white issue, and people just point fingers and try to get over instead of work together to solve actual problems.

    KK cares about ONE thing: KK.

  • 5

    Kwame stole money when he had a Lincoln Navigator purchased for his wife on the city's dime - That is stealing. She is not a city employee.

    He stole money from the city when he he traveled to Atlanta, Las Vegas and other cities and put personal charges on his city credit card account such as massages and extra rooms for his special "guests" - That is stealing. It's documented.

    He put so much personal stuff on the city's credit card that it took an investigation by the Free Press to get him to admit it - Before his re-election. He wrote several checks to the city to replay what he stole, remember? He admitted it. Remember? It is documented.

  • 6

    The improper untilization of an expense account is a common custom and practice in the marketplace both private and public sector..

    It is not a crime to misuse an expense account. This is a common practice and behavior of those in the public and private sector......More importantly it is a miscarraige of justice to send a man to prision for 5 years for violation of a court rule..This ruling will be overturned on is not wrong for a person on probation to live a good life...

  • 7

    You must be writing KK's speeches. It is common custom and practice to misrepresent the truth for your own benefit? Not wrong to commit perjury? Repeatedly? To play dumb by saying you didn't understand the terms of your probation when you were a lawyer? There are plenty of other examples in this world of the miscarriage of justice, but this ain't one of them! This is an example of chicken's coming home to roost. People would probably not have a problem with KK living a good life if he was taking care of his financial responsibilities and demonstrating some sincere regret for how he screwed the city of Detroit. KK always makes sure he gets his, and he doesn't care who pays the price. I agree that prison won't solve the problem of the city getting it's money back, but KK made it quite clear by his choices that paying back the city was not his priority. Since his jail time was so transformative for him, perhaps this prison sentence will take Kwame to a whole 'notha level of being a responsible citizen.

  • 8

    Stealing isn't a crime? You need to read Detroit's ethics manual. I work for city government and what he did violates the ethics code and is punishable by employment termination. Please use facts.Amazing how you are defending his stealing money for personal gain. It is wrong for a person who claims to love his city to live high on the hog a claim he is broke. He owes money, has (HAD) a job and doesn't pay. So what's the difference in him sitting in jail and not paying?

  • 9

    Seriously now because improper use of an expense account is common that makes it right??? I DON"T THINK SO!

    And have you every heard of it being a crime to lie under oath?

    No one cares about the affair they care because he lied, stole and lied some more.

    He should be punished and he got off easy as far as I am concerned!

    He had every opportunity to pay the city of Detroit back and he chose not to. So he made his own bed now he can lay in it!

  • 10

    Yes the misuse of expense accounts is rampant and has always been an aspect of corporate and public sector..Sorry to reveal that reality to ya..

    It is insane in a civil society to incarcarate a person for cheating on his wife!! It is insane to protest about the cost of his crimes and then have to pay for his prision stay!!!

    KK is not going to pay his debt while in prision!! Putting KK in jail has not saved one life, one marriage, bridge the racial gap in this region, enhanced the dismal automotive industry, made our state a booming venue..

    All this does is salivate the vengence and petty interests of those who resented a Black male who because he valued life, love and the pursuit of happiness with immaturity

    All day long I have heard low self esteem Black folks , Black apologists and the usual pettty angry white males with penis envy issues rant about his arrogance and the audacity of this big Black Buck not following the rules of ambitious posturing local judge seeking to be the next supreme court justice

    No I don't have to agree with mob justice and the rule of law based upon a flawed fixation of a public servant...KK is not a terrorist, a catholic priest, a madoff slug who did nothing but had some C & F with a woman outside his marriage...Oh how lethal and dangerous you are mr horney KK.....

    • 10.1


      It is insane to argue against a penalty such as Kwami is receiving, ie. having to go back to jail. All this man did was defraud Detroit and the rest of Michigan who has to pay taxes to help a city that has become a poster child for everything that can go wrong due to mismanagement and an overabundant ego. The fact that Kwami committed crimes is real and cannot be justified by saying, others do it, why can't he?
      And let's keep race out of it. I do not care what color a person is, a crime is a crime. It is a fools quest to try to make it racial. Kim Worthy (the procecuter) is black in case you didn't know.
      Kwami lied repeatedly to the court, violated terms of probation, both crimes. He deserves to be back in jail. He is the quintessential spoiled son of a politician who thought he was immune because his mama is a Washington Politician. Well too bad. Kwami is just another crook who stumbled over his ego and sense of invincibility.
      White collar crime is worse than most blue collar crime, due to the amount of money that is generally involved. The penalties should be more severe for white collar crime, and I don't give a damn about some fool on his pedistle saying Kwami can't pay while he's in jail, or that race is the cause for his punishment. Perhaps he will learn that he is no different than any other man while he is there. He owes a debt to society, and I applaud Kim Worthy for doing her job! As it was said in the old Robert Blake cop show...Don't do the crime if you can't do the time!

  • 11

    GBT2 - If all this is justifiable then i really wonder what kind of morals you have.

    YoI can see you are KK lover but the bottom line is he is just where he should be.

    In jail and I love every minute of it. Finally justice has been served.

  • 12

    If I didn't know any better I would think that someone commenting on this story is related to Coleman Young. KK is just another crook.

  • 13

    He used the city's money for personal use to cheat on his wife. I'm a black man I even think KK is stupid. His morals are out of line. He belongs in jail.

  • 14

    Now I why America is becoming the dumbest nation on the planet just reading some of these posts..

  • 15


    I am so glad I am not like you a person that affirms injustice ...You are a insignificant nobody out of your element with me now get lost and go look at yourself in a mirror and call a vet...

  • 16


    You seem like an educated person, regardless of my views of the whole KK saga. But there's just one thing that I have to know, what if KK was a white man? Would you be saying all this? See, KK is just a man, and in the court's opinion, he is a man that belongs in jail for the time being. I'm not going to sit here and say that I know all of the facts about this case, but in every post you bring up race, and I just don't see the connection. I am well aware that there are many people in the world that are still racist, but there are many, many more that are not. I guess I just wanted to clear up a misconception that I might be having. If you would say the same thing about a white KK, then I understand. But if this is solely a race thing to you, well, then I'm not buying it. Maybe 5 years is too much, I don't know, but no one besides KK put him in this mess. He did this all to himself, and if he got a rough sentence, he has no one else to blame.

  • 17

    Seriously gbt2? You accuse America as being the dumbest nation on planet (and therefore, the posters on here who disagree with you), and yet you cite PENIS ENVY as a reason for why KK is being hated?

    You're a f***ing moron.

    • 17.1

      haha, I agree with you! This moron, GBt2, assumes that any white person who thinks KK should be jailed or punished for his crimes is because they envy black men's alleged sexual prowess and penile size? LOL Now THAT is laughable! As a gay latino male who HAS been with both black and white men, I can attest that I have been with average sized dark ebony black men (including one very dark brother who was at least 4 inches long.... yes, shocking and the honest truth.) and above average black men and white men who surpassed ANY of the black men I have been with... we are talking over 8 inches and even 10 inches in length and thick too. And these guys were WHITE!! SO MUCH FOR THAT THEORY OF BLACK MEN BEING HUGE. GBT2, how's THAT for a reality check. Stick to factual reasoning instead of racial stereotypes if you want to be believable and have people see your point of view. You come across as a bigot.

  • 18

    gbt2 It is no doubt that some people enjoy the outcome of this case, just because of the racial issue. You can see it in their language used. Let's be realistic. It is not okay for someone to get away with crime, whether they or white or black or hispanic, just because lots of other people are doing this. We reap what we sow. Should child rapists be let loose just because lots of people are doing this? If you feel that a white man would get off for the same crime, you can protest that individual case, but do not condone crime based on biased reasons. Our youth of today seem to feel that one is not guilty unless one gets caught, but you seem to be saying that even if caught, one is not guilty.

  • 19

    @ St.Helen,

    Race trumps everything in our always has from the illegal entry of pilgrims and puritians..I have gone on record numerous times and state KK should be held responsible for his crimes which for me no more than a white collar crime of perjury and adultery..Clearly the judge was over the top in his sentence of 5 years!!! KK is not a serial killer, domestic terrorist, child pervert etc..BTW The CEO and Board of Trustees with Synagro were never indicted yet they damages there exceed 10 folls KK's liability of course they are all WHITE..

    @ Brian,

    Yes white males have acute PENIS Envy pathologies and NEGROPHOBIA with regard to relations with Black males..This distrust and contempt is legendary in our nation..The Judge was a white male so no sorry but given the legacy of our twisted nation with regard to race I always question whites in authority..


    Please do not extrapolate my words to fit your logic I have never written that our youth should excuse away criminal behavior..I have and will never apologize for the impact of racism in our criminal justice system. The justice in our nation often has very little to do with the merits of the incident this is a perfect example of where KK sentence was not commensurate with the offense..This crude and over the top excessive penalty will fall on appeal..Justice means that justice for all not a special extra justice for Black folks who have made mistakes....

    • 19.1

      Get over yourself. Maybe YOU have a huge black penis, but most of the black males I have been with (and these weren't MIXED black and white AfricanAmer. males, but these were dark-skinned brothers) were either average size or less than average (one I remember was 4 inches long!). I have also been with white males who were so big it was shocking (8 to 10 inches) and these weren't a handful, but many. Please stop with the racial stereotypes because it's foolish and makes you look stupid. Use rational arguments instead of ignorant rants.

  • 20

    Here's the entire transcript of what the judge said.​Judge-David-Groners-sentencing-statement-to-Kwame-Kilpatrick ·

    Kwame's innocence or guilt did not ride on his color. Never has. It was his arrogance that the rules didn't apply to him and his sense of self entitlement that ultimately were his undoing. Does anyone remember WHY the police officers were fired? It was because they told the truth under oath about a party KK threw while the wife was out of town (on the city's wallet) where he hired a load of strippers (on the city's wallet) to come over. This is the same party where a stripper ended up dead (case unsolved) and her stripper friend ended up dead (case unsolved) the day before she was to testify in court about this party. Remember the original charges included 17 felonies and 2 misdemeanors - which was subsequently negotiated down to 8 felonies - then negotiated again down to 3 felony charges. In the judges own statement he talks about his disagreement about the punishment from plea agreement not fitting the crime. This is the same Kwame that left the country against the courts orders and got a bye, then left the state again after further orders from the court not to do so, and got a bye. None of this would have happened this week had it not been for KK once again trying to get out of his many times reduced agreement. His incredible disdain for the morality can be seen in how many times he lied under oath.
    Had these actions been done by you or me - common folks - we would be in jail until our grandkids had grandkids, not living in a million dollar home, driving brand new Escalades, spending 15,000 at a plastic surgeon with 300,000 dollars in the bank - feigning poverty.
    Before you throw out the over-used and worn out race card yet again, think of what you would say if these actions had been taken by a white, Latino or Asian man, to your family, or your daughter, or his wife's family, or his kids or even the tax payers of the city he was entrusted to lead. One can only wonder what took so long.

  • 21

    There's a show on ABC called 'What would you do?' One episode showed a young white guy, young white girl, and a young black guy pretending to steal a bike in a park somewhere. They had hidden cameras to watch people's reaction as each separtely tried to steal this bike with their duffle bag of equipment. The majority of people in this park who passed by were white. People generally ignored the white guy. The young pretty white girl people ignored or actually helped get the bike. The black guy in a very short time was surrounded by an angry white crowd almost ready to physically harm him. Same crime, majorally different reaction. The only people who were surprised by the results were white people. KK is a scumbag but he is black which means he will most likely get a much harsher reaction to his crime than if he were white based solely on his skin color.

  • 22

    Those with power are subject to what's called the planning fallacy or a tendency to focus too narrowly on whatever goal they are trying to accomplish. They tend to underestimate the time it takes to accomplish things. KK's first interest, as he said, was taking care of his family, an understandable interest. I speculate that that his focus on this goal overrode much serious attention to the conditions of his probation and making his restitution payments. Perhaps he figured he could take care of this stuff down the road and after his family was taken care of. He ran out of time. Power in male politicians also is sometimes associated with higher levels of whole blood serotonin leading to overconfidence and inaccurate estimates of what can be accomplished. That's why there's so much posturing and over-promising. A judge may want them to be contrite and submissive, but it's not in their character.

  • 23

    I will always use the 'race card' in all of my narratives about life in America for Black people..

    White folks invented, created, inserted, invoked and have always play the "race card"

    I will always used their tools to defeat their racism 24/7..because I can..

    The white collar crimes of perjury, and not apparently adultery do not warrant and entire city and region to suffer from the actions of one man. I reject now and whenever the narrative of scaepgoating and the fictional nonsense of a color blind world..KK is not an asian, arab, latino,certainly not a white man to invoke this tired deflection is an offense to justice and common sense..

    This was a carnage of overkill and scapegoating a petty garden variety lust play based on revenge and the rage to castrate a Big Black Arrogant Negro no more no less..

    Justice was never the theme of this nightmare this region has no idea what justice means...

  • 24

    gbt2 I have met a great deal of hard working,honest, black citizens. Some of them have been harder working and more honest that a lot of my white acquaintances. One of the things that all of them despise is people of there own race crying bigot all day long. They feel that these people are the ones who are creating the image of racism, but in reality, they are the ones who want the problem to continue.

  • 25


    Thankfully for me I don't know white people like you in denial about the truth and reality of racism..I am so blessed the white people I know are not like you people who resent truth from Black people like me..

    I never cry about racism, my daily life is never about being fixated on white folks..My white friends have little use for whites like you they know whites like you have always ran from the truth and attack people like me..

    My white friends always tell me that whites like you make it hard for them and they respect me because I respect them..

    Please spare me your phony tales of your so-called black friends who you claim despise truth tellers like me ..Go run and tell that tale to another white person it does not ring true to me..

  • 26

    ok gbt2, I get it. You don't want to play around with the hypotheticals, and I understand that. To you, I assume, this will always be an issue of race, and nothing more. But in earlier posts you said that you understand that he did things that were against the law. So, under the statute of the law KK was given a sentence that is allowed. Plain and simple, he broke the law, and now he's going to pay for it. But I don't think any of this matters to you, you are more interested in perpetuating the influence of racism in this country.

    Let me tell you, you're not doing anything to make things better. I'm not crazy, I do know that overlooking the problem isn't an option either. I for one can't wait for racism to never be an issue again, it is a menace, and it is uncalled for. However, there is nothing I can do about the past, and I don't have much of a pedestal to stand on, but believe me, whenever I hear anyone starting I am the first to stop them. I don't want to hear bashing based on skin color either. You can say I'm just blind to what's really going on, but I think the sentencing is more about breaking laws than dark skin.

    So continue using the race card, and being a victim if you must. Because there are millions and millions of people that have risen above the prejudice and the hate, that are actively working to make this nation a better place.

    Lastly, I have to agree with you jayburd, as I said above, there is no shortage of blacks that are willing to work hard, and rise above all of the nonsense surrounding them in this world. A black sports columnist, Jason Whitlock, has written numerous pieces on the fact that blacks have no one to blame but themselves for the perpetuation of racism in this nation. This includes one piece where he derides Allen Iverson, a former Detroit Piston, for giving up on a black coach, a black GM, and a black city. I will include a snippet from Whitlock at the bottom of this post, because I think that it may seem more appropriate coming from a black man.

    I apologize for the length of this, but there are things I feel need to be addressed. Since I have the audience, I feel I should stick to my word, and do what I can to help eliminate racism in America.

    Thanks for indulging...

    "Black people are tired of letting idiots define who we are. It's dangerous. I grew up loving hip hop music. But the [bleep] is way out of hand now. Flavor Flav went from fighting the power with Chuck D to a minstrel show on VH1. You have all of these young rap idiots putting out negative images about black men and black women, and it's on us to stop it and say enough is a enough. It's not on white people. And it's not on old black people like Cosby and Oprah. We have to police our own. W.E.B. Dubois talked about the talented 10 percent leading the black masses. We're letting the Ignorant 5 lead us straight to hell. The Ignorant 5 are telling white folks, “Yeah, this is how we really is. Let me bojangle for ya, boss. You say step and I'll show ya I can fetch.” And what's even more dangerous, the Ignorant 5 are telling black kids, it's cool to be locked up. It makes a man out of you. And don't embrace education. Dealing dope and playing basketball are better career choices. The Ignorant 5 is the new KKK and twice as deadly. That's why you don't hear about the KKK anymore. The Klan is just sitting back letting 50 Cent and all the other bojanglers do all the heavy lifting."
    - Jason Whitlock

  • 27


    Please do not lecture to me or indict me about racism a diease and pathology that white folks created..Sorry but I am not perpetuating anything ..What it is with white folks like you and jayburd the same script the same verbaige ..

    Amazing when a Black person complaints he is a victim an agitator( same names they called MLK)

    When a Black person does nothing he is lazy, dosicle etc..

    BTW Jason Whitlock is a Black apologist a low self esteem Black person who cultivates the affirmation and validation of white folks like you to give him a sense of worth...

    I ignore clowns like him and I advise my students and others as well..When white folks start telling me which Black folks to admire and respect I know something is Fu*ked up and I ignore him and the white folks who recommended this yahoo...

  • 28

    My Big Ben Clock on Race in America:

    'For 23 hours and 45 minutes America under the stewardship of white folks they have fu*ked up our country from slavery, separate but equal, jim crow, disparate treatment, racial profiling all manner of inhumanity toward its own fellow citizens "

    I have 15 minutes to repair , fix, changer, alter, reinvent reality in America before the new day returns..My clock is ticking..tic , tock, tic toc..

  • 29

    I'm not going to apologize for how blacks were mistreated for decades in this country, because I can't begin to. I will apologize for what some of my liked skinned brethren still do to blacks, it's entirely wrong, and in that vain I believe that we totally agree. I also do apologize for lecturing you, not entirely my intention, although I was probably subconsciously trying to start an argument. I will admit that I was angry.

    This turned into a debate on the level of racism in this country. I don't think that either of us believe that racism isn't a problem, and I also know that both of us are in agreement that it has to end, whether or not you believe that at this point.

    One thing though, my opinion that the Kwame sentencing had nothing to do with race still stands. I still believe that he got what the judicial process thought he deserved. I won't play the what-if game with you, because that's not what I'm really about. You're right, Kwame is not an asian, arab, latino,and certainly not a white man, but he is a human, and he's made illegal mistakes. I'm sure he has paid for them, and he will continue to. Notwithstanding the fact that he'll presumably appeal and could end up with time already served. If that happens, I won't be raising my voice about it, because that's the way the judicial system is set up. I'll leave it to them to judge.

    I sincerely hope that you get the results you're fighting for. I think our argument is only about what we feel is that best way to achieve this goal, not a difference of opinion about what is the goal.

    Good luck and God bless.

  • 30

    Ditto with regard to our collective themes..I also think my posture on KK is correct for the all the reasons I have posted on..To jail another Black man with a family in the country who has not committed a crime of violence is insane on so many levels...

    I do not understand how a nation that can freeze the assets of companies, countries etc cannot simply secure and sieze KK's money to pay the debt sending him to prison does not allow him to repay his debt and it now costs taxpayers more money to imprison him...

    Good luck

  • 31

    "To jail another Black man with a family in the country who has not committed a crime of violence is insane on so many levels..."

    To fire another two Black men with families in this country, who have not committed crimes of violence is insane on so many levels....yet Kwame did this.

    "I do not understand how a nation that can freeze the assets of companies, countries etc cannot simply secure and sieze KK's money to pay the debt sending him to prison does not allow him to repay his debt and it now costs taxpayers more money to imprison him..."

    Kwame did not have 9.4 million to pay back the city so the point is moot. Kwame fired black men, threw Beatty, a black woman under the bus, and lied to the court, lied to the black city council and the black citizens who elected him. Kwame is a common criminal, irresponsible, a thief, and could not care less about anybody or anything (regardless of the person's skin color).

    "Good Luck"

    Good Luck to you! Enjoy carrying Kwame's water.

  • 32

    We need to come together as a nation. We are not a perfect people. Kwamee is paying for whatever wrong he has done. Hopefully, he will come out of jail a better man. I am not going to gang up on him. Please pray for the City of Detroit and all their leaders. Detroit is a wonderful place.....please check out the water is beautiful.

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