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Kwame Kilpatrick Is Heading To Prison

Former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is headed back to a cell, this time maybe for as long as five years.

Even before the sentence was announced, some of the local pundits were calling for leniency in the judge's decision. I don't quite think this is what they had in mind.

One-and-a-half-to-five aren't exactly what the drug dealers call "basketball numbers," but any bid behind prison bars is no joke. Still, as sad as this latest chapter is in the saga of Kilpatrick's long, public, humiliating fall, I can't see how the judge could do anything but come down hard on him for all the games he's played since he did 120 days in county jail, was put on probation and promised to pay $1 million in restitution to the city. He's lied. He's tried to hide money. He's dragged his feet. He's acted as if paying what he owes to this city, the one that had once turned him into a star on the national political stage, was some kind of inconvenience and intrusion.

No, he won't be able to pay much back on prison wages, but be for real: For all his talk about how much he loved this city, Kilpatrick seemed to do all he could to avoid having to sincerely and fully make up for the damage he inflicted. So really, what other choice did he give the judge? He's spent the last several months writing the textbook on how to get your probation revoked.

"Probation is no longer an option," Groner says. "That ship has sailed."

His going to jail isn't a vendetta. It's called punishment -- and as long-delayed as it's been for the dude, he damn sure deserves it.

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    Bravo Darrell!

    Now let's see if he adopts a Muslim name and see if he starts wearing his pants low, indicating that he has a "friend" or is "taken", or vows to do harm to Kim, the Governor and others.


  • 2


    It is about time that you put Kwame in his place.....PRISON !!!

    Such a shame, when we had such great hope for him and Detroit when he ran for mayor. He not only broke promises to help Detroit, he has Beat Her to a pulp. He said he would do such & such and bluh....bluh.....bluh....bluh to help our Great City.
    ALL LIES !!!!!

    He never planned to help Detroit, just to "Help Himself" to the funds of the city. Yes, the already depleated funds from a previous liar. And now you ask, Should he go to prison???

    The answer is not only a resounding YES, but he should do hard labor right there in the city of Detroit.
    Make him do work for all he has taken from the city. Not the glory jobs, the hard stuff. You know the labor type that makes you sweat like a "Coke bottle at a picnic".

    He needs to do this at a minum wage, which will be paid to the city for restitution. With the amount of his "prison upkeep" taken out of his wages.

    No time off for good behavior and an early release. He has never shown or had any good behavior. All time to be served for stealing and spending and hiding and giving to his cronies.

    And to top it off, I read here on the "Detroit Blog", he had the gall to ask Detroiters to help him pay it back by sending him donations. WHAT??? Please fellow Detroiters, don't be willing to bail him out after he has financially raped our city .

    Lock him up, to be released only for the Chain Gang work. to repair the Citiy of Detroit. Make no mistake, Kwame, there is plenty of manual labor to be done in Detroit.

    Darrell, Thanks to you for this article.
    No escape from prison because it is well deserved.

    From one Carstens Grad to another.
    I too, grew up on the East side of Detroit.

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    Antisocial Personality Disorder is defined by the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual as "...a pervasive pattern of disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others that begins in childhood or early adolescence and continues into adulthood."

    So if Kwame supporters REALLY want to support him, they would make sure he understands "what ever" brought him into court today!!! (he was confused on that point) - that this has NOTHING to do with cheating on his wife and EVERYTHING to do with PERJURY, the personal misappropriation of $8.4 MILLION from the city you love - and the RUINED lives of the cops you fired off like they were penny firecrackers.

    For a man who thinks "it's ALL about HIM" - it's about time he realized that that ALSO goes for the BLAME. THAT is ALL about you, KK. And the WORSE part is; with your TALENT, you cudda been GREAT.
    Ask yo mama . . .
    We know she''ll tell you that if nothing else . . .

  • 4

    KK personality profile fits that of a lot of politicians, but in his case, with a heavy dose of narcissism. Extroversion: high; Agreeableness: low; Conscientiousness: very low; Neuroticism: low; Openness to New Experience: high.

  • 5

    Sorry but I am not feelin another Black man going to jail in America for at the end of the day and the core of this nightmare his guilt being having an adulterous affair..It is tragic in a nation where hypocrisy is one of our anchors and legacy that people are posturing and scapegoating KK for the meltdown of the city...

    I see little justice in this saga where a judge and a prosecutor both lack the integrity to recuse themselves from this matter since both harbored personal agenda's one seeking to be the next michigan supreme court justice another upset because her own personal financial affairs are in disarray..

    I have gone on record not defending KK nor in denial about his errors in judgement and criminal deeds but to sentence him up to 5 years for a white collar crime is insane and not justice but a travesty of justice..

    How does this get the city's money back? How does demonizing another Black man with children provide any value or teachable moment for his children and others who are on the fence of engaging in unlawful behavior...Jail does not rehab anyone...Truth is now KK is still going to cost the taxpayers money to imprision him..

    No this saga is not an end to anything, it is not an end to the bashing of Black folks in this region, it is not the end of law firms who make millions off of our cities under fiscal duress, nor is this the end of the moral failures of men and woman who love outside the rules and promises of marriage ..

    Sending KK to prision has not saved one life, marriage, nor the fiscal problems of the city...Sending KK to prision was never about justice it was business as usual for Black folks in America whenever we fall short...

  • 6

    When are we as Black people going to stop with the excuses? When we stop committing crimes we will stop going to jail! We KNOW people want to lock us up so...Guess what...If you don't want to go to jail, don't commit crimes! I have NEVER been in jail and I'm 45.

    Why are some of us so willing to give each other slack? I don't care what color Kwame is....He's going to jail for perjury, not for cheating on his wife. NOT sending him to jail would excuse his behavior.

    Black leaders have failed black citizens in Detroit for over 40 years yet we still cry about "them" out to get "us!" They ARE US. Black educators have failed black children for over 40 years in the school system but what does the school board do? They say the state takeover (that ended in 2006) is to blame for poor test scores and NOW they know what to do (Since Robert Boob is on the scene).

    Please, let's stop with the conspiracy theories and the race bating. We need to take care of our own for once and for all. We need to elect the RIGHT people of any color. We need to accept help from ANYWHERE.

    Oprah is an "outsider", but I'd bet her money would be welcomed with open arms as opposed to a white man from Oakland county with the same intent.

  • 7

    Please spare me the tired talking points about Black people, Black leaders, conspiracy theories, race baiting and all of the other fiction you have inserted to make your point..

    What does Oprah have to do with this issue BTW??

    My post was about reality and a persective I share about justice and truth in this saga . I never posted about the nonsense you are posting about..I don't need the tired dogma and irrvelant script you have employed to make your point..

    Let me play your weak game MLK went to jail what crimes did he committ??? Rosa Parks went to jail what crimes did she committ? Yeah observe how your silly logic is easy to dispose of..

  • 8

    What is tired? "How does demonizing another Black man with children provide any value or teachable moment for his children and others who are on the fence of engaging in unlawful behavior"

    How is sending a criminal to jail demonizing him? He should have thought about the example he was setting when he was stealing money from the city, cheating on his wife and perjuring himself.

    No one ever said innocent people have not gone to jail. To compare Rosa Parks and MLK's civil rights era protests to Kwame is the silliest logic of all.

  • 9


    There is documented proof as to the Mayor and City Council of Detroit for the last 40 years.

    There is documented proof as to has run the DPS for the last 40 years.

    Fiction? Detroit 4th graders scored the lowest in the country and in the HISTORY of standardized math and reading scores - Read the Free Press last week. Please stop me when I get to the fiction.....

    Bottom line. Kwame is going to jail. Good Riddance.

    When someone unjustly goes to jail, I'll be right with you protesting and trying to find justice. Justice has been served in Kwame's case.

  • 10

    Again it was YOU that employed simple minded misdirected logic about commting crimes and going to jail ....Sorry but in this nation going to jail for crimes never committed is part of American justice unlike you I will not accept it for Rosa Parks or even people like KK...

    Please learn how to use logic with me .....Your talking points about DPS, Oprah.., have nothing to do with this issue..BTW I can never stop a fool from being foolish you are allowed to be whatever...

  • 11

    I have used SIMPLE logic with you that you clearly cannot comprehend. I do not accept innocent people going to jail - Never said or implied that. Kwame willingly, repeatedly broke the law and is going to jail. Why is that so hard for you to understand? Is he being punished to harshly, that might be decided by the appeals process. In the meantime, he sure looks good in that yellow jumpsuit!

    OPRAH comment speaks to your larger misguided point of race having to do with it.

    Rosa and MLK WILLINGLY went to jail as protests. Kwame is going kicking and screaming for committing felonies.

    You clearly have a DPS education (why I brought it up), and that is why my logic is lost on you. I'll pray for you.

  • 12


    While you are on your knees praying for me best to pray to me so your worship on your knees makes sense in the real world.. While your genuflecting for me take the time to write me a check so I can avoid running into losers like you who never had an original or independent thought but run around parroting the nonsense of others..

    Underdeveloped thinkers like you who invoke prayer, Oprah, MLK, Rosa Parks don't need to be around money being on your knees praying to a fictional personal is more than enough...

    BTW make sure the check does not bounce..I hate to see you going to jail wearing KK's hand me downs Yellow looks good on losers,lol,lol

  • 13

    KK is one of the brightest men living. If only he had the character to say: "I was wrong to lie on the witness stand about the affair that COST THIS CITY $8.4 million. I was wrong to come back in here and lie, as if you'd believe I don't know how much my HOME costs - or how my wife pays OUR bills."

    Then all this ENERGY we're spending on arrogance masquerading as victimhood could go to community unity.

    THAT is the SAD LEGACYof kWAME . . .

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