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Urban War

Detroit often seems numb to violence. But the last few days have been particularly chilling: Shortly after midnight Sunday, Detroit police officers raided a home here in search of a man believed to have killed a 17-year-old high school student two days earlier. During the raid, however, the police fatally shot a 7-year-old girl.

Aiyana Stanley Jones' death comes days after a 69-year-old grandmother cooking dinner was killed by a stray bullet apparently intended for a carjacker. Earlier this month, five Detroit police officers were shot, one fatally, while investigating a reported break-in at one of the city's many abandoned buildings.

The top prosecutor of Wayne County, Mich., which includes Detroit, has asked the state police to investigate the killing of Aiyana Stanley Jones. But the ultimate question is, what will it take to stem the war unraveling on the streets of Detroit, and other U.S. cities? Crime is one of the main barriers to Detroit's turnaround aspirations: People will continue to flee if they don't feel it's safe to cook in their own kitchens.

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    What is taking place in the city is not an URBAN WAR but a URBAN MELTDOWN...It is critical that that how we define a problem impacts how we define the solutions of said problem...

    Gray's aka TIME"s misdiagnosis is more than a failure of semantics but it reveals how the media and others have for long been have failed in solving this urban meltdown not just here in Detroit but across the entire nation...

    The WAR on Terror has resulted in unwarranted loss of innocent lives and the a fiscal nightmare everywhere.Civil liberties have been under attack and backward patriotism has surfaced in Arizonia all the result of using the wrong template to define a problem..

    We cannot continue to make this same mistake and error in judgement with regard to our cities.

    We do not need another WAR on anything..We need a RECONSTRUCTION ERA where the very essence of how we confront our urban failures is adressed and changed from how we police our cities to how we house our poor, seniors and children..:Leadership( My firm's Universal Candidacy proposal addresses this) to Education, Employment, require all new paradigms not driven by the usual suspects ie. folks like Gray and others who offer up tired slogans and analysis..

    To be continued...

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    Inevitably, just as carcasses attract opportunistic vultures, the Rev. Al Sharpton flies in Wednesday for a rally to protest Aiyana Jones' tragic -- though apparently accidental -- death.

    It's also dismaying to see that the fatal raid was videotaped for a new reality crime TV show on Arts & Entertainment The Detroit News reports, The family's attorney wonders if that's at least partly why police decided to "throw a grenade through the front window."

    "The war unraveling on the streets of Detroit" doesn't need outside rally leaders or cable network lights and cameras to record the action.

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    Sharpton is no more of a vulture than the RE firms located here in the suburbs which have looted the DPS and the futures of students in the city...

    Of course attacking a Black activist like Sharpton is easy for folks like Stamm inpart because Sharpton is not white and jewish....

    • 3.1

      gbt2.., nice telling of facts in your first post: Good job of relating to aftermath of ...'..first Civil War...'..Reconstruction!..Then, in your 2nd post, you slip into an understandable, but, racist and Religious Intolerant rant. ..If 'Rev.' Sharpton was a true leader, and again referring to Reconstruction, "Carpetbagger" stealing one's 40 acres and mule, couldn't he wait to learn facts from FBI report?...Why the Hurry?...Why the 'Rush to Judgment', Al?..Who is served by innuendo, Al?..Why start ripping open wounds, Al?..Can't wait for what's sure to be one of the most thorough investigations, Al..Why are you even coming, Al..You 're not Rev. King...You're not Rev-Mr. Abernathy?..Hell,...You're mot even, Jesse!?...But, Damn!..YOU sure got your face out there, huh?..Getting some more publicity by doing EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of WHAT A TRUE LEADER WHO WAS CONCERNED ABOUT RACISM , WOULD DO?...AL, YOU DON'T STOP RACISMor RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE BY PANDERING TO RACIST INCLINATIONS!....REMEMBER WHEN YOU RIPPED JEWISH PEOPLE?.....Others?..TV may forget, and I'm and others are willing to forgive, BUT WHY NOT JUST SAY you are coming For A HEALING , LOVING , PRAYER VIGIL , so no other innocents , DIE!?...Everyone Calm Down..The worst of pure -Hatred-Racism, WE hope, is Past1...The Worst!...Listen to Sympathy for The Devil by Rolling Stones!! Today's Hatred-is-Classism, perpetrated by THE EVER MORE POWERFUL RICH!! To see where the Majority of AMerica is heading look at our poorest, least served , MINORITIEs of 45 years ago..Especially the desperate Social Issues Rev. King was attempting to address with His planned 'Tent City' in DC...He addressed the worst among us as...' sick, white, BROTHERS...'...Let ALL of US Look UP to one of greatest Humans in History...Not DOWN to pseudo-leaders WE ALL ARE IN DANGER OF Listening to, OR BECOMING OURSELVES! AMEN..PSS...'Hot'-Lanta, REV. King's old stomping grounds , ALSO, HAS one of highest 'Stranger-Danger' Crime Rates...But Atlanta seems to be trying harder than MOST AMERICAN cities to adhere to Good ...Or at least , THAT'S the PERCEPTION!..Chicago, alsu buried 4 innocents several weeks ago!...Let's learn from Rev. King, or Christ, or the Prophet, or...

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    I guess our dirty little secret is out. Detroit has murders - lots of 'em; grandmothers in their kitchens, children napping on living room couches, even cops by the score. Is no one safe in this bullet riddled city of Detroit?

    Of course Detroit is not alone. In all fairness to Steven Gray and his reporting, "other U.S. cities", which shall remain anonymous, also suffer from crime as well. He neglected to say which ones however, or to report their crimes in as much gruesome detail but I guess that really doesn't matter, does it?

    So just to satisfy my blood lust, I googled the May 17 issue of the New York Times. Surely a city of over 8,000,000 people would have at least one murder to report. Guess what? NOT ONE MURDER REPORTED! ZERO, ZIP, NADA! By contrast, Steven Gray was able to report 4 murders in Detroit in the span of only a couple of days - a city only 1/10 the size of New York! Good job Steven!

    Very accurately, Steven also reported that "crime is one of the main barriers to Detroit's turnaround aspirations". But not to worry America. Thanks to the reporting of Steven Gray and TIME, you have been warned. If you value your life and property, don't come here for a vacation and certainly don't even think of coming here to live or start a business.

    Steven, with a sigh of relief, America thanks you.

  • 5

    Give me a break Steven did the usual tabloid driven, train wreck type of reporting..Steven's reporting did nothing to understand crime nor did his reporting prevent a crime or save a victim...

    Truth is most victims of crimes know thier perp...How come Steve did not report on the ratio of stranger danger ??

    No lazy reporters like Steven only add to the fiction of misery and depravity in the urban venues...I can't wait for these carpetbagger journalists to leave the city..

  • 6


    Where is your rant against Fieger? Cox? Granholm? When was last a time RABBI came into the hood to protest against anything??

    Sharpton brings value and attention something others lack the courage to do for decades....

    BTW I will be there with Sharpton if you have the courage be there as well....

    • 6.1

      ..Feiger?..A typical Self absorbed Defense attorney... I don't think he's/was trying to be a Human Rights Activist, though....Cox?..He's a typical, opportunistic political, Republican, who, you're right, is as a Republican a racist ' panderer'...Granholm?..Decent, even , good, Governor, considering what pig-plitician-previous Gov. Engler, left our state in shambles... Rabbis?...I'll never say anything ever against Jewish people as I get older and truly picture my family in those death camps, surviving w/ dignity....I didn't know YOU wanted to travel down that 'Path'..The well worn, USvs. "THEM"? route, that is...Sharpton brings values..Maybe,..I just don't think his VALUES are as high as a TRUE HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS should be. ..Maybe I'm more prejudiced than I think..Or maybe we both are?..Besides, when does a leader or his/hers followers Rip on someone elses faults, to draw attention to his/hers?...Doesn't seem right to me?...Courage...Mannn,...don't EVEN start!!! WED. I''ll be busy w/ MY Family's, or Baby's needs..Quite a few if you ask someone who knows me. I guess my public protest days are over.__'60's...'70s...'80s..'90s..'00s Yesterday.. I'm afraid if I do showup I'd try to 'correct' facts as some people, see them!

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    In big cities like this they need to be able to declare some sort of marshal law.. make it so criminals can't even visit the city( go directly to jail).. make them move to where there are enough police to keep an eye on them. If your acused of a drug or violent crime you have to leave or go to jail.. long term. 3 month minimum.

  • 8

    We also need to give our citizens the right to act in thier own defense... not have to hide at home.. If I catch someone robing me I should have the right to arrest them and if they don't stop shoot them. Just as the police have that right. We hire the police, they work for us. Defending yourself should mean more then just if your in fear of your life, It should be to defend a way of life also. Living in fear is not a way of life I would want to live in.

  • 9

    My pemise remains the same Sharpton brings value and attention to many injustices in our urban venues...His presence is valued and respected by many...

    All those cowards on the sidelines who rail against people like Sharpton and myself are just that cowards..I don't ever see them in the trenches making a difference......

    So as I posted earlier I will be there making a difference like I always do....

    • 9.1

      ..Cowards?!..Unfortunately, we've(gbt2-myself) have fallen ibto trap a lot of people have fallen into: Making OURSELVES LOOK TOUGH, or GOOD, ..OR THE LAW, Me vs. you vs. THEM vs. ...'those guys over , THERE....... Our respected Elfers were RIGHT...If yoy can't say something good about someone, don't say anything at all!..I'll add...PLEASE? Seriously, good for you for making a difference...Please make sure it, All, everyone, is making a Difference For Good. psss By the way...,..The other Murdered Child..Have I /We already decided that death is collateral damage?

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