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Detroit (and Rima Fakih) in the News

Good reads and a big Congrats...

* An article from the Guardian asks: "Please, no more requiems for Detroit." The writer, a local lass called Susana Adame, asks that the media and other Internet using-types with their nasty headlines and comments try to come up with another way of looking at the city. A highlight:

What Detroiters do not need is yet another story about how their city is dying – or even another story declaring there may be hope after all. What they need is what every community needs: resources, support and the space to work through their problems in their own way.

* Need a history of what's been happening to and around Detroit for the past 50 years or so? Check out this piece from the Associated Press, which has been writing a fair amount about us in recent months. A highlight:

The job of rescuing and remaking Detroit is monumental, fraught with many past failures and few successes. It comes at time when the nation's 11th-largest city needs victories — large and small.

* We have smart, beautiful, talented women in Michigan. Come to our state and see! My girl, Rima Fakih, also known as Miss Michigan USA, won the Miss USA title Sunday. You can brag you read about her on this here blog oh so long ago. According to The Detroit Free Press, "Fakih, of Lebanese descent, is believed to be the first Arab American and Muslim to become Miss USA." Watch a video of her win after the break.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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    good news about Detroit, and puts a positive spin on things.

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    For another good read - Thanks to Wilson Calvert who writes for the Tribune Newspaper in the Houston area about Detroit entitled - Roaring into Motor City from Thursday, April 29, 2010 ~
    this article takes you into his visit to Detroit and leads to this great comment . . .

    "After seeing daily national news stories about Detroit you would have thought that it was a zombie-infested nuclear wasteland.This is of course extremely far from the truth and I had a wonderful time in Detroit getting to experience not only the auto culture, but their vast arts and culture."

    He ends his great article about his visit to our city with :

    "Detroit and it's people have spirit, and I have no doubt that they are going to pull themselves out of their current conundrum. The major chains have left downtown (out of 180 restaurants in downtown Detroit, there is one national chain, a Hard Rock Cafe), but it's forcing people to support each other. There is a fluorishing farmers market right near downtown and there are 179 small business restaurants and bars operating in downtown alone. Detroit is an American city with more history and battle scars than anyone, but cities like that always have the best stories to tell."

    Thank you again Mr. Calvert and come back anytime!

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