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Rising Above

For all the problems plaguing the Detroit Public Schools, it's always good to be reminded that this district can still churn out students whom the thieves have not left intellectually bereft, whose education the bureaucrats have not utterly bungled.

Hence, big props are in order for the nearly 300 Detroit high-school seniors who were expected to be honored today at a ceremony at Cobo Hall. Each has kept up at least a 3.5 grade point average for seven straight semesters, and the students' academic rigor has them shipping off to places like Princeton, University of Michigan and the military academy at West Point after graduation. The group includes eight DPS students who've been awarded prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarships, established by Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates, and 16 kids who've earned all A's in high school.

In a state that reneges on its promises of scholarships to deserving students and in a district freighted with scandal, deficits, infighting and board leaders who write with all the proficiency of a kindergartener, it's definitely worth noting that there are still young people who aren't just surviving DPS — but who're thriving as well.

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    I'll buy that!

    Yet the travesty unfolds...


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    It's amazing how many wonderful, intelligent, dedicated, integrous, Teachers and Faculty, and Principals there are. The do their utmost to help the children in their lives.

    And yet there exists all these shenanigans in the background. Disgusting! People who do not keep their promises, don't reply or return phone calls, pull snaky moves and have all sorts of conflicts of interest.

    Did the Governor solve the problem?

    If you can't give me the answer, just wait and see. It will be disgusting.

    Needs are not being met by the Administrators.


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    Great to hear a success story like that, hard work does pay off!

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    Had a meeting this morning which was the first fruitful one so I'll be the first to change my opinion if things pan out.


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    It is good to hear of successes in the Detroit Public Schools system. Too often, the news out of DPS is disappointing to say the least. To those students who were able to maintain such high marks, congratulations. To their parents and teachers, you should be very proud.

    As a graduate of DPS in the mid-1970s, I often wonder what will happen to the next generation of Detroit school kids. I closely monitor the situation from my perch in New York City, often feeling the dissatisfaction that so many of you feel so closely. I often write about those feelings at the following address:

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    I'll have a try.

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