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Date Night in Detroit

The time: Dinner.

The place: Roast, the Michael Symon restaurant inside the historic Book Cadillac/Westin Hotel in downtown Detroit.

Why: Just because a.k.a. Date Night.

Result: An odd feeling – pride in Detroit.

Indeed, it felt great to be in Detroit. It was Tuesday night, so the city was hopping with Red Wings fans, young urban swells, city dwellers and working stiffs. My husband and I had a rare night out (thanks, free babysitters known as Grammy and Pop Pop). I suggested Slows Bar BQ, which was overflowing with fans. So we punted and headed to Roast.

The food was scrumptious. The crowd was gregarious. And the beautiful building along with its sexy restaurant made me swoon. Have you seen how sophisticated and stunning the Westin's interior is? I'm no design expert, but this was as nice as any place I have stayed in New York or Chicago. This is what Detroit could and will be. Yes, I'm being my usual optimistic self about this. So what. I'm feeling unapologetic today.

It was such a great feeling to be proud of Detroit. Everyone there was having a wonderful time, supping on beast and foul. I loved the feeling of the city, alive with foot traffic and vehicle traffic. It was even hard to find parking; that's how you know it was a big night for Detroit.

Nothing that important was discussed. Nothing that special happened. It was just a treat to see what was new in the city that I had not seen before. You ever do that? You hear about a new place to eat, shop or just hang out and then go there? It made me feel somewhat cool (and I got off the Cool Bus about five years ago when I had my first kid).

I didn't see any celebrities, no Lady Gaga hanging out at the Majestic. But Detroit had a great vibe. It was sunny and surprising. I have no bad review, no angry rant. Just a peaceful moment I wanted to share: pride in my city.

I'm still longing to go to Slows and try what everyone talks about. That will be for the next “Date Night.” Stay tuned.

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