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Podcast: I Am Young Detroit

Detroit has always had a culture of young progressives focused on the future and what they can bring to the city. They exist everywhere including government, the private sector, education, entertainment and the arts, and technology.

Margarita Barry decided that she wanted to showcase the young movers and shakers on a new hip website she called Here she talks about her idea and what she's trying to accomplish.

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    Margarita Barry is a ray of sunshine & I appreciate her creative & positive views. Her blog gives me inspiration as she highlights things & people that deserve to be recognized.

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    Margarita rocks!

    She's the greatest cheerleader for Detroit. When we launched our new biz in the D, PostEgram (, she was right there for us--writing about it, hyping it, making connections and introductions. She deserves this recognition.

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    Margarita Barry has created a place for young people in and around Detroit to showcase their talent and innovation with I Am Young Detroit.

    I'm one of those young progressives I Am Young Detroit features. Michigan Forward is a progressive, innovative public policy think tank organized and operated by all young Detroiters. We're college graduates, entrepreneur and more importantly the future of the city.

    Margarita's eye for the future of Detroit is unparalleled because she's part of it. Detroit has great promise, Margarita is doing a phenomenal job helping her city live up to it!

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    I love how real and intelligent this young lady is! I've been a fan of I Am Young Detroit since I discovered it earlier this year, and I feel inspired every time the newsletter is delivered to my inbox.

    I've been a fan of Margarita since she published Tint Magazine as a teenager several years back, and finally got the opportunity to meet with her at a recent networking event at The Detroit Zoo. It's wonderful that she and IAYD are finally getting the coverage they deserve!

    This podcast doesn't mention just how much of an asset Margarita has been to the metro Detroit community. She also donates free and cheap web design services to non profit groups like Free Change Detroit and Detroit Young Professionals through her Detroit Design Lab effort.

    We need more young people like her, finding creative ways to use their talents to better our city. Bravo to you Margarita!

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    If there were 100 more Margarita's in Detroit, the city would be an even better place! Watching the news each night, it becomes harder and harder to watch, but after reading IAYD, it shows a light at the end of tunnel. Each story is so inspiring and it truly gives Detroiters hope--both young and old.

    And PostEgram, you're right! "She is the greatest cheerleader for Detroit."

    She's an intelligent and bright young woman, and I'm proud to say she's one of my dear friends.

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    I AM Young Detroit has enlighten me to all the cool young people in Detroit. It showed me the positive side of the city and the NBC spin machine was dead wrong about the people in the city. It provides innovative and classy content. I love I AM Young Detroit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Keep it going strong!!!!

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    Magarita is truly an amazing woman and entrepreneur. Detroit has a lot to offer contrary to news reports, their are people just like Margarita ready to show the world that they have talent and creativity. Her creativity and willingness to do something outside the box is something you don't see everyday. Cant wait to see what she thinks of next.

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