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Granholm, to the Supreme Court?

Last weekend, CNN aired an interview with Michigan's governor, Jennifer Granholm, on a range of topics: the state's fledgling efforts to broaden its economic base, the future of Detroit, and speculation that she is on President Obama's short list of nominees to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.

Granholm was born in Canada and trained at Harvard Law School. She spent several years as a federal prosecutor in Detroit, and in 1998 was elected Michigan's first female attorney general. Four years later, she was elected the state's first female governor. In two terms, however, Granholm has struggled to lead Michigan through some of the worst effects of the global economic crisis, and the near-collapse of her state's core auto industry. Nevertheless, last summer, White House officials vetted Granholm for the Supreme Court nomination that ultimately went to Sonia Sotamayor.

Granholm's lack of judicial experience might actually be an attribute. In the CNN interview, taped last week at the state's capitol, Granholm, a 51-year-old Catholic, told the network's chief political correspondent, Candy Crowley: “I think it's a very wise move to consider experience that is not just from the judicial monastery…not just me, but Janet Napolitano (the former Arizona governor, and current Homeland Security secretary) – people who have applied the laws that Congress enacts.” She added: “Someone like me would be an unconventional nominee.”

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President Obama is expected to name his Supreme Court nominee in the coming weeks. Granholm's second term ends Jan. 1, 2011.

Here's more Granholm, on the economy:

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    Gov. Granholm would be a terrible choice for Supreme Court.
    A Michigan couple wanted to donate millions to the Detroit City schools and Granholm could not make it work. ( )
    In 2000 she was a strong advocate for gun control. She switched her views on the issue when she ran for Michigan Governor. By the time she was up for reelection, she had so completely flipped on the issue that MICRO (pro gun group) couldn't oppose her because she had signed ALL their legislation. ( )
    And my guess is that this Catholic governor will reposition herself on the "Choice" issue as soon as she no longer needs Emily List's monetary support.
    She is not the type of Democrat we want on the court for perpetuity.
    She has been ineffective and she is a risk. Certainly someone stronger could replace Justice Stevens.

  • 2

    I would hope Obama selects an asian or native american female candidate before a white woman however if he did select a white woman I support Jennifer..

  • 3

    Sorry for mentioning this, but Granholm would be the SEVENTH Catholic on the Supreme Court if she were nominated. Even though I seriously disagree with her pro-choice views about abortion, I would find it personally amusing to have a seventh member of the ''faith'' (or is it the tribe?) on the Supreme Court.

  • 4

    This is another reason court appointments are important. This whole hot button issue thing we bite on is silly.I mean, us republicans were screaming about is appointment last time around and his appointment voted against corporations being classified as a person with free speech, that wasn't Obama's court that was Bush's court...go figure, and here I am worrying about abortion and gay marriage, two issues that has been addressed correctly, as I have posted on my blog on wordpress. What does abortion and gay marriage matter when the supreme court says a corp can spend unlimited amounts of cash on campaigns, I gotta get a grip.. check out this story

  • 5

    If you're talking about the Michigan Gov., then she's not in contention. We're chasing dead speculation.

    After the firestorm with healthcare, Obama won't create another one like Bush did with Harriet Miers--no judicial experience has intrinsic controversy.

    Granholm Catholic? Isn't she pro-abortion? Vetoed ban on partial birth abortion in 2006? Raised Catholic and being Catholic are 2 separate things.

    Bottomline--she's not in the running.

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    This "post" left out the following:

    1. Gov. Job-Killer meets with CEO of Electro-Lux about 3,000 jobs in Greenville, MI (pop. 8,000) -- CEO senses she's a TAX/WASTE addict, closes plant.

    2. Gov. Job-Killer attacks drug companies, then tries to con Pfizer CEO to bring jobs to Ann Arbor. CEO pulls Pfizer OUT of Ann Arbor, costing 2,500 jobs. Also: CEO refuses to tell Gov. Job-Killer, she has to hear it on news.

    3. Comerica Bank sees writing on wall, moves corporate HQ to Texas.

    Gov. Job-Killer is the Obama of Michigan. If both had real smarts, they'd quit. Now, they have to voted out.

    One day, Dave Broder (who has a summer home in Michigan) is going to wake up and see Gov. Job-Killer for the inexperienced bumbler she truly is.

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