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Oh, yeah. Thank you, Metro Times!

Best example of National Media Taking a Real Interest in Detroit
Time magazine's Detroit Blog

Give the folks at Time credit. As news organizations across the country are scaling back, this national publication took the extraordinary step of buying a house in Indian Village near downtown for reporters to stay while diving deeply into the issues facing Detroit and the rest of southeast Michigan. Correspondent Stephen Gray, who led the opening of Time's new effort in 2009 wrote, "Our goal here on the Detroit Blog isn't to rehash clich├ęd stories about the region's problems. Some of that's unavoidable. But we're more interested in exploring key questions, like: What will it take for Detroit, and the region, to rebound? And who's developing the ideas that are best positioned to make that turnaround succeed?" We applaud both the financial commitment made in pursuing this yearlong project and the journalistic output that has resulted. (Time's problematic "Tragedy of Detroit" cover story on Detroit of last December, notably, was not the work of the Indian Village team.) The blog, thanks mostly to the efforts of Gray, Karen Dybis and Darrell Dawsey, is consistently well-written, expansive, informative, entertaining and thought-provoking. We'll be sorry when this project comes to an end.

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    The blog has allowed for the possibility of important conversations being held without being filtered by someone governed by a sense of what sells hence restricting the nitty gritty.

    One is left to wonder at times what governs the decisions of Noel and Steve.

    Here the conversations are unencumbered.


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    Are you kidding me?
    I mean, why now?
    If they aren't feeding off of national scandal then what the f*** are they doing? We got Kwame, Monica Conyers, an ex-piston for mayor, education crisis, a new urban farm that will make us look just like every other city in the bible belt, and a GM buyout (did I cover everything?), but what about the first 30 years? Where were they then, huh?

    Delving deeply. They can kiss my ass and delve deeply there.

    • 2.1

      This post is completely inappropriate. We can be angry about all the crap that has happened to Detroit, but taking it out on people with actual investment in the city is exactly why this mess hasn't been fixed and why so few people want to help fix it. And if you want to gripe about late intervention maybe you should find the phone numbers of all the past political administrations that never intervened or cared to recognize our situation.
      If you are angry about the urban farm movement than get into your gas guzzler and move to some other city where creative people aren't coming up with great solutions to Detroit's plethora of problems.
      And the ex-piston?...This ex-piston has taken on a job that no political figure would ever WANT to take on unless he was psychologically unhinged or extremely passionate about the rebirth of a city that is historically and culturally relevant...and he seems pretty sane to me. He is also a successful business man and has kept his business in Detroit despite 30 years of the declining economic climate.
      GM just payed off their loans 5 years in advance so that really doesn't seem like a relevant concern.
      And if this blog is feeding into the national scandal than they sure hide it well because for almost a year they have presented us with the nationally unrecognized stories. The stories about everyday Detroiters who are making a difference in their community in some way. I am sick of hearing about Kwame and Monica and seeing pictures of abandoned buildings and being the subject of national pity that doesn't translate into intervention. So if that's the kind of crap you want to read about than go pick up the New York Times instead.

      And while you are at it go yell at some puppies or at children since that seems like something you probably like to do in your free time.

    • 2.2

      Ok, you and I are on the same side, believe it or not.
      This TIME thing is at issue. There has been 30 years of negative and then after 10 years of total bull in Detroit, culminating with -- whatever you said was going well -- suddenly gets national and important coverage? That's puckey.
      Creative people who take back the city with urban farming is different than selling it from the city to a large agrarian and devolving from Detroit city to Detroit rural. Are we there yet?
      TIME is coming here to shed positive light on Detroit NOW?, after 30 years of struggling here by ourselves?
      Hell yes, they can suck that. Deeply.

    • 2.3

      Okay, well I can respect that...maybe next time allow your actual fact-based opinion to dominate your response instead of angry language and sexual euphemisms. You seem far more educated on the issues than your first post indicated.
      And I am glad someone else admits to dying inside everytime a depressing, 30 year late national special about the "death of detroit" airs. But I think taking everything out on Time isn't the best use of our energy. They may be doing it late...but at least they are telling the right stories. I mean, I blame American auto companies for the economic hardships they face (and their affect on Michigan workers) because of decades of being comfortable to let quality slack and failing to compete with the quality and efficiency of foreign automakers...but I own a Pontiac and I will never purchase a car that isn't a GM, Chrysler or a Ford. Many other people have used this same anger as an excuse to buy foreign and feel right about it...

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    I should get a large piece of this recognition given my core posts have created a large part of the volume of comments and lurkers who post here..

    I have rec'd countless emails from folks who read this site in part becuase of my banter and in part because they look forward to my spin on the topics...

    I will add to my congratulations as well..I enjoy the site more than I dislike the site. I am not impressed at all with TIME.

    I think without question Darrelll & Karen are the main reasons why this site has a pulse on the city... I like DD's raw and gritty insights and seasoned analysis... I respect Karen's unending passion and cheerleading for the city and region...Steve's act adds value... The other writers are at best peripheral... Of course the bloggers make the site and the prime reason I return to deposit my views..

    I always love it when my presence gives value and cachet to the item, person or place...The "D" in me makes it all possible

    • 4.1

      I'm not sure if this last post was serious or suppose to be funny, but either way, congrats Karen! You, Darrell, and Stephen are doing great work and I'll be sad when your time here is up.

  • 5

    @ siu44,

    I meant everyword in my last post including my thoughts about the bloggers that post here. I could make and exception about you however..( fyi now that was with tongue in cheek)

    • 5.1

      You're right. I'm not sure how the Metro Times forgot to mention you in their article. Someone should alert the editor of this tremendous oversight. Although, I suppose you've rectified it on your own by bestowing congratulations and accolades upon yourself.

      As for my own posts, I don't pretend to think that people come here to read what I write. I was merely writing to congratulate Karen on a job well done.

      I think its insulting to the hard work they do to think that your comments are on the same level as the insight they've provided. Let me know when TIME puts you on the payroll.

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    Unlike you I do think my value on this site is as significant and meaningful as thiers and of course TIME is not paying me yet;-)...

    BTW I will always let others know about my contributions what is the point of being invisible...

  • 7

    Siu44, don't bother engaging with gbt2, aka Greg Thrasher. He's a locally infamous troll who has been banned from just about every media outlet in town for his nonsensical and often racist posts. He spams comment boards because he's desperate for attention.

    You'll never hear a single thing of value from him so don't bother responding to his baiting.

    Greg, get a job so your poor wife has one less child to support. And leave the comments to the intelligent adults.

  • 8


    Still obessing over me and following my shadow it appears..What drives people like you who obess over people like me who dare to have an opinion?

    Is it negrophobia? Is it white arrogance and privledge the need to tell me what I should post and because I do not think like you I am a troll.

    What drives angry people like you that wake up @7:57 AM to attack another human being with ugly personal attacks. I feel sad that hate like yours exists in the world of course it fuels me to continue to make a difference in the world. See ya around..

    Peace & Love

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