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Best example of National Media Taking a Real Interest in Detroit
Time magazine's Detroit Blog

Give the folks at Time credit. As news organizations across the country are scaling back, this national publication took the extraordinary step of buying a house in Indian Village near downtown for reporters to stay while diving deeply into the issues facing Detroit and the rest of southeast Michigan. Correspondent Stephen Gray, who led the opening of Time's new effort in 2009 wrote, "Our goal here on the Detroit Blog isn't to rehash clich├ęd stories about the region's problems. Some of that's unavoidable. But we're more interested in exploring key questions, like: What will it take for Detroit, and the region, to rebound? And who's developing the ideas that are best positioned to make that turnaround succeed?" We applaud both the financial commitment made in pursuing this yearlong project and the journalistic output that has resulted. (Time's problematic "Tragedy of Detroit" cover story on Detroit of last December, notably, was not the work of the Indian Village team.) The blog, thanks mostly to the efforts of Gray, Karen Dybis and Darrell Dawsey, is consistently well-written, expansive, informative, entertaining and thought-provoking. We'll be sorry when this project comes to an end.

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