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Detroit 420

To commemorate "420," or what's come to be known unofficially as National Pot Smokers Day, the Daily Beast compiled a list of America's "most stoned" cities. In case you're wondering, Detroit ranked 10th, with about 9.8 percent of residents identified as regular weed smokers. Meanwhile, we're averaging about 236 pot-related arrests per 100,000 people--and these numbers aren't even counting the rest of the metropolitan area.

While I'd argue that the number's probably higher than 9.8 percent (my evidence is purely anecdotal, of course), even the Beast's figures suggest that we need to stop treating weed like it's somehow worse than anything your typical county executive might ingest on a given Friday night. Michigan's lurching slowly in the right direction with the creation of medical marijuana laws, of course, but I hope that it won't take much longer for us to collectively realize the futility in squandering time and tax dollars in locking up more than 230 of every 100,000 Detroiters for something less harmful than your average pint of gin.

The Beast's numbers show that we're already lighting up. It's high time we lighten up, too.

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    It seems to me that too many in Detroit act with the intelligence of someone on rope.

    When the culture shifts to people replying to phone calls and messages and exhibiting integrity, then there may be a chance.

    But until people show the integrity without acting fishy, we will get absolutely nowhere.

    Otherwise we can all act like we are on dope and don't have a care in the world.

    Aaaaah, fffpt, fffpt, I do what I feel like... ... how ya feelin? Aaah have another toke... ... fffpt, fffpt.

    And then watch it sink quickly, but don't ask why.


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    I couldn't agree more. It's interesting to observe the number of people, including most members of my family of my generation and older, but NOT the younger generations (hmmm....), who consider pot-smoking somehow wrong or immoral. That always leads me to the question, "Is it illegal because it's immoral, or is it immoral because it's illegal?"

    Sadly, I think the answer is more often the latter than the former.

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