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Some things to throw your way:

* My beloved Urbanophile has some new words about Detroit. Read it and learn a little more about what ELSE Detroit has to offer. Its all about the city's assets or what he calls "The Other Side of Detroit." Thank you, Mr. Renn. A highlight:

Detroit also has some legitimate and impressive assets. First is “Brand Detroit.” In one of the famous Cleveland tourism videos, the song ends with “at least we're not Detroit.” Actually, Cleveland might actually be better off if it were. As with winning the NBA draft lottery, it's better to be worst than second worst. Detroit has a powerful brand that literally resonates around the world. I think it's fair to say that for people overseas with any familiarity with America, Detroit is one of the cities they know. Most other places are ciphers.

* The voting is open at Motivate Michigan's web site. If you recall, it is a competition among Michigan-based college students to discover the next great idea for the state's economic growth. The winners get a nice college scholarship and perhaps a chance to see their idea put into motion. There are suggestions for improve Detroit's international image, battling our brain drain and fixing our corporate tax structure. Start casting those ballots, people.

* Stumbled on this video as someone was spreading it around Facebook and the like. The city created it in 1965 to try to get the Olympics here. It is called: "Detroit: City on the Move." Fun stuff.

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    I didn't know that Jerry didn't know how to pronounce Detroit!


    My comment quoted in the NYT about Downtown Hudsons years ago still obtains.


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    Did you see the pictures of Chrysler School?...

    Detroit's Finest and outperforming the Grosse Point Schools.

    And now they think that the best course for Chrysler is to abandon it.

    They come up with all sorts of nonsense that they are going to move it down to King.

    Somebody, please give me a break!!

    That is as nutty as it gets. Or will stupidity never cease?

    Chrylser is the neighborhood, the modern building that matches the neighbors, the park, the playscape, the parents, the tradition, and the Faculty.

    It's loss will be a disaster for the community.

    One alumna says that it looks better now than when she went there years ago.


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    WOW!!..What a mind "trip"!...Mayor Cavanagh was the Midwest Kennedy-Machine_Irish connection. I was in 5th grade when this was made and I(WE: My white-generation) believed, for the most part that DETROIT WAS THE CITY'..too busy to hate...".the UAW made enabled Rev. King to go all over the world..Presidents -to -be, at least Democratic ones, ALWAYS ATTENDED Detroit's Solidarity Labor Day Parade. I believe that Mayor Cavanagh was a good man, as his Niece Ann Murphy was an 8year classmate of mine at St. francis de Sales School on Pinehurst and Fenkel...and was the nicest and smartest person you'd ever meet....Was he , perhaps , too motivated to be one of 'the Kennedys' heirs apparent? Probably; But then Ambition was thought of only in positive terms back then. As a young Detroiter with GREAT CATHOLIC Parents(of VERY LIMITED MEANS) we were raised to NEVER say THE N-WORD...All people are created equally... Welcome newcomers to OUR neighborhood, and to vote with your conscience as your guide.... Funny(in a VERY SAD WAY!) that the head of The Olympic Committee was a Former Detroiter, Avery Brundage, who in later years--Rumor has it-- was an avoed Racists!! Perhaps if he had had the proper creed guiding him, Detroit WOULD HAVE BEEN '...TOO BUSY TO HATE...'.We'd have gotten the Olympics, not Mexico City,and the entire Country's history could have been golden for all..I also realize , now, that Detroit's strong Unions AND Strong Manufacturing, Banking, and retail cos., Were a Helluva' lot more Representative than 'Frikkin' Iowa!!!for choosing OUR next leaders!

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    It seems that the salient thing to notice in the video is that Detroit had a Planning Commission and that it was proud of what the planners were doing.

    After Charlie Blessing retired Mike Smith took over and Coleman wouldn't suffer an idiot so Mike had a heart attack and that was the end of planning.

    Dave Bing never heard of Planning and neither have any of the Mayors in between.

    So Detroit is all ad hoc and you get to see the results of ad hoc planning.

    Now Doug Ross knows what he is doing and is developing some magnificent schools. The new Science and Math Schools are stunningly beautiful and the one at the Science Center is perhaps the most interesting and beautiful school in America. Soon you will see the disasters of the grand political approach.

    I'm a Protestant with 4 Catholic mothers in the lineage.
    Each time there was the insistant demand that the children would be raised Protestant.

    It used to be a big deal. I don't see it that way any more.

    I am witnessing one of the most horrible performances by another architect in my life right now and I witnessed an act of supreme racial hatred at the last firm that I worked at.

    The project manager was of Dutch Lineage and he was placed in charge of the Ave Maria project. He hated Catholics. So he got Monahagn to foot the bill on designing the project an documenting it before it had been approved by the Township. It was evident from people in the firm who lived in the Township that they were not too happy about the stated objective of having the world's largest crucifix.

    So as we were nearing the end of the huge project he asked me to whip out a crucifx and I quickly sketched that and then he asked me to copy it and place it around in other locations to "show the owner some options".

    Funny thing happened, it got leaked to the press.

    And guess what? The Township most certainly did not approve the project.

    I was as disgusted as possible, and now we are caught up in another meretricious process.


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    I always enjoy the links, updates, and stories on this blog, but I think you could be doing more covering the Detroit technical community. I love that you give the area's cultural and political issues a national stage, but I work with people all the time that are building what may be our area's economic backbone for the future and it gets almost no play. We have investment going into technical centers almost no one knows about. The technical community in the Detroit region offers unique advantages that no one is talking about, but Time could. Just a suggestion.

    -Dan Trudeau

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