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A Day at the Ballpark

In the Chinese calendar, 2010 is the Year of the Tiger. Coincidence? I think not.

Neither does Steve Savich. He is a roving photographer, Tigers fan and wanna-be Detroit resident. He agreed (willingly) to attend the Tigers' Opening Day festivities Friday to document the goings on about town.

Savich may not have had tickets, but he had too much fun visiting the hangouts around the stadium to show us the sights, sounds and smells from the ballpark.

Steve Savich

You may remember Savich's previous photo galleries on the blog: The Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Bank Marathon and "36 Hours in Detroit," a look at the greatness that is downtown through the eyes of three friends.

To summarize, Savich parked at the Detroit Athletic Club and walked to Comerica Park. After cruising the crowds, he and friends went by Harry's, where they met former Red Wing Larry Murphy. They played fowling, the popular mix of bowling and football. They snuck into the back at the busy Town Pump. They stopped by St. Al's church to say a prayer for the Boys of Summer. Then it was the Caucus Club, Coaches Corner, Bronx Bar (with its one-eyed bartender) then a quick snooze at the Scarab Club.

Whew! Oh, and the Tigers won 5-3.

To check out all of Savvy's photos, go here. And check out the photos from Detroit Moxie, The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press and Metromix as well. Fun stuff.

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