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The State of Our City

Just a few highlights from tonight's State of the City Address, Mayor Dave Bing's first. More thoughts to come (i.e. tune in tomorrow). Full text of the speech is available here.

  • There are those who believe the final chapter of our story has been written. They believe our city cannot come back. And the reality is ... if we allow ourselves to be defined by the crisis we inherited, Detroit's story will never change.
  • I learned long ago to let my game do the talking and focus on the bottom line, not the headlines. That's why tonight I believe we must come together with one voice and one vision to make Detroit a city that works.
  • We have an opportunity to reinvent Detroit like never before. Local, regional and state leaders are stepping up, working with us and showing their support for real change in this city. The philanthropic community is getting behind us with a coordinated effort and shared commitment to the city. And in Washington, we have the support of President Obama who I visited last week in the Oval Office.
  • Detroit was once a world leader in innovation, a place where entrepreneurs like Henry Ford and Berry Gordy built thriving industries from the ground up, where small businessmen in the auto supply industry like me could grow from 4 employees to more than 500, and a place where local businesses thrived because we supported each other. I believe we can be that kind of city once again.
  • If you're looking to do business with the City of Detroit, here's a piece of advice. The best bid wins. Period.
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    Detroit absolutely CAN come back. It's the same success formula for anything and anyone who goes out on a limb and does something that very few think they can do. It takes intelligence, compassion, conviction and a never-ending fountain of creativity. It may choke at first but eventually the car sticks to the road and zooms to the finish line because other people were too consumed in naysaying to see that the road was wide open and anyone's race to win. Go Detroit!!

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    Five well-selected highlights from an uplifting, superbly crafted address stop one sentence too soon. This welcome line of demarcation follows "Period" in the last item:
    "I've made it clear to city departments and contractors that the old way of doing business is unacceptable."
    I believe Mayor Bing means it.

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      Worth excerpting from

      "Dave Bing isn't perfect, but he isn't a petulant man-child who wastes the State of the City to lie about balancing the budget, death threats against his family, or 'Detroit love.'
      ”Bing spoke about shrinking the city, ending culture of corruption, changing how business is done in Detroit. You know, real issues. It's like an actual adult is in charge for a change."

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