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Can a Poster Save Michigan?

FYI: Let's Save Michigan and its partner, the Detroit Institute of Arts, announced Monday the winner of its first poster contest. They got 300 entries, and the public voted for its favorite out of 60 finalists.

The winner is Tany Nagy, and the critics' choice winner is Jonathan Wilcox. Nagy is a Waterford artist, founder of Pulse (a design and imaging company) and her winning poster is shown below. All 60 finalists will be on display at the Fisher Building in downtown Detroit through the end of the month.

Four additional posters by Parisa Ghaderi, Brad Ackerman, Joseph Cissell, and Jordan Walker received honorable mentions.

To view all of the posters, click here.

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    There is something pernicious in the poster and I am sure that Tany Nagy does not understand nor know this and it is absolutely not Tany's intention.

    It's the three bladed windmills.

    They have come to symbolize Hope for Humanity and they are anything but that. They are very low efficiency designs.

    A Brilliant Detroit Automotive Engineer, perfected the wind engine in his retirement when no one would listen.

    Here: read the story:

    Is efficiency an ephemeral thing? No it is not!
    It is of vital and crucial importance.

    At the DIAS I talked with the U of M engineering students involved in the Solar Challenge this past summer. The solar powered run from Darwin to Adelaide. My comment was "Ok why did you loose?"

    The answer was the efficency of the solar panels.
    The Japanese winners had new panels of a higher efficiency. The Dutch had managed to purchase NASA class I panels and poor ole U of M could only muster NASA class II Panels.

    Efficiency is everything in Engineering. So why would we throw away half the energy with half the efficiency?

    So instead of symbolizing hope they should be symbolizing something quite the opposite.

    This is not Tany's fault. The poster is strong in a social realist way. It is very strong but Tany had no way of knowing that the three bladed fans easily represent a copycat lemming instinct and not good hard Engineering Thinking that Detroit has historically represented.

    Neither the Judges nor Tany knew.

    And it is a very fine design except for the wind engines.

    Congratulations Tany and I know that if you knew you could have easily altered to poster design to represent something closer to the truth of the matter.


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    I saw a really cool Lions poster as well.

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