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Declarations, Timebanks and More

Recovering from a cold, miserable trip to Florida. A few items to update:

--Declare Detroit has more than 2,000 signatures so far. That's amazing for a Declaration statement that is only just more than a month old. Got an email today from the organizers, and it sounds like there is a March event where Declaration Drafters, Declaration Signers and public officials will come together to learn more about engagement and leveraging the principles of the Declaration. More news to come!

--Fun read out of The Detroit News today from columnist Tom Greenwood about his take on the Forbes' story about Detroit having the second worst commutes in the nation. Forbes also lists Detroit as the fourth "most miserable" city in the nation. Ugh.

--Business Leaders for Michigan announced Thursday that David Joos, president & CEO of CMS Energy, will serve as the chair of its Board of Directors. Joos succeeds David Brandon, who will step down as chairman effective March 1. You may remember Brandon is going to serve as athletic director for the University of Michigan.

--Detroit is looking at TimeBanking as a way to help one another out. You may remember reading about Michigan's timebanking movement right here. The next Detroit meeting is 6 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 23, at St. John's Presbyterian Church, 1961 E. Lafayette (at St. Aubin) in Detroit. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss how to build TimeBanking to scale in Detroit. This is a follow up to the Jan. 26 meeting (co-hosted by Michigan Neighborhood Partnership, ARISE Detroit and MI Alliance of TimeBanks), which was attended by representatives from the Detroit City Council, Detroit City Planning Commission, Detroit Parent Network, Project Seed, Bridging Communities, Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, St John's Presbyterian Church, Focus HOPE, University of Michigan, Detroit Evolution and Center for Community-Driven Policymaking. Whew! This meeting is specifically for organizations and residents of the City of Detroit. New organizations are welcome to attend.

--Way late on posting this, but here is Jeff Bocan's lastest entry at the Huffington Post. Bocan's blog series focuses on venture investing in Michigan and other Rust Belt economies, shedding light on the opportunities and challenges awaiting entrepreneurs and the investors who support them.

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