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What Bing Said (and A Little Self Promotion)

Dave Bing says all the right things once again...

Make the city smaller. Focus on the positives, like our strength as an entertainment capital. And get some money out here to help, government officials.

Bing told participants in The Brookings Institution's event Thursday with Time magazine that he has been in Washington lobbying for more money for demolitions, transportation, literacy projects and the like.

Did I mention I keep getting a good feeling about this guy?

Bing notes that the Feds could do Detroit a big favor if they would send some coin our way in this column from The Detroit Free Press about the event.

Bing said Detroit first needs a big hand with eradicating blight before the city can rebuild itself with a new focus.

"We need money now, like yesterday, to clean up the blight," he said. Bing wants to tear down 10,000 vacant buildings and other facilities.

And the cost of that? About $10,000 per structure, he told (columnist Tom Walsh) after the event.

He also said he expects to present a plan next month for prioritizing -- and in some cases, privatizing -- city services.

Here's the story from The Detroit News.

(Bing) advocated downsizing the city, increasing marketing efforts and finding ways to re-create vibrant and safe neighborhoods during a forum Thursday with community leaders.

"Without a doubt, we've got to downsize the city," Bing said at the event sponsored by Time magazine and the Brookings Institution.

The mayor said "we've got to start talking about" better marketing of the city's "strengths," such as the Detroit River and casinos.

This Bing is a man among men. Your take?

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    I have to agree with Bing. He is so right on so many levels. But Progress must begin with in before people will really want to try to help. The city must show that it can do it before business will trust the city. Taxes need to come down, city services will need to be restored to a level of compitance that those who live in the burbs expect. Detroit has to offer more to those that want to live there, before people will move back. Many people have left because of a breakdown in the city and its services.

    The city needs shopping and more then just casinos, and the river walk to survive. we need to expand our cultural facilities as well. you want to get people in the city? Start by giving away property to people who will care for it. give them a tax credit to rehab the property and to live there. Give incentive to people to live there and the business will follow. encourage the growth of small business in the community. quality small business. Set up a sound development plan and stick to it.

    Im sure if all of this can be done Detroit will be on the road to success in no time.

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    Demolish the old baloon frame housing but not the fine old architecture.

    Other cities let them ride until they got it going again.

    Wanton Demolition is not the panacea at all

    It is NOT the holy grail!

    And 10k per house is outrageous.

    Something very wrong here.


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    I agree with robertmprice and specifically emphasize increased police presence. The rotting structures need to come down but if people don't feel safe, they won't support the city. The new transit center is a perfect example. A beautiful new structure that can't serve it's function because its been taken over by punks and druggies. A visable police mini-station located there would provide security and keep the punks away. Build as many visable police mini-stations as needed in select locations in the neighborhoods as well as the business districts. I believe that would be a more effective use of the limited police than riding around in patrol cars.

    island: 10k/house is outrageously inflated.

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    ia...,...Pretty good, as usual! Bing has always been Detroit's 'go to' guy! Agree on all the demo talk! $10000 per is prob. the average for tearing down block-lond old cleasners and party stores. Yet,..Absolutely save well built empties. This is a no brainer! Just watched some stupid (from a Detroiter's perspective at least) This Old House where a Boston neighborhood or suburb , duplex, was given local funds to RESTORE!! In typical TOH fashion, it saved ' historic' duplex by literally removing what seemed like, EVERY Board in the house! ..A new historic old house: Only in New England where locals think more education, still, is not Enough education! At least that area gets $$$BILLIONS for transit from MI.s taxpayers, and has for Years! Only local 'kingdoms' and petty 'local 'politics and Playing the"us against them" card has prevented Detroit from the $$$Billions it is ENTITLED TO!! When feds tried to GIVE, HELL, Cram down this regions' throats, racists from Oakland Co. and Detroit, and others, wasted SO MUCH TIME Detroit only got the 1st link of State of Art Hi-Speed Transit ; the Ubiquitous People MOver! Of course, Detroit's history is at least 2-fold. First , GM , and other Hvy. industries, invented "planned obsolescense"..Actually Cars that could last 10-15 yrs., became obsolete when better styled Higher performing , better mileage, cars debuted. A Good thingfor U. S. Economy! Russia' car makers, Sweden's, Japan's, et al, bought obsolete tooling from Big 3 to sell THEIR total lack of transportation, at all. The biggest Wealth for all classes in World(oops, I mean GLOBAL)History WAS the result! 2nd, Whit history in the City was all pretty nice--economically and Socially. Black History here, wasn't always as Rosy. The Most Famous example Was Tiger Stadium...As Briggs' Stadium, Upper Deck was for whites ONLY..Center Field , LOWER DECK , was un-officially, for Blacks! Briggs also was one of the last (det. or , ironicall, Boston!) team to integrate. When one understands THAT, it became more pallatable for This white Detroiter , to let it be waste-fully Destroyed.

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