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In Detroit Schools, Ending 'Social Promotion'

Today's Detroit Free Press reports that Robert Bobb, Detroit Public Schools' emergency financial manager, will effectively end so-called "social promotion" of students. Here's a takeaway:

"When you're an African-American child, and you are in this type of situation" of being socially promoted through school, "it is so much more difficult to find gainful employment. It triples your lack of opportunity," Bobb said. "We're ending it across the board."

Read the full story here.

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    This wonderful Editorial by Rochelle spells a future where integrity counts again.

    This is the greatest thing since the invention of the Boston Cooler.

    We have been mired in an atmosphere of no integrity at all and what a refreshing thing this is.

    If only we could get Bobb to understand integrity in Architecture and Construction.


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    I too read the story this morning, Social advancement is a tool to make schools look like they are doing their job as educators. The failing is to the students and the community at large, and then it trickles down to the families and then job opportunities.

    Social advancement does nothing but create and sustain a stupid society. Good for Bobb for putting a stop to it.

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    I have publically postured that Bobb should not be given any academic authority with regard to DPS.My position is very logical Bobb has zero academic credentials and has no expertise or any talents with regard to academics. Bobb is an accountant no more no less.

    A decison regarding the ending of the backward practice of social advancement is a no brainer and a basic elementary position even a student teacher or office intern could make.

    This decison by Bobb is not threshold nor worthy of anyone genuflecting to Bobb's image or tenure. Many for years have recommended this position and others only to be shot down by political slugs with selfish agenda's . Black students are not the only students victimized by social advancement Bobb's indictment of his own charges is truly offensive and unfortunate,

    DPS is a small fraction of the total students in our state. Students of every hue and venue have been ignored for decades across the state.

    Truth is publicists lke Rochelle Riley are only interested in making heroes out of empty suits like Bobb it gives her a reason to be employed by the Freep. Riley's employer published a list of volunteers in the DPS Readers Corp was she listed?? Reporters like Riley are not in it for the kids they have other themes in play.

    The coronation of Bobb at end of the day does not advance the mission of education for the city or the students in DPS it only allows for Bobb to get bigger speaker fees and free lunches with suburbanites eager to continue the myth of how worthless people and students in the city are..

    This was not a highpoint in Bobb's tenture but what one expects no more no less. I have high standards for DPS todate under Bobb's tenture all I see is a bunch of ballons in the air...

    • 3.1

      I've been reading everyone's post and I think you should answer these two questions: Did you go to Detroit Public Schools in the past 30 years? Can your current job give you the credentials to fix the problem Bobb has the power to fix? If either of these can be answered with a "no", then perhaps you should rethink why you're commenting so negatively. Many people have tried to talk about a way to fix the school problem and he actually has the power to do something. You are probably the kind of person that talks negatively about the state of the world but never lifted anything but your fingers on the keyboard to make a difference. If you have a better ideas or the money to fix the problems at hand, please put them to good use.

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    You just never have a nice word for any thing or for any one. It must just suck being so negative all the time.

  • 5


    As usual making statements about me that have zero truth...Please stop doing that..You have no ideal about me or my body of work ..This is a chat forum not the real world..Please enough of your white arrogance ..

    • 5.1

      If you believe message boards or chat forums are not of the 'real world' you are sadly mistaken. To participate in this forum merely to exercise or experiment with an ass-backward philosophy of undeclared 'critical thinking' while not *honestly* discussing issues and possible solutions with others in this community (yes, online discussions DO create and impact community) is beyond utterly worthless to genuinely counter-productive.

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    One, the criticism Bobb gives the system is perfectly valid. It wouldn't make sense for Bobb, who is talking about the DPS to address any other demographics. Two, the fact that it is a "no-brainer", makes the movement towards success all the more exciting and rewarding (especially after years and years of ignoring the problems and bowing to PC idiocy). Finally, it is people who criticize Bobb-and those who applaud his success- because of imagined (or creatively constructed) racial biases, that are treating the children of Detroit as if they're worthless-or rather that their worth is only as a tool to continue to advance the failed policies of racial identity and subsidized ignorance. Wake up and look at your "ideals".

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    Your last post was empty and lacked any "ideals" Bobb is an accountant he is not a policy maker so whatever he does in part is flawed because he is out of his element on academic issues..

    PC idocy is a shallow chatter class term which means what exactly?? I find the art of communication critical in the marketplace..I have no problem with people invoking PC terms when the targeted has been held in contempt and disrespected for decades wth sterotypes, falsehoods, myths.

    I do not know folks who deal in failed policies of racial identity( yet another term invented by whites in the ruling class to deflect)..I do not know folks who enaged in subsidized ignorance unless of course you are speaking of the middle class and the ruling class to aggregates in our nation which have been given privledges and preferences for to long..

    No you better wake up and not only check your 'ideals' but your talking points perhaps you need an educational tune up in DPS..

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