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Detroit Schools Going High Tech

As a new and growing fan of the hard work being done to improve Detroit Public Schools....Just wanted to share some pictures sent to me by DPS and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing. The company is working with the school district to upgrade its technology to the latest and greatest.

HMH was in the city Tuesday for Destination: Detroit, a day of service where more than 200 of the company's staff volunteered across the district.

The volunteers did a little of everything from professional development, reading and math tutoring, technology support, grant writing, library organization and building maintenance, among others. Additionally, HMH donated more than 1,000 books to the district to supplement school library collections.

The DPS/HMH project includes an interactive Web-based portal called Learning Village that would be fully functioning by the fall, according to The Detroit News.

Learning Village will allow the district to digitalize its textbooks, curriculum and lesson plans. Teachers can have access to students' assessment results and prospective lesson plans to more quickly identify struggling students. Parents can also log into the system to track their students' progress, print additional worksheets and view cumulative test results for a teacher's entire class.

Training teachers and parents to engage with the Learning Village portal will be key, but as the buy-in occurs, Barbara Byrd-Bennett, the district's chief academic and accountability auditor, envisions the district on the path to reversing the trend of the lowest test scores and graduation rates in the nation.

"I know I'm dreamer, but I do believe it's possible," she said of digitizing education.

Sampson Academy volunteer team captain Laurie Fiola from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt steps through “I'm In” door at the Destination: Detroit day of service rally at Douglass Academy Feb. 9.

[The blue “I'm In” door is part of Detroit Public Schools' student retention campaign that symbolizes positive changes at DPS and all who are a part of it saying “I'm In.”]

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  • 1

    Why is DPS doing business with this firm given its legacy of margainal diversity in its ranks?? No CEO of color , Board of Directors???


  • 2

    I agree, they should not do business with any one who wants to help if they don't have any other ethnic groups represented in their ranks. I'm being sarcastic.....

    Be happy some one is trying to help. I think that it is a step in the right direction to be honest. These children need help, positive, honest help. its good that they are getting some no matter who it is from.

  • 3

    Unlike you I do not partner with firms that do not value diversity and only seek to exploit business relationships

    BTW firms there are many firms which value diversity and also are positive, and provide value..Unlike you I have higher standards and I do not accept any peddler in the marketplace..

    Additionaly these students bring a lot of value as well to relationships they are not worthless or victims..

  • 4

    Well I don't see your "firm" (ha ha ha) helping the children. I have not read that the NAACP or the Urban League is sending anyone to help. I don't see Rev. Sharpton stepping up to the plate. Although he did fire up Tiger woods for not having "relations" with any women of color.

    I don't see any famous people of color coming to the rescue of the DPS to make a change. Where are all the motown greats putting together a benefit concert to help the city that spawned their careers, and give that money to the schools? Where are all the Black business moguls in Detroit hiding with their money to help the people who will one day look at them for a job?

    Who are you to mandate diversity when it comes to helping another person no matter what color they may be. By your reasoning if I saw a black couple on the side of the road with a flat tire should I pass them because my help is not diversified enough? Is that your message to spread, that if you are not with or employ enough people of varied races that a group should not be allowed to help?

    What a vary narrow look on all the opportunities of life. It is this very additude that hinders progress in any community.

    You say the students bring value? What value is that if they can not even read? How will they be productive, how will they find a job if they can't read an application for employment. Much less do basic math. They are indeed victims, victims of a failing educational system.

    Would you honestly hire some one with no education to work at your "firm" I think not. So instead of complaining like you always do, Step up and help, lets see you in the news making a difference, have your "Firm" donate books, and money to help improve the schools. But if you are unable to, or unwilling, let help come from anyone who does choose to help no matter the color of their skin. As you alway point out.

    Just a thought, you can not peddle help, you can only offer it. It is up to the receiver to accept it or not.

  • 5

    One question for you, gthrasher: When did racism become OK? Racism is not just a "black thing". It is your very attitude that continues to widen the racial divide. Can we all just put color aside and treat each other as human beings???

  • 6


    What racism? Who made you the arbiter of racism in here or anywhere??

    Please do not indict me with your 'race card" attack on my views simply because you do not agree with me..

    There is nothing I have posted on this topic which is racist..Please refrain from smearing me with your racial shortcomings..

    It is folks like you with your attitude that makes Black people like me question your motives..Your unwarranted inferences about me widen the racial divide..

  • 7


    You still do not value your own promises and principles .You posted you would never address my,lol,lol.. You are such a disappointment to even,lol,lol

    You have no idea what my firm does with regard to DPS as usual like the backward empty suit you are please refrain from making inferences without substance. You have no idea what NAACP & UL has done for and continues to do for DPS..Yet your angry contempt for Black people and Black organizations knows no boundaries..Please stop slandering great organizations...Have you any dignity left??

    Your white privledge is leaking out again just becuase you do not see the body of work done 24/7 by countless Black professionals that does not mean work is not being done fact is simple minded people like you cannot comprehend this truth instead you make up silly examples of road side good tales that mean nothing in reality..

    Recently the Freep published the names of all the volunteers in the Reader Corp I did not see your name on the list!!! Where is your help for DPS?? Where is your company's committement?? You are a hypocrite a low budget envious white male who cannot measure up so you come in here to attack me becuase I always make a difference..

    You are not my equal that raw truth just makes your full of rage whenever I post..BTW you still have time to at least volunteer for the Readers Corp..I,lol,lol

  • 8

    Ha ha ha! you are so right as always. I don't help your right, and I never will. Why? Because of people like you. You don't deserve my help no matter your color. It is your additude that will always keep me away. Your little ego of self. I don't need to point out the mess of the DPS and who is responsible for it, we can all figure that out.

    But when you get all pissy due to no Black people being on a companies upper roster your just showing how petty you really are. Ha ha ha! They are helping that should be all that matters not what color they are. Twit....

  • 9

    So in other words I was right about HMH.. I was right and your not volunteering for DPS Readers Corp..I was right about you being a hypocrite..

    Thanks I like it when I have my critics eat thier own words and principles..

    I am good at what I do..I got skills...

    Lol,Lol,LOL.. I love my dominance over you..I really do..tee hee

  • 10

    Yes g you are so dominate, oh my god. You must be just miserable to spew forth the BS psycho babel that you do.

    I never once said I was there to help at all, and you are far from right on a great many topics. I am glad that these people are helping, you don't like it because you assume there are none or not enough people of color in their cause. Who fu*kin cares but but you about that issue of how many people of color there are to help.

    who are you to argue the aspects of getting help or giving help based on the diversity of the people helping. That has to be the dumbest thing that could come out of a persons mouth.

    You are just a wind bag is all, no good to any one.

    Insert your standard reply if you like, or better yet Ill do it for you.

    "I'm gthrasher proud man of color and I dominate all that stand before me with my greatness. To all of you casper lookin' mutha fu*kers get outa my way and take your black apologist friends with you . "

    Ha ha ha!

  • 11


    Please refrain from putting your myopic words into my comments you lack the depth and skill set to measure up to me..

    BTW I revisited the Free Press Article which listed the 4,300 people who volunteered for Detroit Readers Corps of course YOU WERE NOT ONE OF THEM..

    So please go back to your broken promise to yourself and never engaged me again..You are a fraud, a poser, a hypocrite..You are a shallow empty nobody attacking iconic people like me who make a difference always..

    BTW You are no along in your MIA act for the Detroit Reading Corps HMH workers were also MIA for the Detroit Reading Corps... I guess misery likes,lol,lol

  • 12


    You are MIA on Detroit Reading Corps...Never again question me ..I volunteered you are a hypocrite....

    Never again..Never Again..Never Again..tee hee

  • 13


    You are MIA on Detroit Reading Corps!!!! I will always remind you of this..Always tee hee

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