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The Show Will Go On!

Update from my friend and all-around good guy Jason Brown:

Great news: The Show WILL go on! Detroit Shrine Circus has found a home. The Hazel Park Raceway stepped up and offered their facility. The Big Top will be there from March 18 to 21. Tickets on sale at noon today!

´╗┐Click at this site here to get tickets. Goes to show how tough we are in the Mitten.

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    Well it sure is good to hear that someone stepped up to help the circus. What is wrong with Jenny and her ineptness with letting the circus use the state fair grounds. Thank the lord above that she will be out soon. Hopefully we will have some one that will be good for the state.

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    C'mon, rmp!..,... Gov. Engler and his Republican Co -Horts, didn't raise much in Taxes, but with all the fees and shutting down of Parks, and other quality of life issues, THEY deFacto raised taxes, ENORMOUSLY!!... NNO money to fix roads?...MI. goes to the Model for GOOD roads to the embarrassing mess the State has NOW!! It 'll cost MUCH MORE IN THE LONGRUN TO CORRECT HIS(THEIR) 'cost saving' ' less govt. B.S. politically motivated CRAP than to "nut-up" and JUST ..' the RIGHT THING..'.. Oh, Yeah!... Good news RE: Fair, but the City needs the money even more than Hazel Park! PSS... Why don't you go Play with yourself fantasizing about the 'hot' Palin!..What a 'friggin' JOKE! Are YOU PEOPLE EVEN MORE INSANE THE the BUSH-CHANeY AXIS OF EVEL MANIACS?

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