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Bravo, Metro Airport

Strange morning...We were stalled at Metro Airport early today after a man jumped security without a boarding pass, baggage or sense in his head (I added the last one).

This incident comes shortly on the heels of the Dec. 25 attempted terrorist attack, where a man threatened to blow up an international flight arriving at Metro.

Proud to say everyone reacted with total respect and calm tempers this morning. TSA officials were helpful and polite. The Detroit and area police were quickly on the scene. The passengers all kept their cool. My family and I missed our flight, but the airport personnel got us booked on another one that will leave Tuesday.

Here's how the Detroit Free Press is reporting the story so far today:

Security officers stopped passengers from entering the McNamara Terminal at Metro Airport this morning after an Arabic man refused to stop when questioned during the screening process, according to police.

Airport spokesman Michael Conway said a portion of the McNamara Terminal around Concourse A was shut down around 7:51 and screening by the Transportation Security Administration resumed around 8:40 a.m. after a sweep by security dogs.

TSA officers at first thought a language barrier prevented the man from understanding their instructions to stop, according to a Metro Airport Police investigator. But police officers called to assist discovered when they took him into custody that he spoke English.

They found nothing unusual when they searched the man, who will now undergo a full background check while his luggage is searched, according to the officer, who asked not to be named. Conway said airport officials also impounded the man's car.

“He basically didn't follow instructions,” the officer said, disputing reports the man had wires and other suspicious material hidden under his clothes.

Worst morning ever. Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Oddly glad to be in Detroit for another day!

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