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Detroit through the Crystal Ball

Rebecca Rosen has a good feeling about Detroit.

Normally, that wouldn't mean much coming from a working-class mom of two. But Rosen is a psychic medium with insights to the Other Side. (No, we're not talking about Eight Mile).

Granted, this blog post is not your typical, weighty “Time magazine is going to change Detroit” fodder. But it is good to know the spirit world is on our side.

“Detroit's already hit rock bottom, and that's good because we can rebuild,” Rosen told me this week. “We'll be moving forward by 2012.”

Did you read that? 2012! Things are manifesting, Rosen said. Doors are opening. Change is in the works. Life is going to get better. Set your calendar for good times ahead.

Now, I'm not saying you have to take Rosen's word for it. No, she didn't add anything specific about light rail, massive infrastructure work or better school test scores. And I know there are going to be those people out there who think I'm a kook just for taking the blog in this direction. But it's Friday. We all need a little fun.

And I find it fascinating that Rosen would have any feelings about Detroit or its future.

Normally, she would not use her skills to ponder a city's fate, her public relations folks told me. Still, Rosen has a connection to the state's past. Although she was born in Nebraska, Rosen began her spiritual career here in Michigan. In fact, she is so widely known in Metro Detroit that she is starting her nationwide book tour here on Monday. If you cannot make that event, check her out on Nightline, which also airs Monday.

Some background: Rosen began doing public readings about 10 years ago at a coffee shop in West Bloomfield. A Detroit Jewish News article in 2001 spring boarded her to massive success. As bookings increased, she soon moved with her new husband to an office in Royal Oak. (From there, they were through California on their way to Denver, where they now reside with their little boys).

Rosen discovered her talent while in college. After suffering a depression and eating disorder, Rosen said she began to receive messages from her grandmother, who had died years before. Grandma Babe had committed suicide, and she wanted to prevent Rebecca from going down that path. Rosen eventually began sharing her skills with others, and that's how she ended up in the DJN, one of the mostly widely read newspapers in Detroit. Her business took off like a shot.

She's been on Entertainment Tonight and the Rachel Ray show. She's done readings for dozens of celebrities including Vanna White and Jennifer Aniston. (Did she know about Brad Pitt? Never mind.) There's even talk about her developing a TV show of her own.

All of this (including my interview) is due in part to Rosen's new book, “Spirited: Connect to the Guides All Around You,” hits bookshelves Feb. 2. It too has some lessons for Detroit, Rosen said. She believes our fate is not set; rather, we can have an impact on what happens in our lives if we trust ourselves and our intuition.

Rosen points to Tom Smallwood, the Saginaw bowling champion, as an example. The former General Motors worker who was laid off from his job asked his wife for a little time to achieve his dream of becoming a real, full-time bowler. Last month, against all odds and a shaky hand, he won the Professional Bowling Association's top prize.

Smallwood's story should be an inspiration for everyone in the region, Rosen said, because he “found the good in life and channeled his energy toward the positive.”

“It's never too late to recreate,” Rosen added.

So Detroit has a chance? Yup, the psychic medium said.

Take her advice seriously, people. She normally has a three-year waiting list. And a private, one-hour session with Rosen would cost the city $500 or more, and that's money we don't have to spare.

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    @ Karen: I will take this piece as comedy. Not to belittle anyones belief in spirits, or fortune telling. I know every one needs something to believe in. :) Some good levity for the weekend.

  • 2

    Karen -

    While I'm not familiar with Ms. Rosen or her work, I appreciate you stepping off the grid a bit here. I've sometimes found it easier to dismiss things I don't agree with than to try and understand what, if any, value they might have to another.

    Enjoy the weekend.

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    I am normally a skeptic about these things wanting to see the physical evidence. While I try to keep an open mind, I remain skeptical about abductions, crop circles and ghosts. However, I tend to believe that there are psychics. My wife and I own a B&B in Clarkston and during the summer 6 or 7 years ago, we had a single lady guest from Florida stay at our Inn over a weekend. It was a busy time for us and the Inn was full. This Saturday morning everyone came out for breakfast about the same time. It is perhaps the best part of the experience at the Inn. The breakfasts are wonderful and the guests are often incredibly interesting. We have many stories from these breakfasts.
    But this particular morning started out normal with guests introducing themselves and talking about what they do. Our lady guest from Florida was very quiet and seemed preoccupied, almost melancholy. My wife asked if everything was okay. She said that she was a psychic that worked with police departments in Florida. This received interesting reactions of disbelief from our guests. She then began to talk about a flash image where she saw herself in a casket and that she was afraid that it meant she was going die on this trip.
    My wife began to laugh and of course everyone at the table thought she was being most insensitive. Then my wife proceeded to say to our very depressed guest “Would you like me to make you feel better? This used to be a funeral home and you are sleeping in the room where the caskets were stored”. We could see an immediate relief in her face and she began joining in to the discussions at the table. I am not the only one who became a believer that morning.
    I have no explanation for this other than psychics really exist and I do believe good things are in store for Detroit. My belief for Detroit happens to come from personal knowledge of many competent and good people dedicating themselves to making sure this will happen but we can throw the psychic in for good measure.

    • 4.1

      Great story. I do belive there are people who "see" more than others, it's a gift of some sort. Psychic's are a dime a dozen, but IMO there are some who know their stuff. I have been to a few, just to see what it was like, and found the expierence to be laughable, harmless fun. I did run across one though, that I couldn't explain. She said to take everything she told me with a grain of salt, which I found refreshing, then proceded to tell me that for my birthday I would receive a candle I "wouldn't want to burn". I thought... that's silly, who would buy me a candle. Well, true enough, on my birthday I received a candle from a was a beautiful pink pig....and of course, I didn't want to burn it.

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    I just received a message from your dog. He's pissed off.

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    [...] Read more on Time Magazine [...]

  • 7

    Sorry. I mean really, really, REALLY pissed off. Capiche?

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