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To The "Detroit AIDS Serial Killer:" Thank You

I wish I'd have gotten to this sooner...

Guess plenty of people are angry with 23-year-old Jackie Braxton for the scare she recently threw into some around the city. If you haven't heard, Braxton posted a video of herself online a couple of weeks ago, wearing a bandanna and claiming that she had passed along the AIDS virus to numerous male sex partners around Detroit in an effort to "destroy the world."

"Three minutes of pleasure turns into a lifetime of death," she declared. She even held up a list of people she said she'd slept with, including other women's husbands and boyfriends.

She was arrested by police not long after the video posted -- it's a crime for someone with AIDS to have unprotected sex without informing the partner beforehand -- and volunteered to be tested. Turns out, Braxton doesn't have the AIDS virus. The entire thing was just a hoax, Braxton admitted, a frightening attempt to drum up attention for the porn site she stars in and runs with her husband. More importantly (OK, maybe not to her, but at least to me), she said her stunt was also an attempt to remind us of the dangers of unprotected sex.

Message received, Jackie.

“Hopefully, it will serve as a public service,” she added.

With a noticeable jump in the number of people showing up Thursday and today at Detroit's walk-in HIV/AIDS testing clinics, Braxton may have gotten her wish.

Detroit Department of Health and Wellness Promotion officials said an average of seven people a day come in for walk-in testing available on Monday, Thursday and Friday. On Thursday and today, the department saw about 15 people a day.

Clearly, the hoax was as effective as it was cruel. And for that, I think, Jackie Braxton deserves not a jail sentence (seems there's nothing to charge her with anyway) but rather, a "thank you."

Thank you, for reminding a state that has more than 18,000 AIDS cases -- and a metro Detroit area that's home to nearly 40 percent of them — that this disease is just as real and deadly as it ever was, that we'd best remain vigilant.

Thank you, for reminding so many of us men of that old Bell, Biv, Devoe adage that "you can't trust a big butt and smile," that careless promiscuity and multiple sexual conquests isn't a measure of manhood -- but rather like playing Russian Roulette with your private parts.

Thank you, for reminding a black community hit hard by AIDS that this killer virus stalks our neighborhoods with a particularly deadly rapacity, taking our brothers, sisters, daughters and sons in epidemic numbers while too many folks in charge still do far too little about it.

Yes, if Braxton's stunt (which is posted below) hadn't been a hoax, I'd be horrified, angry and deeply saddened for her "victims." Instead, though, her vicious marketing effort made people get themselves checked out, made men who might not have thought about it otherwise consider what unprotected sex-capades can mean for their wives, their children, their lives.

It took a mean joke to make some of us recognize that AIDS is deadly serious. And like I said, it worked. So, again, thank you, Jackie Braxton.

And thank goodness it was all just a lie...this time.

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    [...] gone. The good folks at Time Magazine who flew into Detroit for a year long expose on the city have published a blog in which they praise the porno star for her public [...]

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    You really need to get a clue about HIV, idiot. Braxton is no HIV activist, she is a porno peddling hussy bent on raking in cash from the video of she and her husband having condom-less sex. You show significant amounts of ignorance in your post, from understanding the statistics to Michigan's HIV disclosure law. Your praise of the porno bimbo is appallingly ignorant and continues the mainstream media's poorly investigated, poorly written and poorly reported coverage of this sham. You are rewarding greed, not altruism. You should be ashamed, and so should TIME Magazine.

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    Check out the blog which is ALL about HIV with a specific Michigan angle. All the stats and issues are there, and clearly explained.

    As for the law, does it really take a genius to do a google search for Michigan Compiled Laws, HIV penetration? But since you can't seem to do that:

    333.5210 Sexual penetration as felony; definition.
    Sec. 5210. (

    (1) A person who knows that he or she has or has been diagnosed as having acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome related complex, or who knows that he or she is HIV infected, and who engages in sexual penetration with another person without having first informed the other person that he or she has acquired immunodeficiency syndrome or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome related complex or is HIV infected, is guilty of a felony.

    (2) As used in this section, “sexual penetration” means sexual intercourse, cunnilingus, fellatio, anal intercourse, or any other intrusion, however slight, of any part of a person's body or of any object into the genital or anal openings of another person's body, but emission of semen is not required.

    As for HIV/AIDS statistics, there is a fantastic website called, with readily available, quarterly numbers for HIV/AIDS cases for the city of Detroit, Wayne county and numerous other counties regions in the state. In a google search of "Michigan, HIV/AIDS", that HIV/AIDS website for Michigan is the first one to appear. Here is the link.,1607,7-132-2944_5320_5331---,00.html.

    In short, if you are going to blather your opinion, take the four minutes to do some basic Google searches so you know exactly what you are talking about.

    In addition, let's talk about the issue of the failure of public health authorities, leaders and the community in Detroit to see HIV as a crisis. Why did it take the porno pandering hussy, who incidentally uses no condoms in her porno site which is certainly not a safe sex and HIV prevention message? Where are the leaders and the policies to drive the HIV crisis into the public eye?

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    Thanks for your reply, Mr. Dawsey. I should also once again bring up the real issue here that in Detroit specifically and Michigan in general, we are failing over and over and over again to use what precious resources we have to address the HIV epidemic via education and prevention messaging.


    The CDC and the MDCH dictate that HIV-positive people themselves be targeted with the largest amount of prevention funds. Seriously, the state's HIV strategy, a three year document required by the CDC for prevention funds, says HIV positive folks are the first and primary target for HIV prevention messages. What does that accomplish in PREVENTING infections, which is presumably the goal of PREVENTION programming.

    What it does is create a perception that those of us with HIV are some how more responsible for stopping the spread of HIV, than any other segment of society.

    And when we talk about the "increase" in the number of people being tested, let's be frank. The walk-in numbers went from 7 people to 15, and dropped off once the case was shown to be a hoax. So, as a result of this panic hoax, 16 more people than usual got tested, and thousands of HIV-positive people were once again painted as monsters bent on spreading their virus to anyone and everyone.

    The whole story was improperly, and unethically, covered in the mainstream media that should have taken the time to verify the veracity of the claims being made, before broadcasting the tabloid claims as fact. That failure of doing their part makes the media culpable in the endangerment of the HIV-positive community,and fostering of more ignorance about HIV.

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    I'm just glad that a small bit of fear was struck in some people and they were made to think, whether it's in Detroit or anywhere else.

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